Harry Potter Party: Suppliers Review

*Disclaimer: Since I’m an events coordinator, I think I have higher standards when it comes to suppliers so I have the tendency to rate a supplier low when most would rate them well. But still, I did try to temper my rants in this review. 🙂

Christening Venue: Santuario de San Jose

Also considered: All the churches within a 5km radius 🙁

Why I chose it: They were the only one who could accommodate us. Even then, I wasn’t able to get the time I originally wanted (2:30 but willing to get until 4pm – I got the 430pm slot)

Liked about it: They were very nice and super easy to talk to. I had the driver go there to have missal checked and after talking to me on the phone, he just gave the driver their standard missal. Normally they don’t do this (I guess, normally kasi no one bothers with the missal during a baptism). The priest was really nice and his assistant, too.

Their baptistry was also nice although I have to admit I love the baptistry where Jia was baptized much more kasi simple lang yung “bowl” nila for the water ritual.

Reception Venue: Andrea North Towers – Skyline Tower Clubhouse

Also considered: Royal Palms Clubhouse

Why I chose them: Andrea was nearer to us, which meant less stress for my parents and for us and for 4th Wall (yes, I needed to ensure na hindi stressful for the stylist yung transpo, mahal kasi trucking eh).

Liked about them: Super daling kausap ni Shiela, the one in charge. In fact, sa sobrang kakakulit ko sa kanya (or siguro kasi friend ni J yung may-ari ng building, LOL!), she allowed us to start setup the day before the party. I really liked the place. Hindi siya dark like the one I initially wanted but I really liked it. And the price is very reasonable.

They can improve on: The electricity capacity… pero ito feeling ko hindi talaga nila fault kasi hindi naman sila big time events venue eh. They could provide just 30amps for the place (which is normal kasi marami venues ganyan lang talaga). The prob was mejo maarte ng setup namin, we had lighted dance floor and par lights. When the sound system tapped into the same breaker, nahirapan so before we started and even during dinner, may time na walang music. Pero deadma. I was worried I would have problems with the electricity pero wala na ako budget for generator eh so okay na rin. On hindsight, even if I knew that would happen, I wouldn’t have gotten a generator. Mas pinatutukan ko lang siguro yung pag tap. I don’t think the sound system people realized how heavy the load already was.

They can also improve on the flow of the traffic. As related by a friend, when the guests were being picked up by their drivers, there was little space to maneuver so the cars ended up just backing up.

They can improve on having more rules. Hahaha! They were so lax that I actually wanted to teach them the things they can do for their venue (like impose a security bond, etc).

Catering: Josiah’s

Why I chose them: I’ve worked with Josiah’s for six years and they have never disappointed me in terms of food quality and service. And they are very open to suggestions. They have catered two of my personal events and guests have raved about their food. Super dali pang kausap, pre-event and OTD. Didn’t even consider anyone else. But I have to admit that I was praying that I could afford them kais kung hindi, wala ako backup caterer eh.

Liked about them: When they were setting up, hindi kakayanin yung 4 long tables per Hogwarts house as originally planned. I told the head waiter na non-negotiable for me yun. Ginawan nila ng paraan and they were able to fit my required number of seats per table, albeit a bit tight. Ganun sila eh, gagawa sila ng paraan para mapagbigyan ka. During the party, J’s boss and officemates went outside for a little air. Since mejo masikip sa loob, one of my coords said na pa-set-up na lang siya ng table outside for them. Plus papa-servan ng food so they didn’t have to lineup sa buffet. Ginawa ng waiters ng super bilis. Walang reklamo, naka-smile pa sila. When you think about it, super dagdag trabaho yun.

The guests raved about the food! Ito sure ako na hindi bola. When I go to other parties kasi, I don’t like it when the host asked kamusta yung food kasi wala ka naman choice but to say “Masarap”. Pero ito kasi ang daming nagtanong who catered the food and asked me the name of the dish they liked best. So siguro naman hindi bola yun. Nag-effort pa sila kung ganun.

