As my mom turns 60…

My mom, Myrna, turned 60 on July 1 and she posted this on her Facebook wall as her “attempt at life coaching” as she put it:

Lessons learned… (Unsolicited advice, whatever you may want to call it, may not be original, but believe you me, take it from From someone who just turned 60 (I feel I’m entitled to this.. Hehehhe) ..Might have been a bit late for me to learn them,but you could sure use some if not most

Be nice, just be nice…smile, say something positive, say hi, hello sincerely, acknowledge someone’s presence, kahit eye contact lang…you’ll never know how much hope or encouragement that simple act of caring could comfort or encourage the next person, or make a difference

It is always never late to be what you could or might be or achieve what you could (forgot who said this)… So, dream on… And don’t stop working for that dream! Go, girl!

My mom @ 60… pangarap daw niya kasing makapag-swimming kasama ang iba’t-ibang lahi

Don’t sweat the small stuff… But to do this, dapat linawin at maintindihan natin kung ano talaga ang “huge stuff” or what really matters.

Dahan dahan lang tayo sa panlalalait or judging or condemning.. we have no idea what the next person has been or is going through…

Spend a lot of time with your parents, while they’re still with you…. Pag wala na sila, kahit gaano karami ng time to spare ka, or money to spend for them, wala nang saysay…

Don’t stop reading and learning… Save up money to travel…

Give, pay forward, support, inspire, encourage…sabi nga, in the grand scheme of things, we need one another’s help and we haVe the moral obligation to help each other out.

Let’s practice humility… Mas magaan ang buhay at mas maraming gustong tumulong sa atin pag hindi tayo mayabang.

There… My best attempt at being a life coach…Love u all! God bless


Love you, Mama! Thank you for this. As you know, humility is my life long battle but hopefully, I am achieving it… kaya ko yan! Hahaha! Ang yabang pa rin!!! 🙂

Moving on…

So I know that every other blog post here starts with an apology for being an absentee blogger so this time I won’t apologize anymore. Hahahaha! This time though I think I have a very valid reason why I stopped blogging. My last post (before the letter to Joya) was on Feb 6. Our house was robbed on Feb 8 and that just super changed our life (read: na-windang kami). A few months after that fateful incident, we have moved houses and has since moved on. I can sleep soundly again. 🙂 So back to blogging now.


Mommyhood = BIG changes

You know how they say that motherhood changes a woman? Well, I don’t think one fully understands that until she becomes a mother herself. Maybe it’s just that I am not a good writer but really, I cannot think of words that adequately describe how I feel for my kids. The overflowing love I have for Jia and Joya has unquestionably changed me and how I look at life. Before I had kids, I was such a b*tch (Disclaimer: Sabi ng asawa ko hanggang ngayon naman daw. Lol!). Mabait naman akong tao but really, cross me and you will never hear the end of it. Pinalaki naman akong may modo ng magulang ko pero basta ang yabang ko. Well, aaminin ko na hanggang ngayon naman! Hahaha!. But I would like to believe that I have changed. Now that I am a mom, well, hindi pa rin naman ako ganun kabait but really, I am trying soooooo hard to be more patient and to be more life giving to everyone around me. I want my kids to grow up with kind hearts and souls and I believe that the best way to ensure this would be to set a good example.

Having Jia and Joya has lead me to my advocacies – causes which are close to my heart: breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth diapering. I am a super fan of cloth diapers. Well, I have tickled moms now which proves how passionate I am about cloth diapering and generally, about ways to help the environment. Babywearing is also very close to my heart as I firmly believe in its power to make babies feel loved and secure. Breastfeeding… I super LOVE!!! Everytime I read about breastfeeding and breastmilk, I cannot help but be amazed at its power. Ang galing galing galing ng breastmilk! I love breastfeeding so much that I joined a breastfeeding peer counselor training. In a few weeks’ time, I will be a certified breastfeeding counselor! Happiness!

Having kids have improved my marriage with J. You might be asking how that could be since most married couples become so overwhelmed with the task of parenting that they forget each other. Well, to be honest, during the first six months of Jia’s life it felt like we were just trying to survive so deadma talaga sa joys of married life and all that crap. Hahahaha! But we both realized that that was not the way we wanted our relationship to be so we made the extra effort to date again and to live a life separate to that of being parents. As a result, I think we now enjoy a healthier married life.

