on being a teacher and may kakanta na!

i was an examiner kanina for the ateneo college guidance testing. i saw many friends na i never expected na andun rin. kakatawa kasi parang naging reunion siya for me.

as an examiner, i handled 55 students. buti na lang i had a proctor kasi ang dami nila and it was hard to go around the room everytime someone raises his/her hand.

one thing i realized though was i miss, as in realy miss, being in the classroom and being in front of students. it made me realize how much i want to teach. bakit kaya i want to teach? siguro kasi i come from a family of teachers. or siguro kasi masyado lang akong insecure and i want to have a steady supply of attention (pag nasa harap ka ba naman ng classroom, wala naman silang choice kundi pansinin ka eh!). or siguro kasi i really believe that you’ll be ale to help a LOT of people if you’re teaching. teaching kasi provides a direct link to the youth and as cliche as this sounds, the youth is the hope of the nation. basta kung ano man yung reason, i hope i get to teach sometime soon. i really hope i get to finish my thesis this sem so i can get na my masters and i can teach na next june. =)

another thing na sobrang galing na nangyari because of the testing stint was i was able to talk to denden again. denden was my first supervisor sa ateneo wellness. he was also my classmate in ateneo. he’s taking na his PhD in clinical psych and comps na lang and dissertation ang kulang.

anyway, it has been so long since we last talked and over the lunch provided by the guidance (yummy!), denden and i were able to talk. and guess what! i was able to ask him to sing for our wedding!!!! grabe! i’m so excited! he has this really, really, really amazing voice kasi (he’s part of 92 AD) and i wanted to ask him to sing na for the longest time pero nahiya ako. isa pa, he’s supposed to go back to the states in december so parang i could not impose on him to stay. but when i asked him again kanina about his estimated date of departure and he asked me why i was asking and i told him na i wanted to invite him to our wedding, he said na he’ll stay daw. yehey! and then he asked me kung kakanta raw siya! sobra akong na-excite! grabe! sabi pa nga niya kahit raw hindi ko na siya papuntahin sa reception eh basta pakantahin ko lang siya. hahaha!

i am so excited na tuloy. i’m going to contact him again soon to finalize things. saya! =)

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wed preps day with diosa

diosa and i met yesterday to make chika. it was such a fun day!

we met at mcdonald’s quezon ave around 2:00. we immediately proceeded to balay kalinaw. i really love balay kalinaw! and diosa loved it, too. she said that marvin would also love it kasi he likes spanish-inspired houses. after balay kalinaw, we walked to the UP chapel so diosa can see it, too. while in UP, we had isaw, mangga’t bagoong, iced tea, and buko juice! sarap!

we then proceeded to our lady of consolation parish. syempre, sobra kong love yung church namin! and as i hoped, dio liked it. she even took a picture of the place and sent it to marvin.

after that, we took an FX to intramuros. we walked around intramuros and looked at the differene venues. ang daming kinakasal! we also went to san agustin church, dio and marvin’s church. ang ganda talaga nung church na yun. =)

we also went to the w@w philippines tent. okay talaga ang DOT program na yun.

in the evening, diosa and i ate at one of those all-you-can-eat place din intramuros! it was so cheap! at P160/person for the food and P20/person for the bottomless iced tea, ang mura-mura niya!

the best part was diosa and i were able to talk and to bond the whole day! saya! =)

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candles and gowns – divisoria and a bit of quiapo

bernard and i went to divisoria this afternoon to buy materials for our gel candles. went to gody (candle supplies store along recto) first to canvass then went to columbia (another store, also along recto). columbia’s asking price for the gel wax was actually a bit higher than that of gody’s but their wick was much more reasonable. since we were going to buy five kilos of gel wax, we asked columbia’s proprietor if she can give us a lower price. she was willing to go down P5 per kilo but that was still higher than gody’s price. in the end, we just thanked her (after buying the wick, the wick sustainers, and the scent) and said that we were just going to buy at gody’s. since she realized that we were not just bluffing, she gave us the wax for the same price that gody offered! yipee!

next, we went to our mananahi. we were able to finalize the price and the style. my gown is a strapless A-line (i think) gown with a chapel train. materials will be jusi and gina silk. (sorry, i am not really into clothes so i don’t really know to describe my gown. i just know that it is very nice; simple and elegant. and my h2b loves it!)

we were also able to finalize the entourage’s gowns although we’re not yet sure if we’re going to use two-toned shantung or frosted chiffon. that’s not problem though. i know we’ll be able to decide one of these days.

we have also scheduled the fitting for july… pressure to get thin!!! =)

after that, we went around tutuban center. grabe! sarap mag-shopping! una, everything was priced so low!!!! i have a tita who has a store in tutuban and she sells tommy hillfiger overruns, ang mumura! then of course, since it was a tuesday, the place was virtually free! ang sarap talagang mamili! but then again, we just went there for the gel candle materials so we could not just buy whatever we wanted. isa pa, since we just bought a laptop (our first major purchase as “husband and wife”), we have to scrimp to be able to save again. in the end, i bought an old rose shirt and bernard bought an orange polo.

after divisoria, we went to quiapo. we were able to buy shells for our candles but the store where we were going to buy the glasses was already closed so we still ahve to go back one of these days to buy the glasses. still, it was a really, really productive day.

