Harry Potter parteeeee!!!

Okay, so Jia and Joya’s party was last Saturday. It was such a hit (at least feeling ko) that J and have been on cloud nine since Saturday. I really can’t wait for the pictures. Super ako excited I browse stalk my friends’ and J’s friends’ FB and Google+ pages to look at the pics they took! Hahaha! Yung iba ngang may dalang camera gusto ko na i-pressure to upload eh. LOL!

We really are thrilled to bits at the outcome. I have privately asked some friends how it was and they generally said great things. Well, I asked friends I knew would be brutally honest so I knew I’d get the lowdown (like mejo masikip — hello, people who said no to the RSVP and then came and people who made bitbit other people!), which was a good thing, so I can review the suppliers and make kwento what happened objectively.

Hay! Ang saya! I am super grateful to all my suppliers, especially to (in no particular order) Josiah’s Catering for the catering, 4th Wall for the styling, Joy San Gabriel for the cake, Veluz for Jia and Joya’s gown, and Partyboosters for booking the booths and the host. Oh and yeah! Super winner the magician that I booked!! Everyone was laughing! As in super riot! It didn’t hurt that Leodini looked like Sirius Black. O di ba, ganyan ako ka-detail oriented, even the magician looked like a Harry Potter character! LOL! And syempre, couldn’t have done it without the help of my team. Mitch, Au, Jane, Eda, Marielle, SUPER thank you!

Will do a party kwento and suppliers ratings soon.

While waiting for the official pics, here are some of the pics guests have taken (please click on the pic to see who has taken the picture / from whom I grabbed the pic from during my stalking moments. LOL!)

Special thanks to Daniel Talavera, Paeng and Ana Lopez, Jojo and Mutya Pacis, Karlo and Gwen Domingo, and Eda Macaraeg. Salamat sa pagkuha ng pictures!


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  1. says

    Can’t wait for the official pics! Ang ganda from the initial stalker photos!

    And I love Jia’s Veluz gown! Kainggit!!!

  2. says

    hey kwento mo what you did.
    yung sorting hat ano yun for photo op lang or may pupuntahang section talaga?
    yung wand din kanya kanyang kuha?

    i love the gown of veluz! itago mong mabuti ha baka pahiram ko pa yan for Laya hehehe

    happy birthday jia & happy everyday joya!

  3. Mutya Kristina Pacis says

    wow! thanks for choosing my pic. we had a blast! everything is perfect. i was too excited to take some shots since we arrived a bit early… too bad low bat na cam ko when the party started. great HP party!!!