Having them made me realize and appreciate my parents more. Mahal na mahal pala talaga nila ako.

Having Jia and Joya has firmed my resolve to live a healthy life. Pano na lang kung mawalan ng nanay ang mga anak ko. Haaaay! Nakakalokang isipin. So kahit na masarap ang inihaw na liempo, kare kare, crispy pata, lechon kawali, softdrinks, atbp, ayoko na.

And then there is that aspect of actually learning FROM my kids and these learnings, more surprising since they come from little people who do not even reach my hips, actually change me. I have always been OC (kaya nga ako nag wedding planner eh) and I dont like it when things don’t go as planned. A couple of months ago, Jia was holding a new book when about a tablespoon of water spilled on the cover. Syempre ang nanay nag react ng “OH!”. Iniisip ko sayang yung libro!!!! Jia also saw it and proceeded to nonchalantly wipe the book. She saw my reaction and said, “It’s okay, it will dry.” Oo nga naman. It will dry. It will dry. It WILL dry. Sayang yung  emosyon na binigay ko dun. Matutuyo naman eh. That was such a revelation for me. It was a BIG learning. I really have to stop sweating about the small stuff, matutuyo naman eh. Worst case scenario, eh di masisira yung libro. Sayang, oo, pero libro lang naman yun.

A couple of weeks ago, I was so harried and Jia wanted to bake. While I was mixing the batter with the mixer, Jia was running a one-sided conversation, talking about just about anything and everything. Madaldal kasi sya!!! Hahaha! Tapos bigla nyang sinabi, “Mom, when I grow up, I want to be a mommy like you. You are the best!” My heart melted and right there and then, I decided that despite the sleepless nights, the never ending worries and second-guessing yourself, nothing… NOTHING… is as fulfilling as motherhood.

Yeah, this mommyhood thingie has definitely changed me.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Growing up, Christmas was magical for me. It was (and still is one of) my favorite time of the year. I thank my Mom for that. When I had Jia and Joya, I promised myself I will make their Christmases special, too. 🙂

Yesterday was Christmas and we had a blast (expect for the fact that I got sick in the late afternoon). As with any Pinoy home I think, the celebration started on the 24th. Jia and I decorated the gingerbread house we baked from scratch (I’m sorry, ako na ang dakilang nanay!). She had so much fun doing it and even her Daddy joined in the decorating! 🙂


When we were almost finished, I remembered we do not have pine trees yet so Jia worked on kneading the dough so we could bake gingerbread pine trees.

We finished the house…

and put it in the place of honor. Where else but beside the tree?

Jia and Joya’s Uncle J, Tito D, Tita M, and U, Jia’s favorite cousin, joined us for Christmas Eve dinner. Jia led the prayer and as usual, she thanked Papa Jesus for everything (Thank you for rice and karekare and… what’s that, mom? thank you for bagoong and chicken and gravy and spaghetti and rice again…). Basta kakatawa yan si Jia mag pray.

Can I just say, my seafood kare-kare was just sooooo good! Hahahahaha!!! Kelangan talaga ipagmalaki! Pero promise ang sarap kasi and it was my first time to cook seafood kare kare. 🙂

Since I have not seen my siblings in such a looong time (well, kasi busy sila), we had fun catching up during dinner. Oh well, madaldal naman kasi talaga kami! Hahaha!

My family went home shortly after that while we just waited for Noche Buena.

When it was around 1140pm, we went down again (without Joya this time because my little boy was fast asleep) and started to open the gifts. Jia was sooo excited.

She opened Tita Abie’s gift first and syempre sinuot nya agad! Hahaha! Thanks, Tita Abie!

After opening the gifts, we had our simple Noche Buena (we had Smoked King Salmon and salad because we do not eat meat anymore) and slept shortly after.

Christmas morning, Joya woke up first (well, he was the only one who didn’t stay up late). As usual, the first thing he did (after drinking milk) was to go to his ate. I caught this super cute picture on camera of the two of them holding hands while Jia was still half-asleep.

When Jia woke up, Joya hugged her