Sip & Gogh

A few Saturdays ago, almost our whole day was spent for J’s checkup. When we got home that night, while saying good night to Jia, I realized that with the super hectic schedule of the past few weeks, we needed to spend time with her. 🙁 Because of this, despite all the things that J and I needed to finish, we promised to spend time the whole Sunday with her and Joya. 🙂 Jia wanted to go to Gymboree but when I told J that I needed to give something to Abie, he declared that we would go to Sip n Gogh instead. Yehey for me! I have wanted to try that place since last year.

Sip n Gogh is in Capitol Hills (the same building as Stacy’s). It is a paint and sip studio. According to the teacher assigned to us, it is owned by 3 couple-friends who just thought of putting up a place where one can drink and paint at the same time. I called ahead to secure a slot and luckily they had two available for Jia and me.

When we got there, Jia and I were asked to choose the painting that we wanted to paint from their gallery. Jia chose a painting of a house with balloons (ala Up) while J chose Van Gogh’s Starry Night for me. Eh ambisyosa ako so akala ko kayang kaya ko! Hahahaha!

The fee per person is Php1,000.00 (Sunday rate). That includes canvass, paint, guidance from a teacher, a drink, and pica pica. Teacher Che was the one assigned to Jia and me. She asked Jia if she wanted a small or a big canvass and then gave her the paint and the brushes. For kids, the teacher would draw the figure with a pencil and ask the kid to paint it. Jia chose the color for the house. She had a really grand time!

As for me, I was given my supplies and was just told what colors to use and how to do the brush strokes. I really just wanted to copy Van Gogh’s painting… Magaling nga kasi ako! Lol!

Ang saya mag paint!

While Jia and I were bonding over painting, J and Joya bonded on their own. They walked and walked around, had nuts and juice, coffee and cake, and basically also had a really great time! Sabi ni J, para daw silang magka kumpare na umiinom at namumulutan. Hahahaha!!

Jia was able to finish her painting and was mighty proud of it!

Ako? Hindi ko natapos! Hahaha! J was pressuring me to finish. Overtime na daw ako. The painting that, I just had to remind him, HE chose for me was sooo hard! Ending, the teacher told us that I can come back to work on it again. Hahahaha! Kakahiya!

That night, when J and I were talking before going to bed, we realize we are so blessed to have two wonderful kids and to have the time to spend with them. Salamat po, Lord.


Slime rain!

I am initiating  structured learning activities with Joya and one of my goal is to desensitize him to different sensory experiences. That was why I had him play with salt and that is also why I made slime for him. 🙂

I used this recipe which I got from Growing a Jeweled Rose, an activity blog I love.

Combine in a small bowl 1 teaspoon of borax and 1 1/3 cups very warm water. I got borax from Alyson’s (Php60.00 per kilo).

In a separate bowl, combine 2 cups of white school glue (I used Elmer’s glue – Php194.75 for 473 mL in mational), 1 1/2 cups very warm water, and a lots of yellow food coloring (Yellow because I made this during our yellow week. I use McCormick every time). I know 473 mL is a little short of 2 cups but it was enough.

Mix the contents of both bowls well. Once mixed combine both bowls together and mix for several minutes until the desired consistency is reached.

When I had the slime all ready, we had slime rain in the bathtub and Jia had a blast!

As for Joya, he didn’t want to play with it.

You see this? This was the extent of his playing with the slime, touching one thin strand. 🙂

Oh well! Next time, I hope he’ll be brave enough to play with the slime.


Daddy’s Day at the Sta. Elena Fun Farm

We didn’t have any definite plans for Father’s Day. As usual my husband didn’t want to celebrate anything that involves celebrating himself. Madrama yun eh. Haha! On the morning of the 16th though, when he saw that it was sunny, he said that we could go to Sta. Elena Fun Farm. Yehey!

But because it was a Sunday, we still had to go to Sidcor first for our vegetable marketing. When I got home, I had to prepare our baon since Sta. Elena does not sell food. Because I was in a hurry by then and I wanted a simple fare, I just packed crackers and fruits. I just got whatever fruits that were already cooling in the ref and added bananas and dalandan. Hehe!

We were able to leave at around 1pm. As usual we had fun on our way there. Masaya naman kasi kasama yung mga bata sa road trips. 🙂

We had lunch on the way and arrived in Sta Elena a little past 3pm. The weather was perfect! It was cloudy and yet bright enough to enjoy the farm. There was a slight breeze which was just perfect. Fresh air!!!

We all had a WONDERFUL time! We went up the log “teepee” with the hanging bridge (na nakakatakot! LOL!).

Si Jia had a super fun time in the Sand House. Yun daw ang favorite place nya ever!

We also went boating. I was the one who paddled. Malakas loob ko kasi maliit lang eh. Hehehe!

We all went on a ride on  Chocnut, the ever reliable carabao,

and Jia and I rode Tommy. Horseback riding really is not for me. Super ako takot. Si Jia super enjoys it though.

