Perfect milk always!

I am currently training to be a breastfeeding peer counselor, a member of KAYA Women Empowerment and Support,  and one of the admins of Breastfeeding Pinays, a Facebook group dedicated to helping moms in their breastfeeding journeys. Being a mom opened my eyes to the importance of breastfeeding and my personal goal is to help my mommy-friends breastfeed.

Velvet Escario-Roxas, our group’s mentor and one of the country’s foremost breastfeeding experts, posted this in our group a while ago and I would just like to share this with you.


Breastmilk will always be perfect – no matter where you are, no matter what you do, no matter where you live, no matter what you eat. It will always be PERFECT. And formula milk, no matter what they do to it or add to its composition, will always be INFERIOR. Two polarities on the extreme: perfect vs. inferior food.

If malnourished moms can produce the perfect quality of breastmilk, so can any well-nourished moms.The QUANTITY of the milk of a malnourished mom may dwindle on the third month, and that is why she needs help from co-mothers, the society, and the government to alleviate herself. The QUALITY of her breastmilk will always be the same.

Even if moms drink coke, coffee, tea, or alcohol or eat Chippy, instant noodles, and any of those junk food, her milk will still be PERFECT. It is God’s gift and humanity’s greatest equalizer. 

A few babies are hypersensitive, thus the mom has to control her food intake. Babies are also usually sensitive to dairy products and it is best for moms to avoid these products. Moms don’t need to drink milk to produce milk.

This is also a time that we need to think about our life’s choices. We chose to be parents for a reason. One of these reasons is to raise healthy, well-nourished, intelligent children. Whether we are in denial or not, we are responsible for the beings that we are raising.

If we eat and drink garbage, it would lessen our lifespan. Gusto mo bang maging ulila ang anak mo at 5 years old because you made selfish choices? This is not a time when we should think about ourselves, but of our offspring too. I belong to a lineage of cancer patients and I am very careful because I want to live long so I can ensure that my children would grow up educated, happy with their lives while following the Lord’s path.

If one thinks about it, dapat walang malnourished dito sa Pilipinas. Napakayaman ng karagatan at kabundukan natin. Ang daming pagkain sa kapaligiran natin. Nabubuhay nga ang halaman sa paso. Ang kamote, pwede mong itanim sa ibabaw ng lababo mo para may dahon kang nahaharvest. Sobrang yaman natin pero maraming hirap sa pagkain. Ang daming katutubong pagkain (indigenous foods) sa atin. Why settle for less than the best.

We are our children’s first role model, their first teacher, their first nutritionist, their first doctor. The choices we make on anything would affect us and our children’s future.

If your child sees you eating Chippy and drinking Coke, most probably your child would be eating those, too. If your child sees you eating fruits and vegetables, most probably your child would be eating those, too. It’s all about role modeling.



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