Jia’s Mr. Glasses

I seldom share Jia’s writings because I think it’s very personal for her. But this I found so amusing that I asked her if I could share it with my friends. Luckily, she agreed. She wrote this a few months ago for her writing class. They were asked to write a piece from the POV of an inanimate object and Jia wrote a piece about her eyeglasses. (Also, because it’s a convo between inanimate objects, their language is “inanimatit” which was spoken by Mr. Glasses in the story when he was very excited. LOL!) A note about Jia’s “special” goggles: Jia is nearsighted and wears goggles with prescription lenses when she swims so she leaves her glasses.

Oh, all copyright belongs to Jia Avinante. 😉


Scene: Bed that is setup as a stage. News anchor (Mr. Wooden Block) is about to start his interview.

News anchor: Hi! Today we’ll be interviewing another very helpful member of the community. Welcome, Mr. Glasses!


Glasses: Hello! Thank you for inviting me. I was rather busy, you know, all the glass work, but when I heard your invitation, I was so happy! I knew that soon I’d be interviewed, you know, helping my owner, so yeah, here I am!

News anchor: I – we, I should say, (gestures around the stage) have a billion questions! First, what has been the best day of your life?

Glasses: Well, it depends. Are you asking about my whole life?

News reporter: Yes, yes I am!

Glasses: OK. The most wonderful day of my life was when I was bought. I suddenly saw things with a new light, and everything had new joy! I felt brilliant!

(speaks in inanimatit) I loved it! But then the excitement wore off. That was when she started dropping me. Oh, it was horrible.

News anchor: I noticed you said “was horrible”. Does she still drop you? If so, why?

Glasses: Of course, yes. But she picks me up ASAP. I’m rather delicate, and I’ve been broken. Here (points to right lens). I broke here once. I was crying my heart out, and the broken parts of me glistened like a diamond in the sun. And then I was rushed to the hoptical and the staff treated me like royalty. I heard someone say, “Fix him ASAP, his owner needs him.” I got fixed and after that I’ve never been dropped.

News reporter: (sniffing back tears ) So poetical! Have you, sir, thought of getting a degree in Coptical writing?

Glasses: (thoughtfully) No. I’d rather do Coptical drawing than Coptical writing.

News reporter: Can you draw for us?

Glasses: Of course! (draws himself and his owner) Here.

News reporter: Brilliant! You have a fine mind, sir. Now, where do you go?

Glasses: Everywhere she goes. I love it when we heely. We glide in BGC and it’s awesome!! Gliding along, we look around. It’s wonderful and beautiful, the world. Isn’t it?

News reporter: (wiping away a tear) Ah. You are a true poet.

Glasses: Thank you! But I have a rival. I cannot speak her name.

News reporter: Why? Who is she?

Glasses: She is a very special kind of goggles. My owner sometimes replaces me with her when she swims. We dislike each other very much.

News reporter: How could she? You are perfect, sir. Do not dwell on her.

Glasses: Thank you for the advice. (looks at clock) Oh, I’m sorry, but my owner is about to wake up. Better get ready.

News reporter: Thank you for your time and have a good day!

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