The Story of my Life in Beads

Just to be clear (and yes, defensive na kung defensive… LOL!), I am not one to flaunt material possessions. I do not even like shopping for myself and my husband has to force me before I shop. But I am blogging about this because it means so much to me. <3

I was in high school when I discovered charm bracelets. I would go to Silverworks and look at their selection of charm bracelets. I had a couple of bracelets which I loved and wore all the time. I loved it so much that when I got married, my parents gave me a charm bracelet as a wedding present because they remembered how much I loved wearing one.

Today, this is my charm bracelet and it tells the story of my life right now. And I just have to say that I love it so much!


The bracelet itself reminds me of youth, of being carefree, of my parents and my family. And the beads are symbolic of the different aspects of my life right now.

From the left:

  • Stopper – this is a functional bead but, for me, symbolizes knowing my limits
  • Stay Positive – my optimist self
  • Green Waves – my love for the sea and the beach


  • Maternity – one of my most favorite beads; this bead is the reason why I wanted to have this bracelet

Trollbeads maternity

  • Roses for Mom – yeah, it’s redundant with the Maternity bead but this bead was specifically picked by J; symbolic of how much of my life is dedicated to motherhood; symbolic, too, of how J honors my role in our family (I am blessed with a husband who explicitly tells me how much he loves me and how much he appreciates what I contribute to our family.)
  • Letter J – my husband, my partner, my anchor, my forever; J also stands for Julia, Jose, and Jasmin
  • Citrine – a stone for my protection
  • Letter C – my dreams, my goals


  • Flower – my love for nature
  • Three Siblings – my three Js; also symbolizes me and my two siblings
  • Oasis – to remind me that in every desert, there is an oasis; symbolic, too, of my love for the water


  • Faith, Hope, and Charity – values I endeavor to live by


  • Stopper – symbolic of the need for discipline in my life

Ang ganda di ba? Hahaha! Yeah, love your own!

And then because my husband loves shopping for me, J bought me this bangle with a golden rutilated quartz bead.


He bought me this after our meeting about stepping up our game to be better parents to our kids. He bought it because he thought it would be nice. I was actually scared to look up what the stone symbolizes. What if it symbolizes being a bad parent pala? Hahaha! Luckily, this stone is said to help amplify thoughts and to stimulate one’s ability to manifest desires! Buti na lang! Hahahaha!!

I love these bracelets so much, I am even wearing the charm bracelet now and I am just home! Yeah, alam ko… labo men! Hahaha! Bakit ba? Masaya eh! 🙂

#momgoal achieved

Last night’s conversation…

Jia confided something to me.

Me: Does it bother you?
Jia: Not really.
Me: It must bother you enough to tell me.
Jia: Oh! No! I just tell you everything.

And with her words, myheart burst with bliss! ❤

Tatlong anak… bow!

My gosh! Tatlong anak!

Yun lang. Yun lang ang rason ko kung bakit nagbabayad ako ng domain at hosting pero hindi ako nagba-blog. #facemeettable



I love taking pictures of sunsets. As I think of the sun setting, I think of how, as I prepare for the night time, the other side of the world is preparing for another day.

Tarlac. I took this while on a moving vehicle.

Sunsets remind me how everyone, no matter how different we are at the outset, is the same – we all yearn for a good life, a life with substance, a life worth living; we all need to feel that we belong. Sunsets reminds me to be kind and to be humble.

Sunsets remind me of the vastness of the universe. It never fails to make me stop and wonder at what is out there.

Sunsets remind me that there is beauty in this world. And goodness, too.

Sunsets remind me of God’s breathtaking design. When I stop to think about it, I get amazed at the way the world works. I realize that all the challenges that are presented my way are there for a reason. God holds the key. He designed all these.

Lian, Batangas. Took this on our way back from snorkeling.

Sunsets remind me to notice, to breathe, and to love.

Keso kung keso <3

WARNING: This is a super cheesy post! Haha!

