My day today

I’m back!!! I was able to finish the task list for the wedding tomorrow (the task list is the list of everything my coords need to know for a wedding – kasama layout, sino kakain, kanino tunover stuff after the wedding, how much payments due sa suppliers, basta LAHAT!!). If there are no changes tom when I meet with the couple, then I’m done! Yipeee! Nakalimutan ko na gaano katagal at kahirap gumawa ng task list! Hahaha!

*** Ooops, just remembered I also need to print missals. Wait! ***

Back from printing missals! Teeeheeee!

Today was a busy day but not as stressful one. I was even able to make J a salad for lunch. We had grilled chicken and potato salad with homemade garlic ranch dressing (yes, I made it!). It was really good! Kahit ako nagulat! Hahaha!

Jia is beginning to test limits by crying and by making me deadma when I tell her to do something. Aba! Aba! Dalawang taon lang marunong nang mang-isnab! I read about this discipline method in the book Discipline without Shouting or Spanking. It’s counting numbers. Like for example, if I have tell her to do something and she doesn’t do it, I tell her that I will count to five, after which she has to do what I told her to do. So far, it’s been working. Ang takot ko naman ngayon baka try niya hindi pa rin ako pansinin after I reach 5. Haaaay! Terrible 2s!

Ay ang dami ko pa gusto i-kwento but I need to get up really early tom for our appointments with doctors (yes with S). So I’ll cut this off first and will blog as soon as I can.


Missing weddings

A friend asked me if I miss the frenzy of the wedding season. And I honestly told them that I didn’t. Not that I didn’t like my job (I loved it!) but I’m still in my nilalasap-ang-pakiramdam-ng-walang-trabaho stage so it was really fun. I was able to buy and wrap gifts, was able to really plan our Christmas and New Year meals and celebrations, and was able to really spend time with J, Jia, and my family.

A week before Christmas, J and I were in a church waiting for a baptism to commence. There was a wedding with no coordinator. I commented to Jojie that some of the entourage members had bouquets while some did not. He asked me if I wanted to “coordinate” that wedding and I said no. (Well, ibang usapan yun if andun yung team ko kasi hindi sila papayag ng may pangit na wedding if andun naman kami.)

A few days before Christmas, I went to Tagaytay with a balikbayan tito and tita. We went to Splendido and the place was being setup for a wedding. I remembered the feeling of having to make sure everything is setup perfectly. Then we went to Caleruega.  The sacristan of Caleruega was telling me about having three weddings on the 24th and 2 weddings on the 25th and I said a silent prayer of thanks that I will be able to rest this season. I also saw supplier friends in Caleruega… Threelogy, Dino Lara, Madge Lejano, and the team of Veluz were there. They were teasing me na miss na miss ko na daw weddings na pumunta pa ako ng Tagaytay. Dino was asking me if first time ko sa Caleruega. LOL! Sabi ni CJ, in a stage whisper, baka daw hindi ko alam na ang laki na ng tiyan ko! Super busog daw ako! Hahaha!

On Christmas Day, another friend jokingly asked me if I missed the headaches of weddings and the traffic of the metro. I still said no.

A few days after Christmas, in the elevator on our way down to breakfast (we were staying in a hotel), the group we shared the elevator with was laughingly reminiscing the walk of the ring bearer of the wedding they witnessed the day before. One commented that it’s a big advantage to have school-age child attendants kasi hindi na nagwawala and I silently agreed.  That was when it hit me, I do miss weddings! Or at least I miss the kwentuhan after the wedding. I miss the banter with the suppliers. I miss being able to discuss the highlights and the funny moments with my team after a great wedding.

So yeah, I miss weddings but I really love where I am right now. I’ll be sure to go back. I promised my friend (and the ninang of Baby Patootie) Veluz I’d be coordinating her parents’ golden anniversary in 2013 and I’m super looking forward to that. But for now, I am perfectly content looking forward to more days with J, Jia, and Baby Patootie.


Ramblings and Santa Claus

I only have two weddings to go this year and I must admit that I am so excited to spend more time with Jia and to just rest. For some reason, kahit na dapat wala na ako ginagawa, parang ang dami pa rin. Siguro, I really thrive in stress and I just don’t know how to manage time kaya hirap pa rin ako.


I have a meeting in Pampanga today. Dapat Makati pero parang mas hindi pa ako mata-traffic on my way home from Pampanga so dun na lang. Mas malayo pero less time na masasayang sa traffic.


I was able to have my PalmPilot fixed! Hahaha! Ang jologs ba? Super tagal na nun but I just need it for e-book reading so keber. I have so many e-books that I know having the Palm fixed will save me lots of money (money that would otherwise go to buying books).


I had a big wedding last Saturday. I went to the church and was supposed to go to the reception but J got angry because I didn’t stay put and worked during the mass. Kaya ending, umuwi kami and were not able to attend the reception. Hindi daw ako marunong huminto. I’m diabetic now and need to inject insulin to myself everyday. Hindi ko rin naman siya masisi na nagagalit siya. I felt it was okay  not to attend the reception though kasi friends ko yung couple. From what I heard, they had a really wonderful wedding and I’m really happy.