I made a boo-boo and forgot to tell the caterer that I didnt make arrangements with the stylist for the buffet centerpiece. When they realized that, they really wanted to do something to troubleshoot. Kinausap pa ako ng masinsinan. Ako naman deadma lang. Pero nakakatuwa na ganun yung level of concern and efficiency and they had the initiative to talk to me and hindi lang nila ni-deadma.

Tsaka super dami nilang gamit. Lahat ng hiningi ko meron sila. I asked for super daming long tables plus extra round tables pa na pang-just-in case lang, lahat dumating. Tapos they have kiddie tiffany chairs pa (I don’t like kiddie monobloc chairs eh). Basta since they’re super big na, ang dami dami nang gamit tapos ang dali na nilang kausap.

Styling/Prod Design: 4th Wall

Why I chose them: Like in the case of Josiah’s, I didn’t consider anywayone else but 4th Wall. Super galing eh. Whatever cannot be sourced, they make. Feeling ko talaga they’re the best in the industry.

Liked about them: We talked about the details 20 days before the event. I told Ronald what I wanted (to have stalls for Ollivanders and Madam Malkin’s, to have a sorting hat station, and to have a “brick wall” entrance) and he told me the things I needed to provide (jpgs of the Houses, pegs of the Ollivander shop and Madam Malkins, etc). Sila na bahala sa main set kasi wala ako maisip na gusto ko. Then 5 days prior, we met again and we finalized the backdrop. Dun pa lang nila sinabi na yung backdrop would be a book. Super ako na-excite!!! I asked Ronald if possible that I’ll be the one to provide the text in the book. Pumayag siya. Wedesday night ko pa nabigay yung text ng Tales of Beedle the Bard pero ang galing kasi ang ganda ng pagkakagawa!

Everybody loved the set! As in! Ang galing naman kasi talaga and that is not because it was my party. Pati kami nagulat that it turned out that nice!

Oh yeah, guests raved about the lighted floor. Ang cool eh! Sabi nga ng isang guest, the venue was multi-sensorial. 🙂

During setup pala, masikip na and their staff was really helping my team to make sure na kasya lahat na hindi masa-sacrifice yung look. Kahit naka-setup na yung lighted floor, kinalas pa and binawasan at inusog. Imagine the added work that entailed. Ayos na pero kinalas pa uli.

Cake: Joy San Gabriel

Also considered: Bunny Cakes

Why I chose her: At first, I didn’t want to get a wedding supplier so I inquired with Bunny Cakes. BC gave me a very high quote for a super simple HP cake. I wasn’t even sure if it’s yummy plus wala pa toppers which I wanted. I contacted JSG to inquire. Pumayag sya! Super yehey! Happiness talaga!

Liked about them: I sent the design a couple of weeks prior to the party. A few days after I sent it, Ms Joy asked me for the flavor, sabi ko kung ano madali for her. She asked me if okay with me and styro cake and then cupcakes na lang. Syempre I said yes kasi that’s actually much much better for me. Pano ko naman masa-slice yung malaking malaking cake? Plus the cupcakes served as the guest favors.

Ang galing nung details nung cake!!! As in! Yung toppers were sooooo cute! The boy was even in diapers! Yung girl was wearing shorts. Tapos andun lahat nung HP details like wands, HP glasses, sorting hat, the Gryffindor scarf, and even galleons! Basta ang galing! The cupcakes we distributued as guest favors (since I didn’t have loot bags na – hindi kaya ng budget and time). Tapos nung nasa bahay na, I tasted one cupcake, super YUMMY!!! Nagsisi ako ng konti na pinamigay namin yung cupcakes! I could have eaten all! Hahaha!!!!

Party Planner: Jacque of Partyboosters

Why I chose her: As I said in my previous post, she was my former bride so I knew her from before and knew how OC she is.

