Merienda time!

A few months ago, my friend Abie (my partner in tickled moms) said that she found it sad that her nieces do not eat Pinoy merienda like kamote-Q, banana-Q, etc. They only like burgers, fries, etc – basically food you can get from fast food. That made me think and I told myself I will make sure that Jia eats “simple” merienda food. I find it sad that Jia will grow up not playing patintero or chato in the streets (as no one plays these games anymore), pati ba naman pagkain hindi nya pa matitikman?

So I make it a point to serve Jia Pinoy merienda food. So far, she has tried banana-Q (which she loves), palitaw (which she doesnt), biko (she likes), puto (she likes), turon (she likes), kutsinta (sometimes she likes, sometimes she doesn’t), and her most favorite of all, kamote-Q (or more aptly called sweetened kamote because we do not use a skewer anyway). She likes it so much that I always buy kamote so she can have it at home anytime.




Herbed potatoes for kids

If your kid is like Jia, he or she also LOVES french fries. And if you’re like me, you cringe at the thought of your kid gobbling up all those bad fats and trans fats. (Ay I read what I have written. Parang advertisment yung dating. Haha! Don’t worry, this is not a pay-per-post thing. I don’t do that.) I mean, I love french fries as much as the next person but I also know how bad it is so I really do not want Jia to grow up eating fries (especially the fast food ones). So as a substitute I make her this Herbed Potatoes (which I got from Ms. Cynthia). She loves this and the good news is, it’s totally healthy!

olive oil (healthier if cold-pressed)
Italian Seasoning

1. Heat pan.
2. Slice potatoes thinly and evenly.
3. When pan is hot, put potatoes (yes, without oil).

4. Cook potatoes (yes, it will cook even without oil.). Flip.
5. When cooked, transfer potatoes to a plate. Cool a bit.
6. Drizzle with olive oil. (What I do is I drizzle and then toss to evenly coat the potatoes with oil. And you only need to add a little. I made a mistake here and added a lot! LOL!)
7. Sprinkle with salt (I use sea salt because we don’t use iodized salt at home but iodized is also okay.) and Italian seasoning (Italian seasoning is a blend of herbs which you can make yourself – just put together basil, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, and thyme – or buy bottled. Note that the McCormick bottled version has sage which, in large quantities, is not good for breastfeeding.)
8. Serve.

It’s totally healthy especially if you use cold-pressed olive oil.

We had this for lunch yesterday, together with seafood pasta (ahem, ahem! this was so good, promise, even if it doesn’t look like it! LOL!)

and home-brewed iced tea (I LUV LUV real iced tea!).


Hope your toddler likes it as much as Jia does.


I am a bee… ako na!

Hahaha! And I’m sure you know how this will post will start…

I’m SOOO sorry! If only this blog could talk (on its own), it would definitely tell me off, reprimand me severely! Hahaha! Buti na lang walang sariling buhay!

As you may gather, I am still super duper busy but as my life is starting to normalize again, I super hope I can go back to blogging. We love how our new home is shaping up. My current project is Jia’s room (well, aside from the rest of the house, of course) but I really want Jia’s (and Joya’s room, too, actually) to be nice. I had the a really nice shelf/cubicles done for the room (hindi ako nagyayabang! super nice talaga! hahaha!) but now I realized that it is not nice to just dump all their toys there. Like for the musical instruments cubicle, it’s not nice to just have all the instruments there so now I’m planning to sew cloth boxes (well, it’s not as sosyal as it sounds, ito yung pinaka-makeshift na cloth box possible) for each cubicle. I’ll start on the boxes asap since I still have my hands full of so many things. Ang problem lang until such time I am able to finish this, ang gulo ng kwarto ni Jia! Hay pressure!

I am also trying to save money (hahaha! tipid mode forever! ang mahal bumili ng bagong gamit! yan kasi nagbenta ng lahat ng gamit eh! hahaha!) so I do little tipid things. Like the laundry hamper I like costs 1,600! It’s made of katsa with stainless steel support. Namamahalan talaga ako so I bought a clear laundry hamper and then I’m making katsa liner. I already cut and put the pins. I just need to sew tomorrow. Kuripot na nanay!

