Cloth Diaper 101 Talk

Jenny of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom approached us about organizing a cloth diapering meet. Of course we said yes. This is our advocacy and we really want to encourage moms to cloth diaper. Just thinking of how many moms (and babies) this meet can help makes us giddy with excitement! 🙂

The Cloth Diapers 101 talk is aimed to help pregnant moms or moms who are not using cloth diapers but are interested and yet intimidated at the thought of cloth diapering. The benefits of using cloth diapers, the different kinds, ways to use it, etc. will be the topics. It will be held at the Medela House (29 1st St., New Manila, Quezon City) on April 21, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. If you’re interested, please sign up here. We (and by “we”, I mean tickled moms)are doing this together with Next9. 🙂

The CD 101 Talk is part of Real Diaper Week. Aside from the talk, a blog carnival (which we are joining), a cloth diaper drive (cloth diaper donations – used or new – will be collected to be given to The Little Children’s Home), and a blog giveaway are also being organized by Jenny (isn’t she super?). Next year, we aim to join the Great Cloth Diaper Change Challenge — a bid for a  Guinness World Book of Records for the most nappies changed at the same time.

You can read more about Jenny’s plans here.

On a personal note, I was so happy to know that I somehow influenced Jenny’s decision to fully cloth diaper her second baby. Hahaha! Babaw!

Hope to see you in CD 101!


tickled moms!

And we did it! Our website is finally up!

Please do visit (and browse and shop! LOL!) our (with Abie) newest baby – tickled moms lavishing your world with giggles!

I so love our store. Our primary aim is to make cloth diapering, babywearing, and breastfeeding easier and available to all moms. I am also blogging there and will crossover blog once in a while.

Visit, visit, vist!!!

Happiness and giggles!


Paying it forward

Welcome to the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (February). For this month, we focus on back to basics. Participants will share advices – either the best breastfeeding advice they received OR/AND the best breastfeeding advice they can give to new moms.  Please scroll down to the end of the post to see the list of carnival entries.

Before I gave birth to Jia, I equipped myself with breastfeeding basics because I REALLY wanted to breastfeed. I joined a class, I bought a breast pump I knew would help me, I psyched myself and my husband. And then Jia came and probaby because I did not have the right support, I was not able to teach Jia to latch. I felt like a failure. But that did not stop me; I pumped and I pumped and I pumped and I pumped and I pumped… well, you get the drift. And for six months, I fed Jia pumped milk. During this time, I was working like crazy! I had meetings left and right  and weddings two times a week and to be honest, I barely had time to pump. After a hard day’s work, I would get up every two hours at night to pump. I was never ahead of Jia. There were innumerable times I brought her and her yaya to my meetings just so I can pump milk after each meeting to give to her. I would hurry to the washroom after a meeting with my pump in tow, call her yaya to get the milk from me, and then hurry to my next meeting and act as if I was the most relaxed wedding planner in the whole world. The milk I pumped would then be kept in a cooler, to be given to her for her next meal. It was hard work. There were days my meetings would be in different venues. Imagine the hassle of bringing everything (a baby and all her stuff, a bulky pump, cooler, stroller, bottles, and baby’s clothes) from one mall to another? To say it was tiring was an understatement.

But the “solution” of just leaving her at home and be given formula never crossed my mind. Why? Because of something one of my uncles said to me years before I even got married. Tito Mars, who was really smart and who reviewed me for my quiz bees when I was in grade school, told me that, bottomline, formula was just created to mimic breastmilk; whatever ingredient formulas have to make babies stronger or smarter or more cuddly (LOL!), breastmilk has that (and yes, I think breastmilk does make babies like cuddling more, unlike formulas). And not only that, but breastmilk has stuff in it that researchers have not yet figured out how to produce in laboratories. That made me realize that formula is simply an imitation and not even a good one at that.

That was THE one advice which kept me going. Why would I give my precious daughter a second-grade imitation when I could give her the real thing? To do so was preposterous for me.

Then I had Joya. And with a supportive pedia, I was able to feed Joya directly. Before we were discharged Dr. Luchie visited me in my room to discuss with me the benefits of breastfeeding only to leave after several minutes. “Well, I don’t think you need any more encouragement to breastfeed. I can see that you really want it,” she told me before leaving. Haha!

Was it easy with Joya? Well, it was easier than what happened with Jia but it was still not as easy-peasy as you would think looking at me or any mom who is breastfeeding for that matter. When I left the classroom of my breastfeeding class, I thought that breastfeeding was just soooo easy. When I saw moms in jeepneys putting their babies to their breasts, I thought it was as easy as, you know, just putting your baby in front of your breasts. Thinking that it’s easy is good since it encourages moms-to-be to breastfeed but then again, precisely of this misconception, at the first sign of difficulty, so many moms back off and resort to formula. They think that because they are having a hard time, they are not normal and not made for breastfeeding. Sore nipples due to wrong latching, wrong beliefs about breastfeeding (I actually heard someone once say “I didn’t have milk. My mom and my sister also failed to breastfeed because they had no milk. We are not a family of breastfeeders.), lack of support from family, etc, all contribute to moms failing to breastfeed. And since no one told them that it might be difficult at first, they do not persevere. They do not realize that almost all go through a difficult phase. I talk to all pregnant women I know and when I encourage them to breastfeed, I tell them “You know what, chances are, it will not be easy at first but believe me, things will get better, easier, and before you know it, you and your baby are breastfeeding pros and are super in sync with each other.” And I hope that when the time comes that they are finding it hard, they will remember and not give up. In the same manner that the advice I got made me persevere, I hope this advice will make them persist. It’s my way of paying it forward.