Liked about her: She was always there to answer my questions, as in ALWAYS!!!!! Ngangaragin ko pa siya usually pero hindi nadadala, sinasagot pa rin ako  pag tatawag ako uli! Hahaha! Eh hindi naman ako paying client so I really appreciated all the help! Plus since I felt so comfy with her, lahat pa ng kwentuhan namin may chismis na kasama. Hahaha!

Under her, I booked:

1. Potato corner – Yummy, as usual.

2. Sorbetero – This is one of her bestsellers daw. I didn’t taste it but my sister and my husband said it’s yummy and hindi dirty ice cream ang lasa. Basta masarap daw. Oh yeah, the ice cream cart is owned by a fellow N@Wie, Lissa.

3. Kiddie Salon – I think the guests enjoyed this kasi ang daming nakapila eh. And hindi siya baduy. That was one of my fears eh – na maging baduy yung ayos. Hindi naman. Buti na lang! In fact, some of my friend specifically complimented me on the success of the kiddie salon. Am happy!:)

4. Jen Belen – Separate review

Host: Jen Belen

Why I chose her: I just wanted a girl host so Jia won’t feel intimidated – or basta feeling ko she’d feel more at ease with a girl host

Liked about her: She made an effort to dress up (although buti na lang at HP ang theme ko – parang hindi ko kakayanin kung si Baby Bop or si Hello Kitty siya). And tama ako, Jia felt comfy enough with her — she even joined a game! That made me really happy as it was the first time she did that. I think the kids liked her. Also, she followed my request not to advertise her services during her routine (I coursed it through Jacque). I read about that in N@W and natakot ako. To me, that’s a no-no! That’s tantamount to me distributing my calling cards during guest registration of my events. Anuvah!

Didn’t like so much: She was mejo OA and not funny for me but I think okay naman sya sa mga kids. Also, may time na gutom na tao and parang hindi siya attuned sa audience nya kasi tuloy tuloy lang siya. I had to ask my coord to tell her to cut the games na. Same thing happened after dinner. I think the kids were getting a bit bored with the balloon show but she seemed not be so much attuned to her audience.

She can also improve on replying to clients. I emailed her two times about the program (I was asking for a copy). I guess she was not used to clients asking for copies. In the end, it was Jacque who emailed me the prgram (she was CCd in the emails so she knew I was already following up).
Magic: Leodini

Why I chose him: I went by gut feel. Feeling ko okay siya nung kausap ko siya.

Like about him: He super brought the house down. Please look at the pics and look at the laughing faces of the guests. Siya ang may kagagawan nyan! He’s really, REALLY good.

The funny thing was he didn’t look… hmmm… very neat. In fact, my coordinators and the stylist thought he was a gate crasher. When my friends from the wedding industry were aking me who he was (by then we have learned that he was the magician), we were kidding that I was so detail-oriented that I even got Sirius Black (post-Azkaban escape).

Didn’t like so much: He had a slapstick routine… short, yes, but there nonetheless. I hate slapsticks/jologs routines. In fact, when searching for the magician, that was also one of the reasons why I didn’t even inquire with Wanlu because I knew that he would be playing Papaya (or whatever jologs song is currently in). But anyway, the kids liked it, I guess, so okay na.

Neutral comments (depends on how you look at it): He didn’t have the usual games na kasama yung parents. This was a positive for me. Bentang benta siya sa adults. Hindi lang pang kids yung routine nya. Positive for me.

Photo: Warren Camitan

Why I chose him: I’ve been a fan since I saw pics he toook of a N@Wie sister and her family. I feel that his pictures are very fresh.

What I liked about him: He was super sipag. He didn’t even eat during the reception. Basta picture lang siya ng picture. Unobtrusive. Magalang. Mabait. Ang ayos kausap. Maayos itsura (well, it matters you know).

