All-Natural Sorbet

Most of my friends know I am a fan of juicing and I just love our Matstone juicer. Because I try hard to give healthy snacks to the kids, I thought of making a sorbet using our juicer.

I started out with frozen fruits (I used melon and mango) and shredded coconut. I made a mistake of freezing a whole mango. I had to cut it up while it was brick solid! Ang hirap! I should have cut it first before freezing it!

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Chango Bars

I bought a Houghton Mifflin book for Jia from the N@W Garage Sale several months ago. In it was a story of Pablo, a boy with a mixed cultural heritage. In the story, Pablo helped his mom make chango bars which is basically a cookie bar with nuts and chocolate chips. Of course, Jia asked me to make it and of course, I said yes (nanay na madaling kausap. LOL!). Good thing we had almost all the ingredients on hand. 🙂

Because I wanted to be sure the recipe was a good one, I checked online for a recipe for chango bars and I got the same recipe. I thought “Ah okay naman pala, reliable naman pala yung recipe in the book.” It turned out though that almost all the recipes in the first page of the search page came from the same book! Hahahaha! Anyway, here is it:

Chango Bars


Cinnamon Iced Tea

It’s 12 midnight and I am working on tickled moms’ sales reports. I’m getting a bit hungry so I decided to rummage our pantry for something to eat. I found pan de sal and low sugar homemade peanut butter (I got this from Gng. Bukid and it’s yummy! They use muscovado sugar which they grow on their farm.). Since nakakatamad to crack open a coconut, I decided to make cinnamon iced tea (Hahaha! Walang balak matulog!). I found a cinnamon iced tea recipe from Daydream Kitchen a few weeks ago and I really liked it when I first made it.

Cinnamon Spiced Iced Tea

Bring 8 cups of water, 1/2 cup of sugar (I used brown sugar), and 2 sticks of cinnamon to boil. I have cinnamon sticks

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Recipe: Salpicao (aka Reminiscing the days of meat… LOL!)

Pre-pescitarian days, J and I were meat lovers. Kaya rin kami tumaba nang tumaba ng tumaba eh! Hahahaha! Seriously, do you know the Shakey’s All Meat pizza? The one  with the extra dressing on top. There was a whole two weeks that was our dinner EVERY night! OMG, right?! *And now I am paying the price because I still about 15lbs to lose!*

Anyway, recipes and beef salpicao were discussed yesterday in N@W and I told them that I got a recipe for the best ever salpicao, also from N@W, years back. I volunteered to look for it and tsadan…. I found in the annals of my pre-kids life, tucked away in my hard drive! It pays to be organized. Teeheee!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Growing up, Christmas was magical for me. It was (and still is one of) my favorite time of the year. I thank my Mom for that. When I had Jia and Joya, I promised myself I will make their Christmases special, too. 🙂

Yesterday was Christmas and we had a blast (expect for the fact that I got sick in the late afternoon). As with any Pinoy home I think, the celebration started on the 24th. Jia and I decorated the gingerbread house we baked from scratch (I’m sorry, ako na ang dakilang nanay!). She had so much fun doing it and even her Daddy joined in the decorating! 🙂


When we were almost finished, I remembered we do not have pine trees yet so Jia worked on kneading the dough so we could bake gingerbread pine trees.

We finished the house…

and put it in the place of honor. Where else but beside the tree?

Jia and Joya’s Uncle J, Tito D, Tita M, and U, Jia’s favorite cousin, joined us for Christmas Eve dinner. Jia led the prayer and as usual, she thanked Papa Jesus for everything (Thank you for rice and karekare and… what’s that, mom? thank you for bagoong and chicken and gravy and spaghetti and rice again…). Basta kakatawa yan si Jia mag pray.

Can I just say, my seafood kare-kare was just sooooo good! Hahahahaha!!! Kelangan talaga ipagmalaki! Pero promise ang sarap kasi and it was my first time to cook seafood kare kare. 🙂

Since I have not seen my siblings in such a looong time (well, kasi busy sila), we had fun catching up during dinner. Oh well, madaldal naman kasi talaga kami! Hahaha!

My family went home shortly after that while we just waited for Noche Buena.

When it was around 1140pm, we went down again (without Joya this time because my little boy was fast asleep) and started to open the gifts. Jia was sooo excited.

She opened Tita Abie’s gift first and syempre sinuot nya agad! Hahaha! Thanks, Tita Abie!

After opening the gifts, we had our simple Noche Buena (we had Smoked King Salmon and salad because we do not eat meat anymore) and slept shortly after.

Christmas morning, Joya woke up first (well, he was the only one who didn’t stay up late). As usual, the first thing he did (after drinking milk) was to go to his ate. I caught this super cute picture on camera of the two of them holding hands while Jia was still half-asleep.

When Jia woke up, Joya hugged her