of hearts and dreams [diana zubiri (part 2)]

we were having breakfast with my family this morning and as usual, the conversation continually shifted from one topic to another. and then my mom shared something she heard on t.v. the girl, daw, of one’s dreams may not necessarily be the girl of one’s heart; a girl of the dreams usually is the ideal one, the product of hours of intellectual ponderings while the girl of the heart is the one you fall in love with, in spite of her imperfections, her faults, and her weaknesses.

i realized that is very true. as cliché as it sounds, you really cannot teach the heart whom to love. you may meet the person of your dreams and not fall in love with him or her. on the other hand, you may meet someone who is not perfect by anyone’s standards and still be head over heels in love with that person.

my sister then asked bernard, “so kuya jojie, ano masasabi mo dun?” bernard replied, “oo, tama yun. katulad kagabi, yun yung girl of my dreams eh. kaya lang natatabunan siya nung girl of my heart kaya sabi ko, ‘girl of my heart, tabi-tabi ka muna jan, anjan si girl of my dreams eh!'” and my whole family burst out laughing. =)

diana zubiri (part 1)

bernard and i went out to eat last night. we went to oody’s tomas morato for dinner and then walked to gloria jean’s for coffee afterwards. when he was finished with his coffee and i was almost finished with mine, i noticed that he was not focused on our conversation anymore. instead, he was looking at something behind my back. i was starting to wonder what caught his attention when he excitedly asked me , “ging, si diana zubiri ba yan?” so i looked behind my back and tried to discretely look at our suspect and lo and behold! it was indeed diana zubiri, the sexy star whom bernard really likes!

my boyfriend was so funny to watch! he took out his phone and immediately texted my brother (whereas he and my bro used to bond over playstation games, their past time of late seemed to involve talking about courting girls and fhm magazines). funny thing pa was diana sat in the table beside ours. i suspected that bernard was beside himself with excitement but just tried to maintain a sense of dignity by maintaining a blasé façade in front of me. =)

when diana was already seated, bernard realized that i was directly in between them and i was blocking his view. would you believe he asked me to shift my body, “ging, usod ka naman o!” hahaha! the guy, who, just an hour ago, was professing his undying love for me during dinner, was now bluntly asking me to move so he can continue to stare at fhm’s top 2 sexiest woman. hay naku! ang mga lalake nga naman! =)

need to rest…

i think i’m coming down with something. i’ve not been feeling well all day. most likely, i’m coming down with the flu. either that or my basal body temperature is really high because of the time of the month. either way, i’m not my usual perky self.

bernard is already home from work and school. my poor baby! he sounded tired when we spoke over the phone. siguro kasi we slept around 3:30 a.m. last night trying to finish our reports.

i realized today that bernard and i are driving ourselves to the limit and we should really, REALLY rest. he is working fulltime (he’s a stock market analyst. was ranked as the 3rd best analyst in the power sector last year! i’m so proud of my honey! =)), is attending graduate school (he’s taking up master of science in computational finance in la salle), and has two part-time jobs (one is about drawing up a business plan for a chinese couple while the other is editing reports from a singaporean company). ako naman, i’m doing my thesis (i’m taking up master of arts in counseling psych in ateneo) and i have three part-time jobs (i’m a play therapist and a research associate for an ateneo research project, and at the same time, i’m writing another thesis for a client). i also help bernard with the editing for the singaporean company. most of the time, we work nights. okay lang yun for me since i don’t have a regular sched pero si bernard has pasok everyday so i’m more worried about him.

so why are we doing this? for one, we need to save up for our life together (not just the wedding). at least siya alam ko yun yung reasons niya. ako? hmmm… since i don’t really earn a lot with the jobs that i have, it’s more about learning and establishing myself as a psychologist/researcher.

but we enjoy what we do. i think one of the things that has attracted me most to bernard was that i saw how passionate he was as a person. he loves what he does and the things he does, he makes sure he does it right. with my circle of guy friends, wala yatang ganun. or at least wala sa ganung level katulad ng nakikita kong passion ni bernard sa mga ginagawa niya.

i think what we’re doing is just okay. siguro lang we need to manage our time more effectively para hindi kami magkasakit. on the other hand, this is a surefire way na papayat ako before my fitting in july! mwahahaha! a bride daw kasi has to be pretty and thin. with the things i’m doing, ha! i’ll be thin! pero hindi pretty! nye! i’d rather be fat basta pretty. (ay ang layo ko na sa topic!)

so anyway, starting tomorrow, i resolve to manage my time more effectively so i do not get sick. i also promise to take vitamins everyday. for now, though, i’ll just get my much-needed sleep.

on being together

today, we are celebrating our 40th month of being together. we’ve been going steady for three years and four months, have been friends for five years and one month, and have known each other for six years. if you told me six years ago that we would end up together, i would have laughed at your face! and yet, here we are, six months before our wedding.

we’ve been through so much together, bernard and i. and when i say, “so much”, i am not exaggerating, believe me. the good thing was we went through all of it TOGETHER. and in spite the petty quarrels and the huge arguments, we knew deep down that we were meant to spend our whole lives with each other.

i remember a couple of days after he first told me he was in love with me, he asked me where i wanted to have our honeymoon. i was caught off-guard. i was like, “teka, mejo seryoso siya ha!” surprisingly, the question did not scare me off; if it came from another guy, i probably would have put down the phone and would never talk to him again. and then, a couple of weeks before we officially became a couple, bernard knew i was hesitating. he then told me that it was really my choice but i should consider the fact that we had something very special, something God gave us.

up to this moment, i still believe that God gave us each other so we can spend the rest of our lives together and by getting married, we are fulfilling His plan for us.


at long last… our wedding blog! this is our… este… my pala… first post! i’ve been wanting to create a blog ever since but never had the time nor the energy to do so. also, i prioritized our wedsite over this. but i promised myself that by the time we’re six months away from our wedding we should have one.

thanks to co-w@wies elaine and monet, i finally had the courage to create our own blogspot.

so… welcome to bernard and clarice’s blogspot! we hope you enjoy yourself as you catch a glimpse of who we really are, our thoughts and our feelings as we journey together to the most important day of our lives, the start of being together, forever.