Right after the baptism, he automatically called out the godparents for the pictures… well, that was actually a booboo since I had a pictorial sequence on my missal but I guess it’s a positive point that he tried to take control of the situation to make the pictorial more organized (wala pa lang siyang nagiging client siguro na kasing OC ko). Oh yeah, it was super easy to coordinate with him. Everything was done via email and SMS.

What I would have wanted that he didn’t deliver: I think this was my fault since I didn’t tell him… remember that the reason I got him was because his pics looked so fresh and so alive.. well, I forgot that my party was HP-themed and I didn’t want to have bright pictures! I wanted semi-dark pictures with magical undertones. I didn’t tell him and I think some of his pics were a bit too bright. But my friend who is a photo enthusiast said that he used the correct lens and correct settings. Oh well, maganda naman yung pictures. Plus, as one of my friends pointed out, he didn’t have the luxury to take artistic shots unlike the guests. Buti na lang uso na FB so I was able to grab the pics my guests took. On hindsight, sana two photogs ang kinuha ko.

Video: Thor

Why I chose them: Hahaha! I like their work naman and sikat sila sa N@W and pumayag sila sa budget ko plus and may booking na yung Threelogy

What I liked about them: Super daling kausap. As in super! Unobtrusive. Hindi mayabang. Basta super low profile. Nakakatuwang katrabaho. If co-supplier ko sila, matutuwa ako sa kanila. I’m super excited to see the video pero tingin ko matagal pa un eh. 🙁

Oh yeah, I also had:

1. Starbucks – You can’t go wrong naman with them. Dali kausap. Ang ayos ng service.

2. Side entertainment – Crizz the Magician – Got him from a magic store in SM North EDSA. Madaling kausap. Magaling sa magic. Mejo sablay lang mag text for me

3. Robes – Jackie Chua – I was referred to Jackie by a friend. I contacted her a week before and gave her the patterns 8 days before. 3 days before, napadagdag pa ako (hello, people who rsvp a few days before the party tapos hindi dumating! grrr!). Ang galing kasi walang naging prob. Pero when the robes were delivered the morning of the party, walang opening sa gitna! I was super disappointed. I even called my sister and told her, “Paki paalala sa akin na ginagawa ko ito para sumaya ang anak ko at hindi ako coordinator na kelangan mang-away ng supplier.” My sister actually tried to look for solutions (alam nya how OC I am and kung gano ko dadamdamin na hindi nasunod yung gusto ko) pero in the end, we had to admit na wala na kami magagawa. A few days after the party, I told one of the guests that the robes were supposed to have opening in front. Sabi niya it was better na wala kasi if may opening, makikita ung t-shirts ng mga bata. Since walang opening yung robes, black lang talaga yung suot nila so Jia really stood out. So I guess, all’s well that ends well. Love ko na yung robes! Hahaha!

Last na, this is not a review but can I just say, I super love, love, love, LOVE the gown of Jia (and also the baptismal gown of Joya) by Ninang Veluz! Hay! Ang ganda-ganda!!!!


Harry Potter Party: Backstory and party planning

After Jia was baptized (yes, ganyan na katagal ko pina-plano magka-Harry Potter party), J and I were toying with the idea of throwing Jia a party for her 1st birthday. We both knew that we would not do it. As a rule, I told myself I would only throw “big” parties for christening as I deem it really important. It also serves as our family’s thanksgiving and would like to celebrate it with more people. Anyway, while J and I were discussing, the subject of a Harry Potter-themed party came up and I was super hooked! We are both HP fans but I’m really the HP addict between the two of us. I have read the books more than five times each. There was a time I was crying while reading (nung namatay si Dumbledore) and J came up to me and told me “Namatay siya uli? Basahin mo uli, Hon! Baka mabuhay na siya next time.” Hahaha! Anyway, I told him that if ever we throw an HP party, I would give out wands and robes to the kids and have sorting hat. Tapos we discussed having a cocktail bar (we had this during Jia’s baptism) and we agreed that having a Starbucks cart would be nicer. So, before we even knew if we would ever throw an HP party, we knew that we would have to provide wands and robes, and have a sorting hat and a Starbucks cart! LOL!

