lesson learned

just have to blog about this real quick before i start my day’s “work” 🙂

jojie had a slight fever last night and when we woke up at 5 am, he was still not feeling well so i asked him to take the day off from work. he agreed so we slept again (yehey!).

we woke up at 8. he was hungry na raw so i got up to make breakfast, i was going to make tuna omelette so i prepared all the ingredients in the kitchen before proceeding to the dirty kitchen / laundry area where we cook. everythign was going well. i sauteed the garlic and the onion and put in the tuna. when the tuna was “cooked” na, i removed the pan from the stove and brought it to the kitchen. i put the tuna mixture in a bowl of beaten eggs and returned the pan to the stove. i put in more oil in the pan and turned on the fire. dito na ako nagkamali. i went back to the kitchen (i couldn’t see the stove from the kitchen. see diagram.)

i was going to the dirty kitchen na with my egg and tuna mixture when i realized i haven’t put salt on it yet so i did pa muna. i also realized that i needed to put one more egg so i got another egg from fridge, beat it, and added it to the mixture. at last i was ready. i went to the dirty kitchen with my syanse in one hand and the bowl of egg/tuna mixture in the other (you have to realize that all these are happening ng mabilisan lang). and what do i see? the frying pan was on fire!!! for some reason, the fire from the stove transferred to the top of the pan. i think i unknowingly put the stove on high fire. as in sunog na siya at hindi lang apoy! it would have been a welcome sight if i were making a flambe kasi pangarap ko yung makapag-flambe. pero hindi nakakatuwa yun kasi simpleng tuna omelette lang naman ang linuluto ko! 🙂

i thought of what i should do. calling jojie to put out the fire was not an option. una may sakit siya. pangalaw, either pagtatawanan niya ako or pagsasabihan. and i was in the mood for either of the two.

my next option was to put out the fire with water. i remember watchin in roswell though that water does not put work in fire na based sa oil.

another option was to get our fire extinguisher pero mejo exagg naman ata yun kasi exagg sa laki yung fire extinguiser namin dito sa bahay (ito kasi ang business ng dad ni jojie kaya meron kami nung standard na fire extinguisher na ready palagi). isa pa, jojie would know.

buti na lang, i saw this thick rug beside the stove and i heard my lola’s voice telling the helper time and again that in case of a small fire, a thick rug will do. i even reasoned in my mind that it will work kasi mawawalan ng oxygen yng apoy kaya mamamatay siya (hahaha! even in emergencies, i am such a nerd!). so i did just that and i was able to put out the fire. 🙂

lesson learned, make sure to beat enough eggs from the very start. 🙂