Yesterday, after therapy, Jia went to my parents’ house, supposedly to just get something. Pero ang anak ko, ayaw nang umuwi. As in! They arrived mid afternoon and past 6 o’clock na ayaw pang umuwi ng bruha! Hahaha! I talked to her on the phone and asked her to come home. She said yes but the moment she put the phone down, bumalik sa pinsan niya. The second time I talked to her, I told her we’re going to make Santa Claus. Magic words!!! She finally relented to go home.

Upon arriving, super excited nang gumawa ng Santa Claus but I told her she had to eat first and take a bath. She did. Heart wrenching pa, when she got out of the bathroom and saw me in the laptop, she said “Mommy! No working! Santa Claus!” My baby is so used to being second to my work that she knows that if I’m working, I might not fulfill my promise. 🙁

Anyway, we did make a Santa Claus. Halfway though (after attaching the cap and the eyes and the nose and half of the beard), she got into a little mishap and asked me to continue the craft. So I attached the other cotton balls muna. She helped na uli when she realized that I forgot to put the mouth. Hahaha! She also put the mustache. 🙂

Here is our Santa Clause cotton balls with my sipuning anak! Hahaha!


Jia: Designer-in-the-making

All my brides know that I love Veluz. But I just realized that Jia also super duper loves Veluz.

I brought Jia to my bride’s appointment with Veluz yesterday. Siguro I’ve done this a couple of times in the past. But since Jia just stays in the receiving area and tahimik lang siya palagi, this has never posed a problem for me. Minsan nga, patapos na fitting or pauwi na yung bride before she realizes na kasama ko pala si Jia. Yesterday though was different. The bride, Angel, was also a friend so I guess mas comfy din ako and mas comfy din si Jia going to Veluz’s inner office.

While Ms. V was explaining to Angel the beads she’ll be using to embroider the gown, Jia entered the inner office and was making me kulit to carry her. I told her to go back to the receiving area but she really wanted to be carried. When I did, she focused on what Veluz was saying. As in, kapantay ng interes niya kay Mickey Mouse yung interes niya sa sinasabi ni Veluz.

When Ms. V went to the mirror with Angel to show her how the embroidery would look, Jia left my side to watch. She was completely engrossed. When Ms. Veluz went back to her desk to make another sketch, Jia asked her Tita Angel to carry her so she can watch Ms. V draw. Exagg!

But, I have to admit, seeing Jia’s interest on Veluz delighted me. Kung may gagayahin rin lang naman siya na kaibigan ko, super happy na ako pag si Veluz. Supplier-of-the-Year-in-the-making ang anak ko!!! Hahaha!!!

Jia watching while Ms. V was explaining the embro pattern

Jia concentrating while Ms. V was sketching



Since May (the start of the now defunct Project 365), I have been turning over some of my clients to other coordinators who can take over the planning of their weddings (hence, the reason for the start of the “new” life). Yesterday, Camille, one of those brides, emailed me. It was parang a closing, goodbye letter since she already has a new coord.

This is an excerpt from her email:

Hay…as much as I’ll miss the opportunity of having you, I’m sure merun pa naman in the future, malay mo ikaw mag coordinate sa renewal of vows namin? I’ll invite you na lng sa wedding namin…kaso baka ma OC ka. haha! Seriously, thank you! I’ve learned alot from you and siguro if there is one important thing na naturo mo sakin as we prepare of our wedding, that is to prioritize family above all else. I pray that all your plans will push through and more blog entries as you become a SAHWM. Your family is blessed to have you and we are blessed too for you have shared a part of you with us.

Hahaha! “more blog entries as you become a SAHWM” – I lavet!!! And I hope I can do it. But as expected, dami dami ko pa rin ginagawa so I need to really take time off just to blog. 🙂


Hi Camille! Thank you so much for making me a part of your wedding and thank you for fully understanding my decision. I’ll miss you. Ikaw yung full-circle bride ko eh. Imagine, flower girl mo na si Iza! Milestone kung milestone! And it also means ang tanda ko na! Hahaha!!! And sa renewal of vows… why not? Malaki na nun si Jia, kaya ko na bumalik! 🙂 Pero doubly mas matanda na rin ako nun! Katakot! 🙂

See you, girl! *super tight hug* Ingat!


Excited to be an SAHWM

I have always been busy. When I was working in Assumption, I was also taking my Masters. When I was preparing for the wedding, I had six part time jobs. And then I started coordination and busy na forever! 🙂

Do you ever get the feeling that 24 hours is not enough to finish everything you need to do? I have always felt that. But I thrived in beng so busy that it was okay. It was more than okay; it was great! I had a wonderful life with a husband who understood and supported my ungodly work hours. I felt like I was on top of the world. Work hard, play harder. That was our motto. And then Jia came. And slowly, I felt more and more the need to be there for her to make sure she grows up well.

And as much as I think I would have a hard time not being so busy, I have made the difficult decision to stop working so I can be with Jia more and be the mom she deserves to have.

I am happy with the decision I have made. In fact, I have even let go of Jia’s yaya so I can start practicing being a full-time mom. I am happily looking forward to the next chapter of my life – being an SAHWM – stay at home wife and mom.