When I learned I was pregnant with Joya, sa kabila ng feeling of numbness, naisip ko na at least pwede ako mgpa-party kasi binyag uli eh. Haha! And J said that as long as sumabay sa Harry Potter showing, we can have the Harry Potter party I’ve dreamt of for sooo long (hahaha! parang childhood dream!).

I started preps when J gave me the go-signal (read: budget). That was when Joya was around 2weeks old. Nataranta na ako. I couldn’t find a venue I liked. Sa venue talaga ako na-stress. I had limited budget for the venue so had to scout really hard. Eventually, we decided to go with Andrea.

Booking a magician was also a source of stress. Jacque of Partyboosters was telling me ang lapit na ng party ko. Well, alam ko naman yun! Hahaha! Alam ko rin namang huli na ako pero alangan namang awayin ko pa asawa ko na huli siya nagbigay ng budget. Sasabihan pa ako nun ng “Buti nga binigyan ka!”

J wanted Wanlu but aside from mahal, after watching him once, yun na yun eh (but the last time I watched him was before he became a TV celeb ha). Since N@Wies have good reviews on Alex Lagula, I contacted him. He was not available. I chanced upon a raving review on Leodini and sabi nakakagulat lang daw itsura nya pero super galing daw. I contacted him and he was still available. I booked him immediately.

After that, everything just fell into place. Oh yeah, I also contacted Jacque of Partyboosters. Jacque was one of my brides who also coordinated with my team a few times and is now a successful kiddie party planner. So wala ako ibang choice kundi siya. She arranged the kiddie salon, Potato Corner, and sorbetero for me. I also asked her for a girl host (deadma ako basa girl na may sound system na hindi aalis agad yung sound system) and she was the one who booked Jen Belen. Ay super bait ni Jacque! And this is not because I didn’t pay her for her coordination services ha (hahaha! I love you, sis!). She was ALWAYS there when I had a question or naloloka lang ako. Basta ganun.

Like I said everything fell into place and little by little, I was able to book all my suppliers, well, except the videographer. You see, my budget didn’t allow for that. The week of the party, J asked me who’s covering the party and I said none as my budget could not accommodate it. Sabi niya mag book daw ako pero budget is just P10K. I checked the N@W archives. Thor seemed to be the popular choice but I also read that he does not accept a one-cam setup package for guests more than 130 so wala na. But Wednesday before the party, desperate na ako kasi wala pa ako video and I called them. Pumayag sila! And what’s more, Thor himself was available to cover our event! Ang saya saya, di ba?!

For about three weeks before the party, I stayed up so late to finish the preps. I had so many DIY stuff (oh, yeah,  I was in denial before, telling people that I only had a few) that I really needed the time when the two kids would be asleep (read: NO distractions) to work. The day before the party, my friend Abie even came over to help me (ooops, help might be too strong a word since she did everything herself) tie the tags of the wands. You know why she volunteered to do it? Because she realized that al my FB posts and updates are done in the middle of the night so she realized that I still had so many things to do, otherwise I would be sleeping, right? LOL!

Ending, day of the party, I went to the venue to supervise and instruct my team’s coordinators (I SOOOOO love them!) so they can make sure that everything I worked so hard for to achieve will be executed properly. And modesty aside, I think I and my team were able to do a dang fine job!


*Supplier ratings and OTD story and DIY sharing to follow*

Harry Potter parteeeee!!!

Okay, so Jia and Joya’s party was last Saturday. It was such a hit (at least feeling ko) that J and have been on cloud nine since Saturday. I really can’t wait for the pictures. Super ako excited I browse stalk my friends’ and J’s friends’ FB and Google+ pages to look at the pics they took! Hahaha! Yung iba ngang may dalang camera gusto ko na i-pressure to upload eh. LOL!

