on having 100 guests

we’re having 100 guests, 106 to be exact. it is so hard to create the guest list. honestly, there are times when i wish i can just invite everyone para wala ng hassle and i don’t need to explain anymore to some of my friends that our wedding will be small and with just the closest of family and friends. but then again, when i think about it, i realize that this is what i really want – a small, intimate wedding with just my closest friends and relatives.

ever since i was 12, i had birthday parties every year. i usually invited all my classmates. although i had fun during the parties, i would realize after that the party was kind of just a waste of time and money and i would have been just as happy if i did not have a party. the funny thing was, i realized this after every party but come next year, i would again throw another party! parang i never learned from those “mistakes” except now.

for my wedding, i want a really small, intimate gathering. gusto ko lahat ng guests played a special part in my life or in jojie’s life. siguro nga for the filipinos, weddings are status symbols, the parents’ way of showing off, but this is not how i want my wedding to be.

gusto ko 100 guests lang pero sobrang ganda, yummy food, nice music, great setup, very relaxed atmosphere, very personal. this is also why i’m making the invites, the favors, etc. by myself para sobrang personal talaga.

admittedly, budget constraint is also a major reason why we’re having a small wedding. but when i really thought about it, i realized na hindi naman pala ako sobrang nagtitipid. i am so proud nga of myself because i was able to get suppliers na maganda yung track records pero hindi kamahalan. sometimes, nagigi-guilty na rin ako because jojie never told me not to get a certain supplier na gusto ko because of budget constraints. pag alam niya na gusto ko, he gives it to me. so far though, parang hindi pa naman kami lagpas sa budget or baka akala ko lang yun. =)

i usually hear comments that the wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and it should be grand and no expense should be spared. i agree, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and i’ll have it the way i want it to be.

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first ninang/ninong dalaw

went to tita zeny and tita pat today for our first official ninang dalaw. =) the day was long and tiring! grabe! kakapagod pala to visit the principal sponsors but it was fun and syempre sarap ng mga food! hehe!

puro kwento lang naman pala yung mga dalaw. we talked of general things and not really about the wedding although they had some questions, of course.

i think things went well. masarap naman daw yung carrot cake. hehe! will bake more pa for next weekend’s ninong/ninang batch. i still have two more in the fridge pero hinihingi ni jojie yung isa and since matagal na rin akong hindi nakakain, baka dito na lang sa bahay yung isa pa. so really need to bake within the week.

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i’m changing our invites! after seeing the picture of denden and rachel’s invites, sobra ako na-inspire to change na our invitation. i’m also excited to meet up with dowa t see the invites of laura (ni jonathan) and nina rachel.

i’m so excited na i’m presently working on our invites although it’s past 1 a.m. in the morning! i even went to fontgarden.com to have my handwriting transformed into a truetype font for a more personalized look but when i went to the site, they charge na for the service. sising-sisi tuloy ako na i did not take advantage of it when it was still free! oh well! at least i was able to get some fonts i can use for my planned revisions.

okay, gotta go. have to work pa on our invites. =)

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save the date cards

since we’re going to start with our formal dalaw to the ninongs and ninangs tomorrow… este later pala… we needed to come up with the save the date cards na. and since i was so busy the whole week, i wasn’t able to work on it! kakainis talaga!

i had no intentions before of giving out save-the-date cards kasi i wanted to write each ninang/ninong a letter para personalized but guess what, i did not have time to do it so STD cards na lang. hehe!

i already have lots of pictures of beaches kaya lang the one i used before for our invitation was medyo hindi ko na like ngayon kasi medyo malungkot yung dating kasi sunset kaya i need to find another picture ng beach na maganda at very alive yung dating.

i scouted the internet pero ang papangit ng picturess, at least hindi yung gusto ko. so what i did kanina was to go to megamall with jojie coz i wanted to check out island spice. kaya lang when we got there, isalang spice already closed na ata kasi we couldn’t find it. the postcards in national and goodwill were sobrang pangit. so our last chance was powerbooks. and lo and behold, we were able to find a really nice postcard sa powerbooks! hay salamat!

