Tatlong anak… bow!

My gosh! Tatlong anak!

Yun lang. Yun lang ang rason ko kung bakit nagbabayad ako ng domain at hosting pero hindi ako nagba-blog. #facemeettable


DIY Wooden Nativity Set

This brought me so much happiness.

While I was growing up, my mom’s dream was to have a nice belen. Because we did not have much money, it was not a priority. Eventually, when I was already in college, she was able to buy one. It was a simple ceramic set but point is, we had a belen.

For the past years, I, too, have been wanting our own set at home. Pero masyado ako namamahalan sa super magaganda. Ayaw ko naman ng ceramic na matatakot lang ako na baka mabasag. This year, I realized I can DIY one. My requirements were simple – not so stuffy and stiff (in short, cute) and is not breakable.

When I saw this set, I knew I had to make this. I scoured the net for the images and ang saya kasi nahanap ko! I was losing hope in ever finding these. In fact, I had the blocks sized for a different nativity set images because I did not think I would be able to find this set. Then one night, around 1am, while waiting for the beef I was pressure cooking, I tried again and found it in Simply Fresh Designs. Wooohooo!!

Jia helped me make it and we spent a great time talking while doing it. Joya, who knew I was planning to make it, was just so happy that he has a nativity block set to play with. He recreates the birth of Jesus using the blocks. Ang galing kasi ang lapit sa kanya ng istorya at hindi yun tipong pwede lang tignan pero hindi hawakan.

Ay, ang saya ko talaga! 🙂



My ref and magnets

This blog is primarily to document everyday, run-of-the-mill happenings in my life. Sometimes I blog about deep things, sometimes I blog about something like this. Hahaha!

This is our ref door at home.


Like most refs, ours have a hodge podge of reminders, important notices, pictures, and magnets. I am not an avid magnet collector but I like ref magnets. Although Iana has no picture on the front of the ref when I took this (she has a picture on the side), I think this photo basically sums me up.

This is a magnet from Wonder. Wonder is this tear-jerking book from RJ Palacio about a kid, August Pullman, who has a facial deformity and had to attend regular school for the first time in his life. (My name is August. I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.)

These are by Fernando Zobel. Kahit na sabihin pang magnets lang ito, may Zobel artwork pa rin ako sa bahay! Walang basagan ng trip! Ang mambasag, nai-inggit lang!! Hahaha!

This is my fave destination magnet. I got this more than a decade ago in New York (notice the tattered corners?) and until now tops my list. Maybe it’s because it was taken during twilight (which is my fave part of the day) or maybe because it’s New York (a city which induces a natural high), or maybe because it reminds me of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. which is like THE. BEST. SHOW. EVER. (And if you do not agree, please keep your opinion to yourself! HMPH! Hahaha! Joke!) Whatever the reason, it is my certainly my fave.


My magnet collection also includes photo booth magnets from days of yore (este wedding coordination days), magnets which represent motherhood and breastfeeding, photo magnets, the souvenir magnet from Counterflow, etc.

Ang babaw pero ang saya ko tuwing nakikita ko ang ref ko. Feeling ko akong ako. 🙂 How does your ref looks like? Puro kung anu-ano rin ang nakalagay? 🙂

P.S. Whoever clicked the link to my deep things blog post, I hope you enjoyed my deep thoughts. Hahahaha!!!

Our home remedies

This is Part 1 of my series on Home Remedies. Part 2 can be found HERE.

When Jia was a toddler, she was allergic to so many things. My dreams of going to picnics with her (with woven picnic baskets, red and white checkered cloth, and me in my sundress! hahahaha!) was crushed the first time we went to UP and Jia was bitten by an insect. By the time, we got home, she was nursing a fever and was having a hard time breathing! At 18 months, Jia was prescribed with maintenance medicines. It broke my heart but what could I do? Maintenance meds for allergies (she had allergic rhinitis and asthma) were the lesser evil.

When Joya was born, he was more allergic than Jia! I remember pressing a cologne atomizer with my hand. I made sure that none of the cologne actually went to my hands. Hindi nabasa yung kamay ko at all! Then I touched Joya’s forehead and hair. In a few minutes, his skin was blotchy! I was shocked! One time, I told his yaya to bring Joya outside for a walk as he was just cooped up inside the house (we lived in a busy street). They were gone for 15 minutes. When they got back, Joya had hives!

