Kiddie Kist Craft Boxes

What is Kiddie Kist? As per their website, “it is a monthly subscription for busy parents who want to boost their child’s intelligence and creativity.” It is geared for 3 to 8 years old. For me, it was a heaven-sent box of goodies during the December rush and my January bedrest period.

I normally do not like ready made craft boxes. Bakit? Kasi mayabang ako at maarte ako. Hahaha! Feeling ko I can do all those anyway by myself . You can see some of the activities I have made with the kids HERE.  I am the first to admit though that planning activities (especially Jia’s Structured Learning Activities [SLA] while she was on therapy) is really time consuming. I was just so blessed that during the time that Jia needed SLAs, she was my only child. When Joya came I was more into Montessori so it was like whatever floats your boat or whatever I see at home. But during the past two months, life has just been so hectic and I was just super thankful that Kiddie Kist was there to save my sanity!

I will blog about our other Kiddie Kist activties soon but for now, will just tell you about our two latest crafts.

What I love most about our Kiddie Kist boxes is they do not deal with unreal stuff (as my kids are not allowed fairy tales, this is very important for me). The theme for January was all about self (well, the kid’s self). Although Joya is just 2 years old, he was able to do the activities as well so what we did was do two crafts at the same time — one for each kid, with me helping Joya, and J, my husband, helping Jia.

The good thing about Kiddie Kist is they send you the instructions through email plus they also have a Facebook page where the instructions are also posted. When you get the box, there are labeled plastic bags inside. Each bag is good for one activity.

For Jia, we did I’m Growing Up, a height chart making activity. The instructions are HERE.

kiddie kist

Joya was nevious of this part and was insisting to also make footprints!

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Butterfly Sandwiches

This afternoon, Jia requested that we make butterfly sandwiches, an activity she saw in one of our activity books. Since it was already snack time anyway, I said we could do it.

We started with a piece each of an American load bread (aka tasty bread), cut it in half, and then scoured the ref for anything that we could use as decorations. We got grapes, honeydew bits, carrots sticks, and cheese sticks. (Oh! I know I should have made more of an effort to get colorful stuff.)

The kids had fun making the butterfly sandwiches. Jia had cream cheese on hers as the “base” while Joya had peanut butter.  [Read more…]

Chango Bars

I bought a Houghton Mifflin book for Jia from the N@W Garage Sale several months ago. In it was a story of Pablo, a boy with a mixed cultural heritage. In the story, Pablo helped his mom make chango bars which is basically a cookie bar with nuts and chocolate chips. Of course, Jia asked me to make it and of course, I said yes (nanay na madaling kausap. LOL!). Good thing we had almost all the ingredients on hand. 🙂

Because I wanted to be sure the recipe was a good one, I checked online for a recipe for chango bars and I got the same recipe. I thought “Ah okay naman pala, reliable naman pala yung recipe in the book.” It turned out though that almost all the recipes in the first page of the search page came from the same book! Hahahaha! Anyway, here is it:

Chango Bars


Punching Bag

A few weeks ago, the kids were becoming restless and I knew they needed to do something physical. I checked our stash of ecobags and was so happy to see a drawstring bag! I looked for an old magazine that I was willing to let go (an old Yes! magazine was perfect for this), tore up the pages, and had the kids crumple the pages and turn into paper balls. They had so much fun doing this! 🙂 Next we filled the drawstring bag with the paper balls to the brim. I looked for a place to hang the bag and voila! the kids had an instant punching bag!  They [Read more…]

Chalk time!

The past few weeks, I have been busy with cleaning the house and tickled moms. I feel guilty because i think I have been neglecting the kids’ activities. So the other day, I just got out the chalk and let the kids write on the wall. Instant! 🙂

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Training Joya

Since Joya is already 2 years old, I have started training him. Well, I know I should have started earlier pero nakakatamad eh! Hahaha!

He can already put on his shoes and his clothes by himself (well, except his nappy).  Today, in between fixing the kids’ room (am trying to turn it into a better prepared environment for the kids), Joya and I were also doing Montessori activities.

He poured rice…

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Joya and his carrots

Two weeks ago, Joya was sick and did not have much appetite. One day, for lunch, we were having grilled fish and steamed vegetables as a side dish. He refused to eat. Ang sama talaga ng pakiramdam! 🙁 He just wanted to leave the table and play… until he saw the tongs! He looked at it intently, picked it up, and played with it. He realized he can pick things up using the tongs! Kakatuwa! He started picking up the carrot pieces! Ending, I gave him another bowl where to put the carrots and he spent the whole lunch time transferring the carrots cubes from one bowl to the other. Instant activity no?! Hahahaha!

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