Letter to Joya on his first day of school

Dear Joya,

Last year, I was so uneasy when I realized that you would have to go to school in June. You were just a baby… MY baby… and the thought of sending you to school just did not sit well with me. Months passed and without me doing anything extraordinary, you just bloomed. All of a sudden you were talking incessantly. You became more assertive, asserting your right as a member of our family (Read: You bossed your Ate around! Buti na lang anak you have a very understanding Ate.). Your hunger to learn became more evident. When I enrolled you for next school year, I was not as nervous as I thought I would be but still I had my reservations.

When I told you that you were going to go to school for three days for trial class, I saw how excited you were. Your eyes sparkled every time we would talk about going to class and you even asked me to practice several times. “Practice” meant I was going to ask you the usual questions like what your name is, how old you are, etc., and you would answer. We even practiced how you would shake the hand of your teacher and say “Good afternoon.” Every time I reminded you that you were going to school, you answered me, “Yes. Joya will not shout. Joya will not cry.”

The night before your class, I talked to you and Ate seriously about what is going to happen. Afterwards, you came up to my tummy and whispered, “Baby, Joya will go to school tomorrow. I will be classmates with Ate Jia.” I was sooo touched that you were including Baby in your journey. Kuyang kuya ka na. *sniffles*

Yesterday, the excitement at home was palpable. You and your Ate Jia were so excited to be going to school together! You picked out the shirt you were going to wear (And of course you picked something with super heroes! You don’t even know them so I don’t know how come you like that shirt!). You did not like the jeans that your yaya picked out for you and you immediately solved it by demonstrating to me how you could not move your legs because of your jeans! Hahahaha!


When you got to school, Ate Jia showed you the ropes. She told you where to put your bag and where to put your shoes after you’ve gotten them off.


Unlike other kids having their trial class, you immediately and excitedly went inside the classroom. You were so eager you did not even pay attention to your teacher who was holding out her hand for you for that handshake. Sayang naman practice natin, anak! LOL!



You were a celebrity in Ate’s class! Ate proudly announced that you would be joining the class and everyone wanted to sit and work with you. Teacher said you responded well to the presentations and did your work well. You worked with Ate on two of the materials (binomial cube and art) and by the end of the day, you were just bursting with happiness! Teacher said you are definitely ready for school next year! That made me very proud!

Hay, Joya! Ang laki laki mo na! Time flew by so fast. That makes me happy and sad at the same time, you know. When you go to school for real in June, I will miss being with you the whole day. I will miss hearing you shout “Surprise, Mommy, Joya’s here!” when you get home from your morning walk and when you get down from your afternoon nap. How I wish I can stop time and just hug you and Ate Jia forever! I know that I have to let you go and let you make your mark in the world. But do know that Mommy will just always be here to help you and guide you.

I love you, Joya. Always, always.




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