after dinner at pho hoa (na sobrang yummy!), we went to netopia to have the postcard scanned. sa sobrang kulit ko dun sa attendant na gandahan yung resolution nung scanned image, the resulting JPG file was 30MB! hahaha! so i had to ask him to reduce it to 3 Mb para hindi mahirapan yung PC.

when i got home, i immediately started working on the save-the-date cards. i finished it in mga 2 hours and i am so proud of my work! it’s so hard to describe it so i’ll just take a picture of it soon and i’ll upload it sa webshots. basta i’m happy with our save-the-date. i’m sure matutuwa rin si jojie. =)

gotta go. it’s almost 2 a.m. and i still need my beauty sleep for tomorrow. =)

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gel candles

bernard and i are going to quiapo tomorrow to buy the glasses for the gel candles. we’re going to proceed to balay kandila to buy the “weeds”, then we’ll proceed home (to my home, i mean) to make the candles.

i’m so excited na!!! i’ll post again tomorrow evening to update you. =)

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unity coins

i got our unity coins na!!!

bernard and i met with rhodora and ryan yesterday (thanks dowa & ryan!) at greenbelt three and they gave us our unity coins! sigh! i loved the coins and bernard did, too. the funny thing was, bernard had no idea that i ordered the coins and when i told him that we were going to meet rhodora and ryan, he was asking me why. syempre, i could not, would not, tell him because i wanted to surprise him. hehe!

after getting the coins from dowa, we just sat down in one of the tables sa gbelt tapos we opened the box. i so loved the coins. ganda! buti na lang gold yung pinili ko kasi feeling ko i’ll like it more than the silver set.

when we got home, i immediately showed it to my dad. sabi ba naman, “aba! maganda! o wag mo masyadong pagkatingnan yan kasi baka kumupas!” grrr! =)

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on being a teacher and may kakanta na!

i was an examiner kanina for the ateneo college guidance testing. i saw many friends na i never expected na andun rin. kakatawa kasi parang naging reunion siya for me.

as an examiner, i handled 55 students. buti na lang i had a proctor kasi ang dami nila and it was hard to go around the room everytime someone raises his/her hand.

one thing i realized though was i miss, as in realy miss, being in the classroom and being in front of students. it made me realize how much i want to teach. bakit kaya i want to teach? siguro kasi i come from a family of teachers. or siguro kasi masyado lang akong insecure and i want to have a steady supply of attention (pag nasa harap ka ba naman ng classroom, wala naman silang choice kundi pansinin ka eh!). or siguro kasi i really believe that you’ll be ale to help a LOT of people if you’re teaching. teaching kasi provides a direct link to the youth and as cliche as this sounds, the youth is the hope of the nation. basta kung ano man yung reason, i hope i get to teach sometime soon. i really hope i get to finish my thesis this sem so i can get na my masters and i can teach na next june. =)

another thing na sobrang galing na nangyari because of the testing stint was i was able to talk to denden again. denden was my first supervisor sa ateneo wellness. he was also my classmate in ateneo. he’s taking na his PhD in clinical psych and comps na lang and dissertation ang kulang.

anyway, it has been so long since we last talked and over the lunch provided by the guidance (yummy!), denden and i were able to talk. and guess what! i was able to ask him to sing for our wedding!!!! grabe! i’m so excited! he has this really, really, really amazing voice kasi (he’s part of 92 AD) and i wanted to ask him to sing na for the longest time pero nahiya ako. isa pa, he’s supposed to go back to the states in december so parang i could not impose on him to stay. but when i asked him again kanina about his estimated date of departure and he asked me why i was asking and i told him na i wanted to invite him to our wedding, he said na he’ll stay daw. yehey! and then he asked me kung kakanta raw siya! sobra akong na-excite! grabe! sabi pa nga niya kahit raw hindi ko na siya papuntahin sa reception eh basta pakantahin ko lang siya. hahaha!

i am so excited na tuloy. i’m going to contact him again soon to finalize things. saya! =)

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