On your 2nd birthday

Dear Joya,

I know it is such a cliche but whenever I look at you, I realize that time really flies so, so fast! I cannot believe you are already two years old! Two years old! Hindi ka na baby, anak ko! 🙁

Ang laki mo na! You have grown so tall! Everybody says you will grow up tall like your Dad. I really hope so. You are my macho man! 🙂

The other day, your Dad was scolding me because he said that I do not teach you enough. I realized that it is true that I do not teach you enough. And I realized that it’s because all I do is hug and kiss you and tell you I love you! And the sweet baby that you are, you indulge your Mommy by kissing me back and hugging me. 🙂 I love you, baby. 🙂

You learned to walk this year. At first you were hesitant but you were sure-footed right from the start. Now you can run so fast, my heart stops when I see you running because I am so afraid you would lose your balance. Thankfully, you rarely do. Now, you can climb up the stairs by yourself without holding the rails nor the steps. Hay, don’t grow up so fast, anak.

Last week, we were in the bedroom and Daddy jokingly slapped me. You saw it and instantaneously cried. You crawled to me and hugged me. You thought that Daddy was hurting me and you came to me to comfort and be comforted. Daddy was amazed at how much you love me. You did not even want to accept Daddy’s explanation and apologies. You sure showed Daddy who’s the boss! 🙂

Mommy has a confession to make. When you were about 16 months old, we were playing in the living room when I remembered that I had to turn off the stove. You were playing with the car keys and I left you for a minute to go to the kitchen. When I returned, I could not see you anywhere. I looked for you behind the couch and under the shelves while I was calling your name. It was a small living room and I could not find you anywhere! Then I heard the jingling of the keys in the second floor. I ran up the stairs and there you were, two steps from the landing! My heart must have stopped when I saw you. I thank your guardian angel for keeping you safe. I am so sorry, anak, for leaving you. I promise it will not happen again.

Even though you don’t say it, I know you love me and your Ate and your Daddy. We can all feel your love. You like to be cuddled and to be sandwich-kissed (something that Daddy invented). When you wake up in the morning, you look around and ask for the person who is not there. I think though that your Ate is your favorite as you would always try to wake her up until I tell you not to. Oh yeah, instead of saying I love you, what you always say is “I… you!” and then you laugh! That’s your little joke!

Your favorite song to sing is Happy birthday. Your favorite animal is the “doggie” but you like roaring like a lion the most. Your favorite color is orange (I don’t know why). Airplanes and cars are your absolute favorite things and swimming is your favorite sport. Oh, and no one can contest that your favorite word is MILK!!! Hahaha! You love Mommy’s milk soooo much.

Let us go back to that swimming thing… Joya, you do not have a fear of the water! It has gone so bad that I do not want to swim with you alone. 🙂 You like jumping in the water with no regard for your safety! In the few times that I had to scoop you out, you would be laughing while coughing! You are simply adorable, my brave little boy!

When we go to bed at night, I hum Brahm’s Lullaby to you. If I forget to pat your side, you would get my hands so I will remember. If I forget to hum, you would hum for yourself. 🙂

Hay anak, I can go on forever talking about you and telling you how loved you are.

I love you, Joya. I love you so much. When Mommy was much younger, I read about love so deep and so powerful that it echoes from one’s being. Having you made me understand what that means. My love for you and your Ate makes me strong and humble and happy and just grateful that I was blessed with you.

Your Daddy and I always talk about you and your Ate and how we can provide you with a good life. We talk all the time about how we wish you would be when you grow up. We have so many dreams for you. I pray that you and your Ate grow up to be good people with kind hearts. I want you to be happy, Anak, as happy as you are now whenever you see an airplane or a train or a dog. And I promise that I will guide you all the way so you can have that happiness always in your heart.


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