J and I have been together 16 years today. <3

My friends know how much I adore my husband. They know how much I appreciate the things he does for me. I grew up in an environment where wives are not supposed to announce to the world their love for their husbands but I feel cherished as a wife so I have no problems letting people know how much I love him. Our life is not perfect (Aba! Kung oo eh di hindi  ako mataba! Haha!). We have our differences and there are things I wish he would do or be more of but as I am sure he also has problems with some of the things I do, I choose to focus on the positives while striving hard to manage the negatives.

Last year, J asked me if I was proud of him as a husband. I was stumped why he would ask that and then I realized that while I share with my friends how much I appreciate him, I did not tell him. Last year, too, was the first time I did not greet J on Facebook for Father’s Day. He never posts in Facebook and does not even acknowledge my posts (maswerte na ako if I get a Like!) so I did not think it would matter to him. A few days after Father’s Day, he told me “Buti pa yung ibang tatay, may greeting sa FB.” I was shocked! Importante pala! After that, I resolved to be more appreciative of his actions and efforts. I think my efforts have paid off as I think he feels more loved now than before.

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My daughter told me that one of my New Year’s Resolutions should be to go back to blogging. Since July, the month of my last post, my life has generally been pretty… how do I say this… interesting. But because I have realized how much this means to Jia, so yeah, I’m going back to blogging.

Happy New Year!!

Positive parenting and spreading love

I realized that although I love, love, love positive parenting, I have not really blogged about it so much. So from now on, will do just that to spread more awareness about positive parenting. 🙂

I always say that hurt people hurt people but this is the first time I’m blogging about the opposite — those who feel loved spread love. 🙂

Positive Parenting Ph: Kids who feel loved spread love.

Two weeks ago, Jia felt jealous of an opportunity given to Joya. After I processed with her, I realized that I have not spent so much time with her in spite the fact that I have been bringing her to her writing class and have been supporting her in her swimming training. I resolved to fix that so we had a date last Wednesday (just the three of us – Jia, J, and me). That night, while we were out, J and I felt how much Jia basked in our attention. We felt guilty as we realized that we have not been as attuned to her the past few weeks.

Positive parenting special time: Jia, Mommy, and Daddy date

A few days after, Jia was feeling the pressure of a competition she was training for. Unfortunately, I was out the whole day. When I got home at 10:00pm, she was still awake, waiting up for me. We were able to talk and process her feelings. The day after, I made it a point to spend almost the whole day with the kids and during the family meeting, J and I apologized to them because we have not been as present to them as we should have been.

Through these, I think Jia’s love tank was filled (that’s my positive parenting talk for “she felt loved” which I got from How to Really Love Your Child by Ross Campbell).

One morning, a couple of days after, Joya woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Jia was reading a book and Joya tried to get it from her a couple of times. I did not interfere at first because that’s the rule at home (as much as possible, we do not interfere with the kids’ quarrels and issues).

The third time it happened, I asked for the book and asked calmly what was happening. I did not tell Joya he should not get the book. I also did not tell Jia that she should share. I asked them what was happening. Jia replied, “I think Kuya is cranky and that is why he keeps on getting my book.”

Have you ever experienced being in a bad mood but not fully realizing how bratty you were being until someone points it out? I have been in that situation a couple of times. And when Jia replied to me, I saw Joya’s face fill with understanding. It was as if he realized how unreasonable he was being because he was cranky.

What happened next was something I never would have expected. Instead of Jia whining about Joya’s mood or ignoring him, she turned to Joya and asked, “Would you like me to make you banana cookies?”

Joya was caught offguard. He came up to Jia and gave her a hug. Jia hugged him back. And then when they saw Iana watching them, they beckoned to her to come for a group sibling hug.

Positive parenting: Sibling group hug

Positive Parenting: Sibling love
I was beyond proud. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And yes, I wholly attribute this to positive parenting. 🙂