Oh I know…

Warning: This post is a product of just continuous typing so I don’t even know if it makes sense. 🙂


Yeah, I know it’s been ages since I’ve last posted. I’ve been meaning to but there would always be something more important to do…

It’s almost 3:00 am. Jojie is already asleep. I’m finishing something for a bride and I promised myself I won’t sleep without finishing it first. I just finished it and I can sleep now but before shutting down my laptop, I checked my personal email first and I got this comment from Nadia. She commented on my last post.


Hi Clarice!

This is one of those nights when I’m on an out of town assignment and only the internet can make me sleepy. But then I chanced upon your blog while browsing Veluz’,so I ended up staying awake all night, enjoying your insights.

Some of your entries have given me a stinging reminder about compassion, some have made me laugh and realize that I shouldn’t take some things too seriously. Some just made me a fan. Hehe. Funny how even after my wedding, life still finds a way for you to help me organize and de-clutter– without you even knowing it, hehehe.

Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to tell you pala how Dax and I get a kick out of telling my chupitero Dad na kilala namin yung nagsusulat ng investment advice that he takes as gospel truth sa pagbili ng stocks. Parati ko sinasabi na asawa yung nung wedding coordinator ko and he would just say ganun ba?— although ilang beses ko na yung sinasabi sa kanya hehehe. Buti na nga lang bullish ang stockmarket lately kaya parati niyang sinasabi, buti na lang sinunod ko yung stock pick ng Abacus. Mwahahaha.

O siya yun lang. Sobra kong natuwa talaga sa blog mo. Wishing you and Jojie all the best…




Sobra ako natuwa. Funny how everytime I even consider changing jobs, a bride (or a former bride) would make me remember that what I do helps them, even in just little ways. Goodness knows I get tired. Sometimes, the never-ending stress of wedding preps gets to me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I do and I LOVE my brides pero exagg the stress minsan. It’s my job to shield the bride from the stress kahit papano so in the process, I absorb it. It helps a super lot that I was trained to be a counselor. It also helps that I seem to have a personality which easily puts people at ease (siguro part ng pagiging psychologist). My mom keeps telling me to take it slow. Jojie has told me several times to stop and to just finish the weddings I’ve lined up kasi nga naman we never had a normal life together (no weekends, meetings at night, phone calls at 12midnight from frantic brides, everything has to be planned like six months in advance, I don’t get to attend any family events, etc.).

Sometimes, I just want to curl up and cry. Pero di ba nga, may three minute rule? Three minutes lang pwede mag-self-pity? And miraculously, before that three minute is up (syempre metaphorical ito ha), a bride just pops out of the blue to make me remember how much I love this job. Ang galing no?

Si Nadia was my 4th bride. Her wedding was in Hacienda Isabella na, take note, umulan. That was a really unforgettable wedding. First time kong nagtuyo ng kutsara at tinidor sa kitchen para makakain na yung guests. Nag-distribute din ako ng kubyertos at nag-set ng table.

Nadia is an ABS-CBN reporter while Dax was a writer for Inquirer during the time of their wedding so karamihan ng guests nila media people. Mabuti na lang media sila at sanay sa cowboy way of living. Hiyang-hiya ako nun kasi we couldn’t even provide dry chairs for the guests. Oh yeah, that was also the first time na nag-sindi ako ng fireworks for the fireworks display. Masyado kasi mahal pag nagpa-OOT pa kami sa fireworks supplier so bumili kami ng light-it-yourself (sorry, kuripot na coordinator). Nung sisindihan na, nawala yung waiter na dapat magsindi so ako yung nagsindi. Ang masakit nun, ang hirap nang sindihan nung susunod na set kasi hindi na ako makalapit! Hahaha!

That wedding made me realize though that having a perfect wedding doesn’t just depend on immaculate setup or having a six layer cake; it depends on the couple and the guests. And with the right attitude, even a garden wedding “ruined” by rain can be really wonderful.


Hi Nads!

I hope you don’t mind that I posted your comment on my blog. 🙂

Thank you so much for dropping by and for perking me up at this time of the night! 🙂

Alam mo sa lahat ng naging brides ko, ikaw ata yung pinakamadalas kong makasalubong, makabangga, at makita. Hehehe!

Thank you for your comment. I super appreciated it. I was post-hopping through my blog and I realized na ang dami-dami-dami ko na palang nasulat tungkol sa kung anu-ano and it never occurred to me that people actually read my blog. Hahaha! Feeling ko sumusulat lang ako sa sarili ko… parang diary! Mwahahaha!!