We really are thrilled to bits at the outcome. I have privately asked some friends how it was and they generally said great things. Well, I asked friends I knew would be brutally honest so I knew I’d get the lowdown (like mejo masikip — hello, people who said no to the RSVP and then came and people who made bitbit other people!), which was a good thing, so I can review the suppliers and make kwento what happened objectively.

Hay! Ang saya! I am super grateful to all my suppliers, especially to (in no particular order) Josiah’s Catering for the catering, 4th Wall for the styling, Joy San Gabriel for the cake, Veluz for Jia and Joya’s gown, and Partyboosters for booking the booths and the host. Oh and yeah! Super winner the magician that I booked!! Everyone was laughing! As in super riot! It didn’t hurt that Leodini looked like Sirius Black. O di ba, ganyan ako ka-detail oriented, even the magician looked like a Harry Potter character! LOL! And syempre, couldn’t have done it without the help of my team. Mitch, Au, Jane, Eda, Marielle, SUPER thank you!

Will do a party kwento and suppliers ratings soon.

While waiting for the official pics, here are some of the pics guests have taken (please click on the pic to see who has taken the picture / from whom I grabbed the pic from during my stalking moments. LOL!)

Special thanks to Daniel Talavera, Paeng and Ana Lopez, Jojo and Mutya Pacis, Karlo and Gwen Domingo, and Eda Macaraeg. Salamat sa pagkuha ng pictures!


Parang kasal lang yan eh…

It’s a week before the party and I stay up late every night for the preps. Since Jia and Joya take up most of my time during the day, it is only when they are both asleep that I can fully prep for the party. We went to Divi last Saturday to buy prizes and that such a big load off my shoulders. Good thing, too, that I was able to keep within the prizes budget.

Speaking of budget, I am over budget!!!! Alam ko namang may washdown pa ang guests on the day but my rule is to prepare for the number of people who confirmed. So that means we have to add food and coffee. Tinignan lang ako ni J kanina nung sinabi ko. Tapos when I was waking him up from his afternoon nap and I kissed him, sabi niya, “Ashu! Gusto mo lang humingi ng dagdag na budget eh.” Hahaha!

J helped with the wands tonight. he finished the designs already. Will paint the wands tom.

The robes will arrive Friday pa. Haaay! Super cutting it close, I know! Super difficult to confirm guests eh iba-iba pa sizes ng robes kaya ang tagal bago napagawa.

Was also able to print the tags for the wands and robes. Yung coffee tags na lang yung wala since I still do not like the layout. Will revise it tomorrow.

Right now, I’m printing the missal draft. Was already able to layout the text. Just printing it to make sure it comes out right then mass production.

I still need to meet with the events stylist since we haven’t finalized some of the details yet.

Tomorrow, I will need to confirm with all the suppliers. Also need to finalize number of guest.

Tuesday, fitting ng dalawang bata with their Tita/Ninang Veluz.

Hay! Sana mag-enjoy ang mga anak ko sa party nila di ba?

At sana hindi umulan!!! Weather forecast is rain during the day with 24% probability of thunderstorms while evening is forecasted to be cloudy with showers and 40% probability of thunderstorms. Makapag-alay na nga ng itlog kay Sta. Clara!


Hogwarts invites you to…

It’s past 2am and I am on a break from assembling invites to the party. Yes, I know, it’s less than three weeks before the day so why I am still not done with the party. Oo na, kasalanan ko na (ayan , inamin ko na so wala na sisihan). I did the layout of the invites around 6 weeks ago. As soon as J gave me the go-signal (read: budget), I started on the layout. Then I had baby blues so I stopped. Then when I was okay, I felt like I needed to make it up with Jia for all the time I should have been with her but was so full of myself (because of the baby blues). Then, we implemented the no-TV policy. Ayun, 3 weeks before, hindi pa tapos ang assembling and distribution ng invites. LOL!