The kids went fishing. Nakakatuwa kasi it was done the old fashioned way… with a fishing rod and an earthworm as bait. When Joya threw the hook to the water, I immediately ran to the other side to take a picture. Before I got there, nakahuli na siya ng isda! Hahahaha!!!

We super liked the place… Ducks were just waddling around…

It just had that relaxing feel.

The kids fed rabbits (wabbits, as Joya calls them) and hamsters.

Just for the record, I attempted the rope bridge across the river… naka ilang steps ako, enough lang magpa-picture! LOL!

And nung hindi na ako makabalik, tawang tawa na ako! Sabi ng asawa ko, hinhintay na lang daw niya na mahulog ako kaya nakatutok yung camera! Supportive ever no?! Hahahaha!!

Before going home, we had our snacks in the pavilion. We had banana and crackers and guyabano and honeydew. Super yummy!!!

We all had super fun. After all, sabi nga ni Jia, the first word of the Fun Farm is FUN so how could we not have fun there? LOL!

Thank you, J, for being such a good dad and husband! We super love you! **LOTS OF SANDWICH KISSES**

Ay side kwento: On the way in to the expressway, jia asked if we have an e-pass. J and I said no. Sagot nya, “Ahhh, so we have mixed!” LOL! Syempre di nya na gets bakit kami natawa! 🙂

Joya and his salt

One of my fears is Joya will grow up to have sensory issues just like his Ate Jia (Jia couldn’t even touch uncooked macaroni before). I have been, however, super busy the past months that I have not been able to focus on Joya’s homeschooling. This afternoon, I told myself, To hell with a curriculum, I will just let him play. So I did! 🙂

I got a bowl of epsom salt, measuring spoons, and measuring cups. Placed everything in front of him. Tsadan! Instant sensory activity! 🙂

Joya had a GRAND time playing with the salt. I was tired so I didn’t color the salt anymore but I think that would have made it more fun.

Funny si Joya, everytime he would spill a bit of salt, he would change places. By the time twenty minutes have passed, he was already on the other side plus he put his feet up so as not to feel the salt. Hahahaha!

While doing the salt activity, I was also teaching him about “big” and “small”. I used the spoons to demo the difference. I also used our hands. I was happy when he said “Big spoon!” kasi it seemed that he didn’t know how to say “small” because he didn’t echo me. Then he amazed me when he suddenly said “Little spoon!” Hahaha! “Little” pala yung gusto nya and not “small”.

Oh yeah, because kids have wide imagination, his spoon also became an airplane for a while. 🙂

After probably 35 minutes of playing, he finally had the courage to play with the salt with his bare hands. Mission accomplished! Happiness!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Growing up, Christmas was magical for me. It was (and still is one of) my favorite time of the year. I thank my Mom for that. When I had Jia and Joya, I promised myself I will make their Christmases special, too. 🙂

Yesterday was Christmas and we had a blast (expect for the fact that I got sick in the late afternoon). As with any Pinoy home I think, the celebration started on the 24th. Jia and I decorated the gingerbread house we baked from scratch (I’m sorry, ako na ang dakilang nanay!). She had so much fun doing it and even her Daddy joined in the decorating! 🙂


When we were almost finished, I remembered we do not have pine trees yet so Jia worked on kneading the dough so we could bake gingerbread pine trees.

We finished the house…

and put it in the place of honor. Where else but beside the tree?

Jia and Joya’s Uncle J, Tito D, Tita M, and U, Jia’s favorite cousin, joined us for Christmas Eve dinner. Jia led the prayer and as usual, she thanked Papa Jesus for everything (Thank you for rice and karekare and… what’s that, mom? thank you for bagoong and chicken and gravy and spaghetti and rice again…). Basta kakatawa yan si Jia mag pray.

Can I just say, my seafood kare-kare was just sooooo good! Hahahahaha!!! Kelangan talaga ipagmalaki! Pero promise ang sarap kasi and it was my first time to cook seafood kare kare. 🙂

Since I have not seen my siblings in such a looong time (well, kasi busy sila), we had fun catching up during dinner. Oh well, madaldal naman kasi talaga kami! Hahaha!

My family went home shortly after that while we just waited for Noche Buena.

When it was around 1140pm, we went down again (without Joya this time because my little boy was fast asleep) and started to open the gifts. Jia was sooo excited.

She opened Tita Abie’s gift first and syempre sinuot nya agad! Hahaha! Thanks, Tita Abie!

After opening the gifts, we had our simple Noche Buena (we had Smoked King Salmon and salad because we do not eat meat anymore) and slept shortly after.

Christmas morning, Joya woke up first (well, he was the only one who didn’t stay up late). As usual, the first thing he did (after drinking milk) was to go to his ate. I caught this super cute picture on camera of the two of them holding hands while Jia was still half-asleep.