Letter to Jia on her first day of school

Dear Jia,

It’s your first day of school tomorrow. And as excited as I am that you are starting school, a part of me wishes that  you are not so we can be together all day long. Yes, Mommy is selfish. Haha! I always am when it comes to you and Joya, you know. 🙂

I love you, Jia.

I look at you now and I see you, not as a pre-schooler about to embark on her greatest adventure, but still as a baby, my baby. How can you be old enough to go to school when it seems that only yesterday I was changing your diapers and I was pumping my milk so hard to nourish you? Hay anak! Ang bilis mo naman lumaki.

I just finished your school bag. It’s my surprise for you and I really, really hope you will like it. I cannot wait to give it to you and hopefully see wonder in your face.

I pray that you will like school and that you will have many friends. I know you will do good for you are one strong and smart girl. Plus with your charming personality, how can anyone not like you? 🙂

But still I worry. I worry about mean classmates, about playground bullies, about difficult lessons. I worry that you might get hurt. I worry that you will find three hours too long. I worry that you might not understand what the teacher is saying and you will feel inadequate. I worry that a classmate will not be nice to you. I worry about so many things.

I want to shield you from life’s bitter realities. I want you to just be at my side so I am sure that you are always always safe. But I also know that you have to learn some things on your own and that the best I can do is to watch you while you explore the world.

Lately, whenever you and me and Daddy talk, I marvel at how mature you have become. You can carry conversations and discuss so many stuff. You have a quirky sense of humor. Budo, sener, libac, bipi, etc. Hahaha!

I love you, Jia.

I have already made sure we have the baon you have requested for – banana, orange, crackers, Chuckie, and water. Kumain ka baby ha so you won’t get hungry. Learning many knew things is tiring, you know.

Tell your teacher if something is bothering you or if you need anything. Be nice to your classmates. If they are not nice, remember that YOU still have to be nice.

I love you, baby.

Hay anak ang bilis mo naman lumaki. Wag muna. Dahan dahan lang. Nahihirapan si Mommy. 🙂

I love you, Jia. Mahal na mahal kita.


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