Basically my days now are filled with overseeing the carpenters, cleaning the house, playing with Jia, and of course, feeding Joya. Ewan ko ba parang super busy ko. Basta ang dami kong ginagawa… or feeling ko lang yun? But the good thing is, since I’m the owner of this blog, I can pretty much say anything here. So… I’m super busy! LOL!

Tata for now!


Sewing project: Flashcard pouches

When I was in fourth year college, I got into sewing. I was so into it, I went home during my breaks so I can sew (we lived 20 to 30 mins away from UP Diliman). Hahaha! During that time, I was able to make my room’s curtains and my bedsheets and pillow cases! Fitted pa yung bedsheets ko ha!

And then I got married and as much as I wanted to continue sewing, I didn’t have the time. When my father-in-law learned that I knew how to sew, he gave me my late MIL’s sewing machine – a gesture I really appreciated. Unfortunately, because of lack of space, I was never able to setup the sewing machine. But my interest in sewing didn’t fade. In fact, I still have the yards and yards of cloth I bought when J and I were newly married.  Plus just recently, I even bought cloth for new curtains. So ang dami ko pang tela!!!

About a month ago, as I was fixing Jia’s toys, I realized that the boxes of her flash cards were already in tatters. So I decided to make envelope pouches for her flash cards. After going to my parents’ house seven times, natapos ko rin yung pouch! Hahaha!

Bakit kamo inabot ng pito? Well, the first four times nakipagdaldalan lang ako. I miss bonding and chatting with my family eh. Haha! The fifth time, I told my sister what my plans for the pouch were. When I got home after that, I searched online for sample pouches and saw the perfect design . The sixth time, nakipagdaldalan ako uli tapos the last 15minutes, I actually sewed. Okay na sana but I forgot to attach the loop. Hahaha! The seventh time was the charm as I was able to actually sit down in front of the machine and sew. Super dali and it took me less than 10 minutes to sew it. Hahaha!

I’m planning to make more as Jia has so many sets of flash cards. Then I’m just planning to buy iron-on transfer paper so I can label them. (I would also need the iron-on transfer as I need to “make” Jia big girl undies with the designs that she likes. ) I also need to buy a cute cloth for the lining of the pouch. It would look nicer with a cute inner lining (e.g., a striped blue and white cloth).

After this, I will sew sheets for Jia and Joya’s mini beds and then I would try to make clothes for the kids. I remember I had LOTS of play clothes before which my Lola sewed herself.

So there! I’m back to sewing projects!!


Domestic concerns

Last week, I talked to our all-around helper, Ate Anne, and asked her what her plans were. Since I am giving birth in a couple of months and Jia’s yaya is scheduled to take her 2 week vacation leave next month, I needed to make sure that she has no plans of leaving because if she has, it will be easier for me if she leaves asap so I can look for a replacement. As it turned out, the night before I talked to her, her mom called asking her to go back to the province to help take care of their pigs and their small business and my helper’s son (Anne is a single mom). In all honesty, Anne’s work leaves a lot to be desired but she works well with Ate Mai (Jia’s yaya) and she can be trusted with money plus she does not complain naman so okay na rin. When I learned of her mom’s predicament, I knew I had to let her go so I looked for a replacement. Three days after, I had a new helper. She arrived last Saturday afternoon. I had her x-rayed (it’s an SOP here at home) immediately and she spent the whole night just helping Anne and Mai. Normally, if it was just Anne and Mai, their tv would be off by 9am but that night, they watched until 11pm so I knew it was the new helper watching. J was telling me that the new helper was not going to last but I told him to give her the benefit of the doubt.

When I woke up in the morning, Mai told me that the new helper was planning to leave. Na-bore daw kasi siya. Susme! Hindi ko alam kung bakit? Kelangan ba may adventure ako dito sa bahay? Haaay! I talked to the helper that morning and asked her to pack her things. When she left, Anne told me that she would just ask an aunt to live with her mom instead. After a day, all was settled and we lived normally again.

