Keso kung keso <3

WARNING: This is a super cheesy post! Haha!

J and I have been together 16 years today. <3

My friends know how much I adore my husband. They know how much I appreciate the things he does for me. I grew up in an environment where wives are not supposed to announce to the world their love for their husbands but I feel cherished as a wife so I have no problems letting people know how much I love him. Our life is not perfect (Aba! Kung oo eh di hindi  ako mataba! Haha!). We have our differences and there are things I wish he would do or be more of but as I am sure he also has problems with some of the things I do, I choose to focus on the positives while striving hard to manage the negatives.

Last year, J asked me if I was proud of him as a husband. I was stumped why he would ask that and then I realized that while I share with my friends how much I appreciate him, I did not tell him. Last year, too, was the first time I did not greet J on Facebook for Father’s Day. He never posts in Facebook and does not even acknowledge my posts (maswerte na ako if I get a Like!) so I did not think it would matter to him. A few days after Father’s Day, he told me “Buti pa yung ibang tatay, may greeting sa FB.” I was shocked! Importante pala! After that, I resolved to be more appreciative of his actions and efforts. I think my efforts have paid off as I think he feels more loved now than before.

In N@W last week, someone asked when we knew that our husbands were indeed the one for us. Answering the question was a walk down memory lane! Ang sayang sagutin! This was part of my reply:

My husband and I were good friends before we became BF-GF. So yung ligawan namin ang bilis. He first told me he was in love with me Jan 26. Naging kami [after three weeks].

Nung una siyang nanligaw, I told him I was too old to play games (we were both 23yo) but I was too young to settle down. Sabi niya pareho kami ng iniisip. Ganun din daw siya. Sobrang plus sa akin yun na he was able to tell me straight out na hindi ako joke for him or pampalipas oras lang.

When I told him I was hesitating because he courted my friend before, he told me sana daw I do not let something as insignificant as that ruin something as special as what we had. He said pa that what we had was God-given. Nagulat ako na he could tell me straight out na pakiramdam niya binigay kami ng Diyos sa isa’t isa. Tapos in the same convo, he asked me anong kasal gusto ko. I asked him kelan niya iniisip kami magpapakasal. Sabi niya siguro in 4 years.

A few days after that naging kami na. On our first monthsary, sabi ko sa kanya, “Hon, 47 months na lang papakasal na tayo!” He said yes. Nung kinuwento ko sa friend ko na guy yun, sabi niya “Hindi natakot?” Hahahaha!!

So yun, dun talaga na-seal ko na. Basically before naging kami, I knew we were going to get married. Our whole four years of dating, we knew we were going to end up together.


When J and I were first dating, we would write letters to each other. But when we got married, especially with the three kids, it’s no wonder we don’t get to write letters to each other anymore. But for his last birthday, I made sure to carve out time so I could write a letter for him. Sharing here my letter to him.

Dear Honey,

Fifteen years ago, I was telling you why we could not be together. You told me that God gave us each other.  True enough, at every turn in our relationship, you have proven to me that God gave me you. The support you give me is just incredible, Hon. From my business ventures to my dreams (kahit out of this world pa) to everyday things like taking over the kids when I’m tired and letting me sleep just five minutes more in the morning while you go down with the kids – you support me. I remember once I was just being so bratty and unreasonable because of tiredness and instead of getting angry, you told me to take a nice long shower so I could relax. You said that I used to take long showers and that stopped when we had kids. You surprise me by knowing me better than I know myself sometimes.

You abhor clutter and you cannot understand why I don’t always put things back in their places but over the years, you have learned to let go and let me be and that, I know, takes a lot from you. And you do it because you love me.

You have a wonderful relationship with our kids. Iana adores you, Joya thinks the world of you, and you know that Jia says that she loves you more than me (by one atom).

You are so dependent on me! LOL! But you know what, I, too, am so dependent on you. This occured to me the other day — how much we depend on each other for small and big things — and I realized that I am just so blessed to be in this loving, helping, and supportive relationship with you.

You continuously work hard to give me and the kids a good life. I see it, Hon, and I am very, very grateful. And with the two of us working together, I am 100% positive that we will be able to achieve our dreams.

Thank you, Hon. Thank you for our amazing life! Thank you for being all that you are. God must love me so much to give you to me. I promise to give you my everything and to help you and work with you so we can fulfill all our dreams.

I love you!

Your Ging

<3 <3 <3

The other day, my husband and I were on our way home and he asked me kung okay lang raw ako. Sabi ko oo naman, basta naman we are spending time together, kahit wala ginagawa at talagang nag-uusap lang, okay ako eh. Sagot niya, “Ako rin. Tayo talaga no? Matched tayo eh. Tayo talaga.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! 🙂


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