Alam mo, for some reason, reading your comment made me want to seriously consider the hobbies and other things that I’ve been wanting to pursue. Gusto ko mag-tutor for free uli sa public school students, gusto ko mag-photography, gusto ko mag-bake uli, gusto kong matapos yung kurtinang dalawang taon ko nang tinatahi… hahaha! Funny how a simple comment from you inspired me to explore new things.

When you come to think of it, ang galing kasi kahit na I coordinated your wedding, Jojie and I got married just a few months before you and Dax did. So I realized na we’re in the same life stage. Ang saya no?

O cia, mahaba na ito. Masyado nang OA yung reply ko. Haha!

Thank you, Nadia. *hugs*



W@W Party 2007

During Tita Jet Versoza’s (of Josiah’s) brithday party last Tuesday in Josiah’s UN, I was asked by Benz to coordinate this year’s Weddings at Work’s Christmas Party. Tentative date is 3rd week of November in Fernbrooks. At least now, hindi na siguro ako ganun mase-stress. For one, I already know what to expect. Last year’s party caught our team off guard. Super daming suppliers! Mas marami pa sa W@Wies! We didn’t expect that. Plus daming prizes na dumating OTD so kagulo sa pag-register ng prizes. Isa pa, last year, I kinda felt that I had to prove our team’s worth. During that time, we have been in business for just a year and a half and we bagged one of the top ten wedding suppliers position. Since hindi naman talaga kami kilala and I don’t naman din talaga socialize with so many suppliers AND I heard that other suppliers were asking around who we were and kung magaling daw ba kami, parang feeling ko I needed to prove that we could handle the event. Lastly, given the small number of weddings I have accepted for this year, I do not honestly think (though hoping, of course) that we’ll make it to the Top 10 this year so that will be super less stress.

After last year’s party, Ronald of Balay said that we did a good job and we have to do it once lang naman so okay na kami. According din to Tisha, John said naman that that was the first time that Benz was not as stressed. Sana totoo yun! Hahaha! So I think all in all, it was an okay job although super dami ko pa gustong ayusin.

Kanina, Tisha and I were texting and we were already thinking of the theme for the party. Mej hindi naman advanced di ba? Hahaha! Looking forward to this year’s party!


A really good week…

Remember my “Good morning!” post? That good morning stretched to a good week!

Teng, my June 29 bride, texted me last also later that day. Her message went:

“Hi Clarice. Pauwi na ko NY bukas. I juts want to thank your crew again, most especially you for all your help sa wedding namin ni Charles. Parang di pa sapat yung thank you and fee to let you know how grateful we are to you. I hope mas maging successful pa kayo. We’ll miss you. God bless and ingat palagi…. Mwuah!”

Then last Friday, on my way to my car, our building guard approached me and gave me a card which arrived via mail. It was a card from Sarah and Lesley, our May 26 couple. This was the card they sent.

Aaaaaw! Aren’t they sweet?!

For some reason, everytime I even consider quitting coordination, something like this happens… a former bride texts or emails to thank us and I realize how much I really enjoy this job.

Before I end, just want to share this email I got from Tin (our July 1, 2006 bride). Last January, during the time I was so stressed, Concon texted me and told me that I should continue with coordination then Tin emailed me this super duper heartwarming letter.


Hi Clarice!

This morning, I thought of you. You see, one of my college friends got married on January 12 and last night we met up and talked about our weddings (masaya pala yun! :)).

She shared that her make-up session (also with Madge) ended a little later than scheduled, because she had to stand up and fix a few things every now and then. She was still awake around 1030pm the night before her wedding day texting people and reminding them. She got goosebumps all over the morning of her wedding day because she was too nervous. They forgot to arrange for packed lunch for the suppliers and everyone else in the hotel until a day before. She walked too fast down the aisle. The church boy was all over their pictures simply because they didn’t know what to do and he had to tell them pa. At marami pang glitches. I admire her mom though for pulling it off beautifully pa din.

And then I realized, I didn’t have the same problems as hers. I was so relaxed and light hearted a week before the wedding, moreso on the day itself (that is until I was ready to walk down the aisle hahahha). Mhel said, it’s because I knew we were alright with you around. 🙂 He was right.

