I love traveling. As in I really do. I am willing to not sleep for several days while planning for a travel. I will make it karir all the things to do and all the DIY tours we can do. I got my love of traveling from my mom who used to badger my dad to let us travel. My family was not rich. Both my parents worked but we were just blessed to be able to afford a few travels here and there.

When I got pregnant, all travels were off. It came to a point I would enjoy going to Tagaytay for a meeting just to be able to go out. Hahaha! Pathetic no?

Jia is almost two (my princess is turning two in July) but we were not yet sure if she would be up to a three- or four-day long trip.  Then last Feb, I asked Jojie to check out the Travel Expo with me. We brought Jia with us. Since Travel Expo, super dami ng posters enticing people to go to HK Disneyland. And Jia would scream every time she would see a poster. She would point to it and get the attention of her dad (who was carrying her). After around an hour, Jojie told me that contrary to what we discussed, he thought it would be a good idea to bring Jia to Disneyland. Apparently, appreciated niya na pala sila Mickey and Minnie.

So during the Holy Week, Jojie, Jia, and I were off to HongKong to see Mickey and Minnie in Disneyland.

Tama nga, ready na si Jia to go to Disney. She appreciated the rides, esp the jungle ride of Winnie the Pooh (Eeyore is one of  Jia’s favorites) and she loved seeing Mickey and Minnie in person. What I didn’t consider was our readiness. Hindi pa pala kami ready ni Jojie to take care of Jia outside the country. Hahaha!

But it was all so worth it. Jojie and I were so tired. As in super duper pagod talaga kami. It came to a point na gusto ko na siyang awayin kasi tinulugan niya ako while I had to bathe Jia, give her milk, put her to bed, and sterilize her bottles. I promise these are not as easy as they seem, especially since I was also very tired. The whole four days (two of which were spent in Disney, one in Macau, and another in Hong Kong), Jojie and I were just pagod and we couldn’t super enjoy that fact that we were there. But being able to spend time with Jia and being able to take care of her, and most importantly, being able to see how amazed she was to see Mickey and Minnie and Pooh and Eeyore, made everything oh so worth it. I used to think that mommies are OA when they tell stories about being teary-eyed when they bring their kids to Disney. But seeing Jia see Minnie Mouse for the first time brought tears to my eyes, and Jojie’s, too. That was definitely “a mom moment”.

Here are a couple of our pictures. Promise to write a travelogue soon.


Joya’s out! My birthing kwento

When I was a new N@Wie and was reading the birth kwentos, I would squirm everytime I would read an NSD kwento. One time, I read a CS kwento. Natulog siya, pagkagising niya nasa kwarto na siya. ANg saya di ba? So sabi ko okay yun. Ang dali lang pala! Hay! Wala talaga ako kamuang-muang! LOL! Kaya the birthing part of the story really focused on my feelings during the actual operation. Hindi para manakot ha. Hahaha!

And of course, me being as talkative as I am, this is a really long read. 🙂


I’ve been mentally ready to give birth since I was in my 36th week. I was having pre-term labor since the 30th weeks so it was such a big relief when I reached my 36th week, moreso my 37th week. Usapan naman ng OB, I would be scheduled for the CS operation on May 3 (that’s when my preferred pedia would be back from his out of the country trip) but if I go into labor when I reach my 37th week, she will have to deliver me and I would get my second choice doctor (btw, I had prenatal consult with both doctors to explain my preferences and concerns).

Since Monday, April 25, I have been experiencing pain in the upper part of my tummy. I attributed it to JOya’s kicks. Sabi ko pa sa husand ko, masyado na ata stretched yung tummy ko na masakit na pag nasisipa. Kakatawa pa kasi my husband called me up from the office MOnday morning and told me to rest kasi he has a very important meeting on Friday, April 29, that he can’t miss. Joke pa ako so okay lang na manganak ng Wednesday or before Wednesday basta wag lang Thursday or Friday. Tapos Saturday na uli pwede. LOL!
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