A few days ago, I asked Mai and Anne again if they had plans of leaving before the end of the year as J and I are planning to go for a vacation around November or December. My concern was tickets bought at the travel expo (where I was planning to book) was non-refundable and non-transferable so I needed to make sure they will still be with us when we have the vacation. I was surprised that Mai was adamant that she would not go with us (it was either Bohol or Palawan). I knew something was amiss but I didn’t pressure her. Yesterday though, J and I talked to her and we asked if she had plans of leaving. I knew she was happy with us (I mean, as happy as she can be being apart from her family) so I was really puzzled, and honestly was starting to be irritated, why she didn’t want to go. While talking, I guessed the reason why. She was really tired from all the work here at home. You see, Ate Mai was our all-around before she became Jia’s yaya so she knows how I want the house to be run. Since Anne is not as efficient as her, Mai’s tendency is to also do some of Anne’s work. Whereas it should be Anne who should know the things here (for e.g., may celery pa ba or ubos na), si Mai pa rin yun.

When I learned that that was the real reason, I forced her to take days off. I told her to take a day off even if she’ll just stay in their room. She does take leaves but whenever she does, she goes to her sister in Paranaque and always ends up helping in the household chores there. Mas pagod pa siya.

Kasalanan ko din ito since hindi ko kasi tinututukan si Anne so tendency is kay Mai pa rin kami umaasa. Haaaaay! But anyway, from now on, I hope she feels more rested. I always tell her that she doesn’t have to wake up so early in the morning since Jia wakes up around 9am pa. Efficient din kasi kaya yan, pagod na pala siya.

So there. Hay! Ang tanda ko na. Dati basta may Piattos ako at Mountain Dew masaya na. Ngayon, pati helpers problema na.


Salad dressing

One of my kinabi-busy-han now is making salad dressing. In our quest for a healthier life, I am trying to minimize the use of supermarket-bought salad dressing kasi madami din namang preservatives. Yung iba may pang-kulay pa like Yellow #5 which naturalists deem to be unsafe. So para na lang hindi ako sobrang praning, I now make salad dressings. I look forward to the day that I won’t have to buy any salad dressing ad just make my own every time.

Yesterday, I tried to make my own Green Vinaigrette because I love Cyma’s Roka Salata.  My vinaigrette was passable. It was good but not as good as Cyma’s. 🙁

Today I made caesar dressing. It was really good! I looked for a recipe which doesn’t use raw eggs since I am pregnant and scared of salmonella. I was able to find one with lots of good reviews. And masarap nga siya! So tomorrow, J salad baon will have caesar dressing.

You have salad dressing recipes you want to share?


Jia’s grilled bananas

Jia is fascinated with cooking. Siguro kasi bawal siya mejo manood ng TV so pag anjan siya, ang pinapanood lang namin as much as possible, kung hindi NatGeo, ay cooking shows. She probably sees how fascinated we are with cooking.

Last Monday, we made different colored pancakes again. This time she requested to be near the pan so she could see what was happening. Last Wednesday, we made pizza. Nag-enjoy naman siya. Basta she likes cooking talaga.

Yesterday for lunch, J and I had Herbed Chicken and salad. While I was preparing the salad, Jia came up to me and asked to be carried so she can see what was happening inside the Turbo Broiler. So naisip ko na baka she wanted to cook. I asked her yaya if we still had saging na saba. Meron pa naman daw so I asked Jia if she wanted to help Mommy cook. Syempre she said yes. 🙂

I sliced each banana in three. We went to the dirty kitchen and I had Jia stand on a monobloc chair while Ate Anne was holding her. When the grill was hot enough, I showed Jia how butter melts in heat and then I put the bananas. She enjoyed basting the bananas with butter. I had her drizzle honey on the banana slices and then I sprinkled cinnamon and nutmeg. Jia was continuously basting the bananas the whole time. Or basta brush lang siya ng brush ng brush. Hehe!

I turned the bananas and had Jia drizzle a bit more honey. After a minute, they were done.

She really enjoyed the process. In fact, after cooking, she wanted to take out her kitchen set and continue cooking on her own.

Jia loved eating the bananas. She almost did not eat her chicken because she just wanted to eat the bananas. Haha! It was really yummy! And more importantly, it made her very proud to eat something she has made.

Oh, you can see how big Jia’s tummy is. Hahaha! Her Ate Anne was holding her shirt for support.