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(background: i worked as a guidance counselor in assumption san lorenzo for a couple of years. i handled one batch, 181 students. they were the sweetest girls ever. i loved them and i loved my work but there came a time when i was starting to hate going to work everyday, not because of my girls, in fact, they were the ones who sustained me, but because i felt too stifled by their system that i opted to resign. also, i was going to start my practicum for my masters and i knew that if i did not resign, i would not be able to finish my practicum.)

one of my former students sent me a message through text this afternoon. the message said that she, mara, remembered me and so she texted to say hi. i always get excited whenever one of my former students text me. siguro kasi i miss them so very much! =) so i replied; said hi and asked her how she was. she said she was okay and then she said that the reason she was texting really was because she wanted to apologize. i was so surprised! i could not remember a single incident she needs to apologize for so i asked her why. she said that she got angry at me when i left and that was the reason why she did not talk to me when i went to assumption to visit them. i got teary-eyed when i read her message. although i knew that some of my students felt bad when i left, nobody told me straight out how they felt. some just asked questions like, “ms. clarice, bakit niyo kami iniwan?” or “miss naman, can’t you go back?” sabi naman ni mara she now understands that things probably were for the best. still, that does not erase the fact that i knew she felt betrayed when i left. i felt so bad knowing that i hurt my students when being their counselor was one of the most meaningful things i have done in my life.

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of hearts and dreams [diana zubiri (part 2)]

we were having breakfast with my family this morning and as usual, the conversation continually shifted from one topic to another. and then my mom shared something she heard on t.v. the girl, daw, of one’s dreams may not necessarily be the girl of one’s heart; a girl of the dreams usually is the ideal one, the product of hours of intellectual ponderings while the girl of the heart is the one you fall in love with, in spite of her imperfections, her faults, and her weaknesses.

i realized that is very true. as cliché as it sounds, you really cannot teach the heart whom to love. you may meet the person of your dreams and not fall in love with him or her. on the other hand, you may meet someone who is not perfect by anyone’s standards and still be head over heels in love with that person.

my sister then asked bernard, “so kuya jojie, ano masasabi mo dun?” bernard replied, “oo, tama yun. katulad kagabi, yun yung girl of my dreams eh. kaya lang natatabunan siya nung girl of my heart kaya sabi ko, ‘girl of my heart, tabi-tabi ka muna jan, anjan si girl of my dreams eh!'” and my whole family burst out laughing. =)

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diana zubiri (part 1)

bernard and i went out to eat last night. we went to oody’s tomas morato for dinner and then walked to gloria jean’s for coffee afterwards. when he was finished with his coffee and i was almost finished with mine, i noticed that he was not focused on our conversation anymore. instead, he was looking at something behind my back. i was starting to wonder what caught his attention when he excitedly asked me , “ging, si diana zubiri ba yan?” so i looked behind my back and tried to discretely look at our suspect and lo and behold! it was indeed diana zubiri, the sexy star whom bernard really likes!

my boyfriend was so funny to watch! he took out his phone and immediately texted my brother (whereas he and my bro used to bond over playstation games, their past time of late seemed to involve talking about courting girls and fhm magazines). funny thing pa was diana sat in the table beside ours. i suspected that bernard was beside himself with excitement but just tried to maintain a sense of dignity by maintaining a blasé façade in front of me. =)

when diana was already seated, bernard realized that i was directly in between them and i was blocking his view. would you believe he asked me to shift my body, “ging, usod ka naman o!” hahaha! the guy, who, just an hour ago, was professing his undying love for me during dinner, was now bluntly asking me to move so he can continue to stare at fhm’s top 2 sexiest woman. hay naku! ang mga lalake nga naman! =)

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need to rest…

i think i’m coming down with something. i’ve not been feeling well all day. most likely, i’m coming down with the flu. either that or my basal body temperature is really high because of the time of the month. either way, i’m not my usual perky self.

bernard is already home from work and school. my poor baby! he sounded tired when we spoke over the phone. siguro kasi we slept around 3:30 a.m. last night trying to finish our reports.

i realized today that bernard and i are driving ourselves to the limit and we should really, REALLY rest. he is working fulltime (he’s a stock market analyst. was ranked as the 3rd best analyst in the power sector last year! i’m so proud of my honey! =)), is attending graduate school (he’s taking up master of science in computational finance in la salle), and has two part-time jobs (one is about drawing up a business plan for a chinese couple while the other is editing reports from a singaporean company). ako naman, i’m doing my thesis (i’m taking up master of arts in counseling psych in ateneo) and i have three part-time jobs (i’m a play therapist and a research associate for an ateneo research project, and at the same time, i’m writing another thesis for a client). i also help bernard with the editing for the singaporean company. most of the time, we work nights. okay lang yun for me since i don’t have a regular sched pero si bernard has pasok everyday so i’m more worried about him.

so why are we doing this? for one, we need to save up for our life together (not just the wedding). at least siya alam ko yun yung reasons niya. ako? hmmm… since i don’t really earn a lot with the jobs that i have, it’s more about learning and establishing myself as a psychologist/researcher.

but we enjoy what we do. i think one of the things that has attracted me most to bernard was that i saw how passionate he was as a person. he loves what he does and the things he does, he makes sure he does it right. with my circle of guy friends, wala yatang ganun. or at least wala sa ganung level katulad ng nakikita kong passion ni bernard sa mga ginagawa niya.

i think what we’re doing is just okay. siguro lang we need to manage our time more effectively para hindi kami magkasakit. on the other hand, this is a surefire way na papayat ako before my fitting in july! mwahahaha! a bride daw kasi has to be pretty and thin. with the things i’m doing, ha! i’ll be thin! pero hindi pretty! nye! i’d rather be fat basta pretty. (ay ang layo ko na sa topic!)

so anyway, starting tomorrow, i resolve to manage my time more effectively so i do not get sick. i also promise to take vitamins everyday. for now, though, i’ll just get my much-needed sleep.

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