And because I’m so detail-oriented and obsessive-compulsive maarte, I have two kinds of invites – one for the Harry Potter fans (oh, did I say it’s a Harry Potter-themed party?) and one for the deadma lang. The deadma lang is a postcard invite which would have been the easier one to assemble except that instead of the usual handwritten number of reserved seats, I also printed the the number which makes it a bit harder (as I needed to make sure that the right number for the reserved seats be with the right name tag) to assemble. For the tags, I just typed their full names.

** I erased venue details.

The second invite was the harder one to assemble. Patterned after the Hogwarts acceptance letter, I needed to input the names of the guests and the number of seats (I used the mail merge function but still!). And for the tags of this invite, I used their first name initials and last names (patterned after the letter Harry received).

Was planning to have an envelope but it would have been more time-consuming to DIY envelopes (I should know; I did that for our wedding!) so J said to just roll it and tie it with a rope similar to what Harry would use. It made sense since owl post is really just rolled.

So, yan ngayon, nalulunod pa ako sa invites! Hahaha! By Saturday though distributed na ito lahat, which is exactly 2 weeks before the party. Crunch time!!!


Jia’s party dress… measurement taking

Jia had her measurement taking yesterday for her party dress. Who’s making her dress? Who else but my uber favorite designer!

Hahaha! Ang sosyal ng anak ko! *inggit mode on*

Veluz did her baptismal gown *okay, will insert picture here later tonight* which Joya will also wear for his baptism. But I wasn’t planning on Jia wearing a Veluz for the party. Several weeks ago, however, after a doctor’s visit in Madocs, I called Veluz and said I’d drop by her shop just to hug her and to show her Joya (she’s Joya’s Ninang, by the way). Jia, of course, was also with us that time.  Veluz calls herself Ninang na hilaw ni Jia. She admitted to me recently (when I asked her to be Joya’s Ninang) na sumama loob nya when I didn’t ger her Ninang for Jia. Ako naman, for my part, was super nahiya to ask her to be Jia’s Ninang although I sooo wanted to kasi she offered to make Jia’s baptismal gown then and I was afraid that she’d say that I was just after the gown kaya I was making her Ninang and baka masabihan akong feeling close. Sayang kasi I could have prevented yung pagsama ng loob nya if I just had the courage to ask her to be Ninang no?  Anyway — ang layo nang inabot ng kwento — during that visit, Veluz asked Jia if she wanted a dress. I said “No, no, no, no!” I was adamant that Veluz does not give Jia a dress kasi feeling ko abuso (aayusin nya rin yung baptismal gown ni Jia to befit a boy). Since I said no, Jia didn’t say anything. Sabi ni Veluz wag ko daw pakialaman and she asked Jia again. Jia looked at me and I told her to just say yes or no and I smiled to let her know it was okay with me. She said yes. Veluz asked her what’s her fave color and she said “Pink…” “Pink! I will make you a pink dress,” Veluz said.  Jia continued “… and blue and red and green and purple and gray.” Tawa kami ng tawa. Veluz said she’ll make a pink and gray dress. Fasyon di ba? Hahaha! Funny because when I asked Jia to say bye to Veluz na, Jia asked me where her pink and gray dress was.

Fast forward to current time. Jia’s still bent on wearing her pink and gray dress for her party. Excited siya. So although I didn’t want to bother Veluz na (even tried to look for RTW na pink and gray), I had to. And yesterday Jia had her measurement taking. Parang bride lang?!

After which, I showed her the fitting room and she was super happy there.

Syempre before we left, Jia asked me again where her pink and gray dress was. Hay, hindi pa niya naiintindihan ang process of making a dress. LOL!

Excited for her fitting!


*Get well soon, Veluz! Huminto muna nang pagtrabaho. Mwahugs!