The Story of my Life in Beads

Just to be clear (and yes, defensive na kung defensive… LOL!), I am not one to flaunt material possessions. I do not even like shopping for myself and my husband has to force me before I shop. But I am blogging about this because it means so much to me. <3

I was in high school when I discovered charm bracelets. I would go to Silverworks and look at their selection of charm bracelets. I had a couple of bracelets which I loved and wore all the time. I loved it so much that when I got married, my parents gave me a charm bracelet as a wedding present because they remembered how much I loved wearing one.

Today, this is my charm bracelet and it tells the story of my life right now. And I just have to say that I love it so much!


The bracelet itself reminds me of youth, of being carefree, of my parents and my family. And the beads are symbolic of the different aspects of my life right now.

From the left:

  • Stopper – this is a functional bead but, for me, symbolizes knowing my limits
  • Stay Positive – my optimist self
  • Green Waves – my love for the sea and the beach


  • Maternity – one of my most favorite beads; this bead is the reason why I wanted to have this bracelet

Trollbeads maternity

  • Roses for Mom – yeah, it’s redundant with the Maternity bead but this bead was specifically picked by J; symbolic of how much of my life is dedicated to motherhood; symbolic, too, of how J honors my role in our family (I am blessed with a husband who explicitly tells me how much he loves me and how much he appreciates what I contribute to our family.)
  • Letter J – my husband, my partner, my anchor, my forever; J also stands for Julia, Jose, and Jasmin
  • Citrine – a stone for my protection
  • Letter C – my dreams, my goals


  • Flower – my love for nature
  • Three Siblings – my three Js; also symbolizes me and my two siblings
  • Oasis – to remind me that in every desert, there is an oasis; symbolic, too, of my love for the water


  • Faith, Hope, and Charity – values I endeavor to live by


  • Stopper – symbolic of the need for discipline in my life

Ang ganda di ba? Hahaha! Yeah, love your own!

And then because my husband loves shopping for me, J bought me this bangle with a golden rutilated quartz bead.


He bought me this after our meeting about stepping up our game to be better parents to our kids. He bought it because he thought it would be nice. I was actually scared to look up what the stone symbolizes. What if it symbolizes being a bad parent pala? Hahaha! Luckily, this stone is said to help amplify thoughts and to stimulate one’s ability to manifest desires! Buti na lang! Hahahaha!!

I love these bracelets so much, I am even wearing the charm bracelet now and I am just home! Yeah, alam ko… labo men! Hahaha! Bakit ba? Masaya eh! 🙂

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