As for me, I am now on my 9th month of exclusive breastfeeding. Bearing in mind my uncle’s advice and being ready to encounter breastfeeding problems anytime, I am confident that I will be able to breastfeed well until Joya’s first birthday. Yey for me!

Will leave you with this quote from Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, the father of natural child birth movement.

A newborn baby has only three demands.  They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence.  Breastfeeding satisfies all three.

Happy feeding!


Here are the other Carnival Participants. Happy reading!

Breastfeeding Month

August is Breastfeeding Month so there are sooooo many activities lined up for moms. At syempre, hindi mawawala ang shopping! 🙂

I’m so excited. Am planning to go to both these activities. Sana hindi busy si J ng weekend na yan and sana pumayag siya sumama sa run. 🙂 At sana may money ako pang-shopping! Hahahaha!!!

Plus Babywearing Meet 3 is in the works! Will post about it if there are definite plans na. (Read about Babywearing Meet 2 here.)



When I was pregnant with Jia, a bride gave me a sling. I was sooo excited to use it but admittedly didn’t persevere enough as I used it less than 10times, I think. And the times I used it for long stretches, my shoulders ached. So, needless to say, I didn’t succeed.

A believer of attachment parenting, I was reading Dr. Sears’ site and was surprised to learn that babywearing is one of its tools. That, plus the fact that we were planning to go to Bella Rocca without a yaya, firmed my resolve to babywear.

Since a friend bought SaYa, I also bought one also. I didn’t research much (bad!). I just went to a mommy fair and bought my own SaYa. Ironically, my friend, Benz, had a hard time with it while I had so much fun with it even from the beginning. (Benz is trying the SaYa again and she’s hoping she’d succeed this time.) Unlike in my other sling, my shoulders didn’t hurt at all. Since the weight of the baby (and believe me, Joya is sooo heavy! he’s 13+ lbs at 2mos!) is distributed evenly to both shoulders, my upper back does not ache at all! Plus, SaYa is a local brand which is uch a big plus for me!!!

I love wearing Joya! I love being close to him and being able to kiss him whenever I want to.  I love the feeling of freedom babywearing gives me. It’s one of those things I think everyone should do or at least try to, because they will realize it’s SOOOOO easy (the others are breastfeeding and cloth diapering).

I even babywear Joya at home! That’s how much I love it! How’s that for a fan? Hahaha!

And then last Saturday, I joined a babywearing meet. It was organized by Benz (yup, the same friend I mentioned above) and the powers-that-be in the local babywearing world, referring to Buding Aquino-Dee, the creator of SaYa; Jen CC Tan, owner of Next9Jenny Ong, owner of Mama.Baby.Love; and Jonie Cheng of Mamaway (I just love her tops!); and Denise Gonzales, owner of Indigo Baby. (Apologies if I forgot someone.) It was held in Starbucks near MC Home Depot (the one with the Drive Thru – hay mabuti na lang meron na nito as I’ve been praying for this for more than six years!).

The meet was a riot as soooooo many moms came to know more about babywearing. Ang saya-saya!!! It was also an informal N@Wie get together (informal since it was an open thing and not exclusive to N@Wies). Basta I super enjoyed chatting and catching up.

Aside from knowing more about babywearing, and having some of my questions answered (some lang kasi I forgot to ask yung iba kong tanong eh. totally my fault! LOL!), I was also able to consult Velvet (of Arugaan) about my alleged milk oversupply/foremilk-hindmilk imbalance (alleged kasi hindi pa ako sure) and talk to Abbie (of La Leche) so I can join the support group’s meeting.

It was such a fun day for me!

Benz, BWM3 or Mommy Meet na!


Babywearing photos.

Since kampante na ako talaga to babywear, time to buy new slings para iba naman sa pictures. Good thing the print I really like is going to be available soon according to Jenny. Yey! 🙂

At home while on FB

In Powerbooks. I was just walking around and decided to take a picture of myself. I WAS NOT looking at the books in the erotic fiction shelf! LOL!

In Anabel’s having dinner with my 3Js

Breastfeeding Joya

Breastfeeding by Erika Hastings

Before we got married, J and I worked on a research on formula milk. Because of that study, I realized how important breastfeeding is and I resolved to breastfeed any future child of ours.

When I got pregnant with Jia, I prepared for breastfeeding. I attended a class, read up on it, bought a book which a friend recommended, and even had a really good pump. But because of the neonatologist who attended to Jia, Dr. Carina Quimbo (whom I absolutely, unequivocally HATE), I couldn’t direct feed Jia (she instructed me to measure my breastmilk). Because of that, Jia had nipple confusion and never learned to latch.

