Daddy’s Day! :)

Last Father’s Day, we treated Daddy (Jojie’s Dad) to Ninyo, a quaint restaurant near Katipunan which serves Japanese-French fusion cuisine. Jojie super liked it when we first went there after reading about it in Anton’s blog.

The food was excellent, as always. Jojie and I super love their Oyster Trio and their Top Blade Wagyu. Jia enjoyed the koi pond, moreso when Chef Nino’s mom gave her fish food to feed the fish. Daddy and Uncle Jon (Jojie’s brother) liked the place, as well.

Looking forward to our next Ninyo date.


Rainbow Pancakes

I haven’t been consistent with Jia’s schedule. In fact, hindi ko talaga siya naasikaso the past few weeks. I have been so busy with weddings. 🙁

Last week, while working, I heard Jia running upstairs. She was awake from her nap. I decided right there and then to stop working muna and spend time with her kahit sandali. I called her and we made pancakes. But not just ordinary pancakes, multi-colored ones!! I prepared the batter already (one-step hotcake mix of Pillsbury) and just had Jia mix the colors. She had fun mixing the batter and watching it turn into different colors. Nakakatuwa kasi tignan like when you put red food color, red na, then when you add blue, purple na. We made three sets of batter — purple, green, and orange. In the end, it was Jia who was getting na the spoons from the drawers para maka-start na siya mag-mix agad. Haha!

When I was preparing the pan, Jia didn’t want to go near. “Hot” daw kasi. So I had her stay with Yaya lang mga 2 meters away. She started crying when I put the batter in the skillet. She was saying “No, Mommy, no na!” But I explained to her that that’s what cooking is about and I talked about the times she saw me cooking. When the bubbles appeared, I explained to her na parang boiling na yung pancakes, and it was starting to get cooked, just like Mommy’s adobo. She stopped crying na when she saw the bubbles.

When we were done she was so happy eating the pancakes. Dami niya nakain. A week after, when she saw the pictures in the laptop, she was pretending to get the pancakes from the monitor and eating it again. Haha! Will definitely do this again.


On blogging again

So what made me go back to blogging my life again?

Well, as I said in the About page, I’ve always loved my writing and I have been missing it for the past couple of years. Well, that’s true. Aside from that, I have been feeling differently the past several months. Oh, I still love my life and my family and my friends and my job, but I felt that maybe, just maybe, I needed to do something to make sure I stay… hmmm… happy… not burned out… sane? Hahaha!

So I decided to take a “leave” from my job by not accepting clients for one month. Oh yes, I know that does not mean that I won’t be doing anything this month, it just means less things to do. This is to give me time for Jia and to recharge myself.

Since I started my job (which is like two months after getting married), I rarely saw my family. But just this month, I’ve had them over for lunch three times! Three separate times of bonding with my mom and the rest of my family! Imagine!

Since I got married, I steadily gained weight. Jojie and I love eating out (as in we seldom ate at home pre-Jia). After giving birth, I tried the gym. I lost five pounds then had to freeze my account for one month because it was the peak season and I gained 20lbs! Grabe no? Now, I’m slowly losing it again and this hiatus from work is giving me the chance to make tutok my diet. Because of Jia, Jojie and I are both conscious of our health, hence the goal to lose weight.

When I got pregnant, I had so many things to take care of that as soon as I gave birth, I started working (I even printed missals in my hospital room for a client, seriously!). My mom and my sister and Jojie were the ones who took care of Jia (aside from me providing her with pumped milk). After a few months, she had a yaya who took care of her from the moment she would wake up until she would sleep. But all that changed this year and this month. Since the start of this year, I have consciously made the effort to spend time with Jia. My efforts have paid off and I am blessed with a daughter who absolutely adores me (although makes me deadma sometimes when it’s mommy vs. Mickey or Eeyore. LOL!) and who cannot stop saying “Mommy” whenever she needs/wants something. Nagseselos na nga ata yung yaya niya eh! LOL!

I know I have limited time left in my “vacation” and I know that I have to go back to my “real” life. No worries, I am looking forward to it as I think I am on way to being fully recharged. But so far, I am sooooooo enjoying this.


** This picture was taken during Jia’s art time the other day. I was asking her where she wanted to put the leg (of the crab). I jokingly put it in my forehead and asked her if she wanted to put it there. She nodded. I asked, “Jia, let’s put it in Mommy’s forehead? Yes or no?” She nodded again and then promptly gave me the glue. LOL! So we put legs (and pincers, too) on our foreheads! *Btw, Jia has learned to adopt a serious pose whenever her pic’s going to be taken* **