So there. I am sending this just to let you know how glad and grateful we are that you and your team played a big part in making our wedding very memorable. Thank you for giving us your best and more. We will never ever regret having you. 🙂



ps. madrama ba? naiiyak nga ako oh, promise! 🙂 hehehe


I oh so love love my brides!


Good morning! :)

I woke up this morning with a slightly-higher-than-last-night’s fever. My energy level was so low and I know I shouldn’t go to work or else baka lalo pa lumala. I extended my hand to serach for my phone (a thing I do every morning). I had one unread text message. It said:

“Gd am. Tita Meli to, mom ni Pam. Remember Mla Pen? Nag-attend ako wedding. Compare ko kay Pam. Wala sa 1/4 ang ganda…. Maganda talaga service niyo…. Ngayon pa lang ako magpapa-thank you sa iyo. Isa ka sa nagpaganda ng kasal ng anak ko. God bless.”

It was so heartwarming to know how much Tita appreciated the work we did. It made my day.


a groom’s speech

Weddings are all about love. Guests see and feel the love between the bride and groom. After all, that’s the reason for the whole celebration.

In Ryan and Juli’s wedding, I was reminded again that the love we feel and see during weddings is not just that between the bride and groom. In Ryan’s speech, he thanked Juli’s parents for allowing him to marry her. He promised Juli to love her and to take care of her in this lifetime and in the next ones. He thanked his Dad for being there for him. He told him that if he, Ryan, does half as good a job as his dad did, he would know that he succeeded. He told the guests that although his biological mother wasn’t there, he was sure that she would approve of the decision he made to marry Juli. Lastly (I put this last because I was most touched by this part), he thanked his stepmother whom he simply called “Mom”. He thanked her for coming into their lives, for bringing stability, and for making his dad happy.

Weddings are really about love and not just between the bride and groom.


PJ and Abi’s onsite video

Abi is one of the nicest, kindest brides I have had the pleasure of working with. And PJ, her groom, is equally nice and kind… Mukha bang pilit? Hahaha! I like PJ but I like Abi better though kasi palagi ako inaasar ni PJ… Mwahahaha!!! As I told them, they are my only Catholic couple na super ko na-feel yung pagiging Christian nila. Ang bait-bait nila and during our meetings, I can really feel how much they love each other. Abi is very soft-spoken and PJ, although not as soft-spoken (hehehe!), is calm. They look happy together.

About a year a half ago, Abi and PJ went to Baguio to give a testimony during the Couples for Christ convention. PJ‘s dad introduced Abi to the audience saying that he would be very happy to have Abi as his daughter-in-law. The following day, PJ proposed and Abi said “yes”. The day after, PJ’s family rushed his dad to the hospital. From what I know, PJ’s dad passed away the following day. He passed away without knowing that PJ proposed to Abi and that Abi would indeed be his daughter-in-law.

Their onsite video contains the clip of PJ’s dad introducing Abi in the CFC convention. It is the most poignant onsite video I’ve seen to date (and I’ve seen hundreds!). Kudos to Bong of Threelogy! Galing, galing, galing!!! Bow ako!

Here is the link to the Threelogy’s blog post. http://threelogyvideo.com/blog/?p=154#more-154

And to Abi and PJ, wish you guys lifetime bliss, good health, and dozens of kids! May God super bless you. And PJ, one word of advice po, wag na wag na wag po kayong magsusuot ng white socks with black pants! Nyahahahahaha!


My bus ride today

Hindi naman ako burgis. Maarte ako pero hindi naman ako sosyal. Pero parang ayaw ko na maulit sa akin ito. 🙂

My day started with Jojie not feeling well. So instead of attending my 1130am meeting, I moved it to 1pm and I brought him to the doctor instead. Hindi pa kami nakikita ng doctor, I had to go na or else I would be late. I got to the meeting around 5 minutes late so okay lang. Pero sa super duper dami ng pinag-usapan namin, we finished around 430pm. The bride, knowing that I didn’t have my car (nag-overheat ako nung isang araw and I needed to bring Arcy to the casa), asked if I would be able to go home. With confidence, I replied, “Oo naman, okay ako lang, ako pa!” I smiled and they left na.

