Life begins…

Since I was a teen-ager, my Mom and I would have discussions about life. One day, she told me that she finally understood why people say that life begins at 40. She said 40 was when she really knew herself and realized what she wanted in life.

Because of this, I never got scared of getting older. While other women wanted to be stuck in certain ages, I embraced getting older. I never thought of aging as a hindrance to success although I was praying that along with my age, my wisdom would also grow. Ang hirap naman tumanda ng walang pinagkatandaan. 🙂

Because of that particular conversation, I think I tried to reach my 40s earlier by doing away with all the dramas of younger years, letting go of negativity, knowing myself and knowing where my strengths lie, and just trying to be clearer with what I want.

I turned 40 this week. This life is so different from how I pictured life at 40 would be. You might ask – different good or different bad? Well, just different.


One of the things I realized years ago, the effect of gratefulness is profound. And because of this, I try my best to be grateful all the time. Oh there are days that my challenges get the better of me (as together with being grateful, I also try to honor my feelings) but all things considered, I think I am doing well at the gratefulness department. I compiled this list to help me remember what I have.

I am grateful…

  1. for God’s blessings, guidance, and provisions.
  2. for my life, that I am alive.
  3. that I have a husband who loves me, respects me, supports me, and is committed to me.
  4. that I have a strong marriage.
  5. for Jia.
  6. for Joya.
  7. for Iana.
  8. for our loving family (I asked Jia to describe our family and “loving” is how she described us.).
  9. for parents who are supportive and understanding, and who modeled a stable marriage and steadfast love.
  10. for Papa who taught me to be self-reliant.
  11. for Mama who taught me how important it is to help others.
  12. for Mama’s infinite wisdom and Papa’s unwavering love.
  13. for Maye and Uno and Dindon.
  14. for Daddy, Kuya, and Ate, Kenneth, and Kuya Chuck.
  15. for Ate May, Ate Ging, Ate Melody, and Mang Davo who keep the three kids safe, help us raise them properly, and help me manage the house.
  16. for my friends from N@W who keep me grounded and calm and happy.
  17. for my friends from college who are always ready to listen and help and are very level-headed (Haha! Kasi importante na level headed ang mga kaibigan!)
  18. that I have people from different chapters of my life whose friendships I continue to treasure.
  19. for my N@W family – my sanity saver and my prayer warriors.
  20. for Positive Discipline. I am a better parent because of Positive Discipline.
  21. that I have the opportunity to share Positive Discipline with other parents.
  22. for Jia’s teachers, her school, and the Montessori pedagogy. I would be eternally grateful to Jia’s school for their support and the love they give her.
  23. for homeschooling. Seeing Joya’s eyes sparkle again was one of my happiest moments.
  24. for the opportunity to stay at home and take care of the kids.
  25. for San Vicente.
  26. for the beach. My family just LOVES the beach!
  27. for my degree in Psychology and for my training in counseling. Taking Psych is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.
  28. that I grew up with strong women as my role models.
  29. that I grew up with secured men.
  30. that I grew up secured of my family’s love for me.
  31. for the opportunity to discover how truly beautiful our country is.
  32. for the opportunity to travel to other places and learn how other people live.
  33. for breastfeeding and the opportunity to give the best start to my kids.
  34. that I worked with children and was able to see how truly resilient they are.
  35. that I worked with teenagers and was able to see how significant parents’ roles are.
  36. for essential oils, homeopathy, and kitchen remedies.
  37. for theta healing and NLP.
  38. for the books that have shaped me and my ideologies and beliefs.
  39. for my UP and Ateneo education.
  40. for the works of art at home.

Last hirit: I am grateful for everyone who have touched my life, helped me, shaped me.


I am going to savor this decade. When my Mom reached her 50s, she told me that the 50s are actually better. Haha! So that’s good… I will enjoy being in my 40s and know that something even better is coming.

God bless us all!

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