When Joya was less than one year old, we found out he had asthma. In fact, he had atopic triad – asthma, allergic rhinitis, and atopic dermatitis! I realized that sooner or later, Joya would also be on maintenance meds. That realization my search for an alternative. I did not want my kids to grow up swallowing medicines left and right. I had a kidney concern for a time and my MIL passed away from kidney problems so if I could do anything to lessen the chances of my kids having kidney problems, I would.

My search led me to homeopathy. In a few months’ time, my kids’ allergic attacks lessened considerably. Whereas we used to go to the doctor every month for medicines, when we switched to homeopathy, we seldom had to do so. I became a believer!

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Read labels! Patis-copycats!

A few years ago, Hunt’s Tomato Sauce released a tv commercial touting their redder and richer tomato sauce. Like most normal human beings, I wanted a better product so I checked it out in the supermarket.


The “redder” and “richer” claims are in the front

When I read the label though, I learned that it had Allura Red (FD&C Red 40). But of course it will be red – it has food coloring, for goodness’ sake! I felt cheated! I thought that the redness of tomato sauce comes from tomatoes’ natural color! Naive, I was! That incident taught me the importance of reading labels and really checking out food products.

There are still times, however, that I assume that I don’t examine the ingredients of a food product because I assume that they are properly labelled. I was living in this bubble of innocence until last week when I read the label of patis (fish sauce).

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Montessori at home: Kids’ room

When I was in high school, my Mom took a class on Montessori education and her constant kwento of how Montessori schools do things piqued my interest. I enjoyed the reasoning behind the Montessori practices as explained by my Mom. And now that my kids are attending a Montessori school, I try to apply the principles, too, at home (that is why I train my kids early on to be independent as this is a basic tenet of Montessori).

One of the most basic Montessori principles is to have a place for everything and for everything to be in its place (oh yeah, that line – though I have edited it a little – is actually from Benjamin Franklin). For me, this is especially important when it comes to toys and books as these two are the most frequently used by my kids. I have already blogged about how I have organized our home library so this post focuses on how we organize toys.

My kids have lots of toys… well not as many as my friends’ kids but they have enough. Because I want each toy to have a specific place, I rotate the toys. At any one time, I only have less than 20 toys in their room — the rest are kept in the storage area. Why? First, I do not have enough space for all the toys to have its specific place. Second, I have realized that kids appreciate their toys more if they have not seen it for a while. Third, in my opinion, it is not healthy for kids to think that they have so many material things as I feel it promotes a sense of entitlement. So every three months, I rotate toys (keeping what is in the room and taking out some from the storage) and the joy in their faces when it’s rotation time is priceless. It’s like they have new toys every rotation time! Imagine, the joy of new toys without spending a centavo! How’s that for cheap?! Hahaha!

We have a couple of (kid-sized) toy shelves in their room and we do not have a toy chest. Why? Because toy chests make it easy for kids to just dump everything inside it without order. On the other hand, a toy shelf encourages a kid to put back a toy in its proper place. In their classroom, the same principle is applied and their class does not have an “Ate” or a teacher’s aide to help clean the classroom; all kids are expected to pack away the materials on their own.  I know this is getting off the subject but once, while having a chat with Jia’s teacher, one of her classmates spilled her baon (rice and viand) on the rug inside the classroom. The kid promptly got a broom (the small handheld one) and a dustpan and cleaned up the mess. She did not have to be told by the teacher what to do nor she needed help from an adut. Ang galing di ba? It just shows that kids, if they are taught how to do things properly, will be able to do so much without helicopter parenting. Ang galing talaga! 🙂 But anyway… 🙂


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Organizing our home library

Jia and Joya have over 300 books combined (as of my last count around middle of last year). With so many books on different subjects, it was so hard to organize . Jia pestered me to label her book shelves so it’s easier for her and us to fix her books. I just got so exasperated that I asked my mommy group how they organize their home library.  Kat, one of the mommies I super admire, gave me this link. I was super excited! I printed out the labels and worked on it one weekend. The result? I have organized books per topic! Ang saya!!!

Putting the labels

organizing home library

organizing home library

organizing home library

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