Dahil hindi naman ako sanay sa Festival Mall (I live in QC), I asked around where I can get a cab. I was directed to the other side of the mall. Ang laki-laki ng Festival so ang layo ng linakad ko pero go lang. When I got to the taxi line, linapitan ako ng mga 4 na drayber at tinanong kung san ako pupunta. Sagot ko “Manong, Project 8 po pero may dadaanan lang ako sa Tektite”. At ang sagot nila ng lahat “Okay. Mga 1 thousand yun, iha, kasi sa Tektite pa lang seven hunded or eight hundred na.” Juice ko! “Ho? Para namang airport taxi!” “Eh magkano ba bayad mo papunta dito?” “Three hundred plus lang po, ako may sagot ng toll.” “Eh kami sagot na namin yung toll.” When I walked away, one of the drivers even caught up with me and haggled. Six hundred na lang daw hanggang Tektite. Juice ko! Ano ba yun!?

So I walked. May sign na “Bus Terminal” so sabi ko “Aba, bus na lang ako”. Ako pa, sinabi ko sa sarili ko na kaya ko namang mabuhay ng walang kotse at taxi. But I realized that it was drizzling and I didn’t want to get sick so I went inside the mall to buy an umbrella. Syempre sa kabilang dulo ng mall yung mga payong so bumalik ako dun at bumalik uli sa sakayan. On the way, I passed by National Bookstore to buy a magazine (Real Living). Sabi ko “Might as well spend for something na pwede kong gawin on the way home than pay P800 for a taxi ride!” Syempre pagbalik ko sa labas, wala nang ulan so walang saysay yung pagbili ko. Hahaha!

I walked to the “Bus Terminal”. Lo and behold, company buses pala siya! Hahaha! Since I’m naturally an adventurer, I walked lang. Hindi ko alam san papunta pero sinundan ko lang yung mga tao. Lakad ako hanggang umabot ng Alabang-Zapote road. Dala ko yung magazine ko at payong, bag, at files. Syempre while deciding what to do, I couldn’t resist buying streetfoods so kumain pa ako ng calamares sa daan (Piso lang isa. Lima binili ko. Masarap na rin. Isasawsaw mo sa suka.) Syemre bumili na rin ako ng pineapple juice. At syempre pati mani, pinadagdagan ko pa ng bawang dun sa manang.

Ito na, lahat ng bus na andun, papuntang Calamba! Hahaha! But I realized that every once in a while, may dumadaan na papuntang Crossing Ibabaw. So alam ko na may saysay na yung pinuntahan ko. Next goal was to actually ride a bus. So nakipag-habulan ako sa bus. Kasi hindi naman sila humihinto eh. Hahabulin ko sila. O di ba, isipin mo na ang dami kong dala at nakikipaghabulan ako. Sa arte kong ito!!! Hahaha! Nakasakay ako pero hindi aircon. Ayala Ilalim which is good and Crossing Ibabaw which is what I needed kasi I’d meet Jojie sa Shangri-La. PERO Sucat at Bicutan din. So ibig sabihin susuyurin niya pa yung Sucat at Bicutan! Pero sabi ko okay lang. Umupo na ako at kumain ng mani.

After 20 minutes, umabot na sa Metro Star (tama ba?) yung bus. Nakita ko na na maraming aircon buses dito so I got off and walked to the front of the bus pila. At least dun aircon yung mga bus. Eksakto, pagdating ko, Crossing Ibabaw yung bus! And, I couldn’t believe my eyes “Skyway Derecho”!!! I was so happy that I boarded the bus. Pag-akyat ko ng unang step, may bumababa na tatlong tao. I gave way syempre. Pag akyat ko uli, puno na pala yung bus. As in wala nang upuan ni isa! But I so wanted to ride this bus kasi “Skyway Derecho” eh. Sabi nung kunduktor, “Dito ka na lang, miss, kung gusto mo. Wala nang upuan eh,” referring to a can beside the driver. Hindi man lang upuan. Lata lang talaga. As in lata ng malaking Alaska. Or Promil kung sosyal ka. Pero dahil talagang nagmamadali ako, umupo ako. So ang liit ko ikumpara sa lahat ng tao. Mukha akong gusgusin at I’m sure mukha akong nakakaawa so I got my magazine and started reading. O di vah? Kahit na sa lata ako nakaupo, tungkol naman sa condo living ang binabasa ko! Hahaha!

When the bus reached Magallanes, many people got off and I decided to, too. I walked to the MRT station and rode the train to Shang. Sabi ko naman maarte ako pero hindi ako reklamadora and cowboy naman ako pero sana hindi ko na kailanganing umupo sa lata sa tabi ng drayber eber!