But, my gosh, I really wanted to breastfeed. So I pumped. And I pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped and… oh well, you get the idea. My Medela breastpump was my best friend. I brought it EVERYWHERE. Less than a month after I gave birth, I was already working and going on out of town trips. My pump was with me the whole time. There were times I had plenty of frozen milk in the freezer but there were times that I was just one feeding ahead of Jia. In times like those, I would bring Jia to my meetings, instruct the yaya to bring Jia around the mall or hotel (wherever the meeting would be)  and after pumping in between my meetings, I would look for them so I can give the yaya my freshly pumped milk which she would then feed to Jia. It was five to six months of never-ending pumping.

When I learned I was pregnant with Joya, although I was in shock, I knew it would be my chance to breastfeed again. This time, I knew better. I met with the pedia who would attend to my baby (it was a different pedia than Jia’s usual because I was giving birth in a different hospital) to make sure that the pedia is really a breastfeeding advocate. I also contacted a breastfeeding counselor, Ms. Velvet Roxas of Arugaan, to help me just in case I’d have a hard time (and she was such a BIG, BIG help!).

And now, I am breastfeeding Joya! I feel soooo happy knowing that I am giving him the best. The bond breastfeeding gives is just amazing. Babies cannot really see clearly but they can focus on things six to eight inches from their eyes which is the perfect distance since that’s how close we are whenever I nurse him.

Breastfeeding him for the most part, is easy-breezy. Oh yeah, there are times I am begging him to stop feeding (like during growth spurt week and he’d cluster feed for 6 hours… LOL!) but deep inside I am just happy that I am able to give him the best nutrition that I can.

Life is wonderful.



The painting is by Erika Hastings, my latest idol. 🙂 She’s an artist based in Vancouver, Canada. More importantly, she’s a homeschooling mom to her three kids. I just love her paintings and her blog! If I were an artist, this is I want my paintings my paintings to “feel” – light, colorful, full of life and love. I wish I grow up to be like her. 🙂

P365 D15: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

It’s the middle of January and it’s raining so hard. Nakakatakot how the climate is changing. I remember Ondoy and although we were spared (salamat talaga sa Diyos), I remember how it affected and claimed the lives of so many Filipinos. Now, watching the news, it is heartbreaking and anxiety-provoking to see other places / countries go through the same thing – Albay, Australia, Sri Lanka, Brazil… Haaaay! Diyos ko. Grabe na talaga yung ginawa natin sa mundo para maging ganyan yung epekto.

(Screen shot from GMA Flash Report)

I don’t want to think it’s too late to do anything about it. We have to do something now.

I also do not want to sound holier-than-thou but there are so many things we can do to help the environment. Hindi naman natin kelangan iasa lang lahat sa gobyerno at sa ibang tao.

I have always been concerned about the environment but I will be the first to admit that I didn’t do anything about it. Concerned lang ako. Yun lang. Until I had Jia. And the fear of not having an earth to live in by the time she’s a grownup has “woken me up”. Since then, I have been trying to do my share (although alam ko I can do/try more).

The slogan Reduce-Reuse-Recycle is so simple to do and yet so effective.  Do not buy things you do not need. Super simple thing to reduce is the use of plastic bags. use reusable bags when shopping. If super hassle pa ito, don’t use plastic straws. Don’t use wooden chopsticks. Another things I did is to sign up for email billing. So instead of getting paper bills (sayang papel, ink, gasolina papunta sa akin), the just send me the bills through email. I do this for Globe, Smart, and Sky.

Reuse the stuff you can. And those you really have no use for, either give them away or have them recycled.

Madali lang naman mag-recycle. SM Malls have Recycling Fairs every first Friday and Saturday of the month. Oh well, sige na nga, mejo mahirap dalhin dun but the benefits to the environment far outweigh the hassle of going to the mall.

Dito sa bahay, we basically have multiple trash cans. One for things na itatapon sa building trash cans (ito yung kinukuha ng garbage collector), one for plastic bags, one for papers na pwede i-recycle, one for tin cans and PET bottles, and one for infectious trash (yung galing sa washroom). Yung mga styro I put together with the plastic bags. SM recycling fairs do not buy plastic bags but they accept them so they can dispose of them properly. Tapos yung mga batteries, etc. tinatabi ko lang then when we go to the mall, I put them in the Nokia recycling bins (although SM fairs also accept batteries).

Last December, sumama ako when my messenger went to the fair. Dahil sayang naman kung magpapa-sweldo pa ako ng driver, ako na yung nag-drive. Ending we had to go to the mall 3x! At van yung dala ko ha! Hahaha! Ilang buwang basura ata yun. And for my effort, I earned Php162.00!!! Okay na pangbawi sa gasolina. 🙂


Note: I hope I don’t come across as too pushy. I f I do, I apologize. Talaga lang natatakot ako sa nangyayari sa environment. 🙁


This was supposed to be published last Saturday but due to other tasks I had to do, hindi ko na-publish.