Acupuncture with Sr. Regina Liu

I don’t think I have formally announced in the blog that I am pregnant. 🙂 Well, I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and due to hatch sometime in June. 🙂 A few weeks ago, I got an ultrasound and the OB Sono told me I had placenta previa. I immediately went online and logged on to my favorite mommy group to ask for prayers. They told me I needed bedrest and a few advised me to go to Sr. Regina Liu for acupuncture. Sr. Regina (yes, she’s is a Catholic nun) is an acupuncturist and a practitioner of  traditional Chinese medicine well known here for treating infertility cases. She treated one of my friends, Velvet, for placenta previa totalis and Velvet went on to have a waterbirth (she had the first waterbirth here in the country). Because of my bleeding history and because one of my brothers passed away due to placenta previa, I was convinced to do everything I can that might help me.

When I went to Dr. Susan, my OB, she did tell me that I needed bedrest (buti na lang I had advanced advice from the N@Wies) so I was actually able to do that before the OB’s advice. I love my doctor! I told her I was going to go to an acupuncturist for the previa and she honestly told me that she is not familiar with the treatment and how it will help but she did not voice any objection.

I called Sr. Regina’s clinic (she shares clinic with other acupuncturists and TCM practitioners) and made an appointment. At the same time, my husband went there to check the place out. On my first session, I was asked to fill out a form and I had to provide my medical history. This took some time for me. LOL!

Sister Regina has so many patients! There are 10 or 11 cubicles and a session lasts 30 minutes.

sr. regina liu

Each patient was assigned a cubicle

She asked me a few questions and told me that I needed once a week sessions until my next ultrasound. If my placenta has not moved up by then, we would just continue the sessions.  She took my pulse and asked me to stick out my tongue (yes, parang “beeelaaaat!”). Apparently, in TCM, the pulse reveals the state of balance of the body as a whole and and tongue will show the depth and nature (hot, cold, etc.) of an imbalance.

Oh! I have to say that I utterly, absolutely hate needles! I have a very low threshold for pain. According to the articles I read online, acupuncture just hurts when the needles are pricked and then you won’t feel them anymore. I was counting on that. Well, it did a hurt a bit when the needles were pricked. Sister worked quickly so the pricking was not as bad as I thought it would be plus the needles are ultra thin. Still, with my famous super low threshold of pain (famous among my family members), I got hurt, and not just with the pricking… I could feel the needles the whole half hour. Since I was already an adult, I couldn’t start bawling, right? Plus I really needed to do this so I mustered enough courage to last the whole half hour.

It was probably on my third session when I was comfy enough that I did not feel the pricks on my scalp anymore and I could smile on camera. LOL!

sr. regina lui

Four needles on my scalp

The ones in my leg though (around six) are a different story. Those ones I can still feel every freaking time. The ones on the thighs are about half an inch deep.  Last time I made a mistake of moving my foot (not the ankle, just the toes) about 4 inches to the left and I could feel my leg muscles being twisted. Ang sakit!

sr. regina lui acupuncture

There were more needles but they are not seen here

I will have my ultrasound within the week and I am super praying my placenta has gone up. I don’t feel any more pain unlike before though and I am hoping that’s a good sign.

Haaaay! The things you do for the your unborn child.  Kaya anak magpakabait ka ha! NAKU!!!

Contact details of Sr. Regina Liu 

St. Francis Health Care Clinic
19 Panay Avenue, Quezon City (very near Panay cor. Roces Avenue)
Directions: Along Quezon Avenue (heading towards Circle), turn right at Roces. Turn right at Panay. The clinic will be to your right, the one with the big green gate after the warehouse of Japan Home Center. Just ring the bell.
Contact number: (02) 373.5503; (0917) 541.5464

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