Parang kasal lang yan eh…

It’s a week before the party and I stay up late every night for the preps. Since Jia and Joya take up most of my time during the day, it is only when they are both asleep that I can fully prep for the party. We went to Divi last Saturday to buy prizes and that such a big load off my shoulders. Good thing, too, that I was able to keep within the prizes budget.

Speaking of budget, I am over budget!!!! Alam ko namang may washdown pa ang guests on the day but my rule is to prepare for the number of people who confirmed. So that means we have to add food and coffee. Tinignan lang ako ni J kanina nung sinabi ko. Tapos when I was waking him up from his afternoon nap and I kissed him, sabi niya, “Ashu! Gusto mo lang humingi ng dagdag na budget eh.” Hahaha!

J helped with the wands tonight. he finished the designs already. Will paint the wands tom.

The robes will arrive Friday pa. Haaay! Super cutting it close, I know! Super difficult to confirm guests eh iba-iba pa sizes ng robes kaya ang tagal bago napagawa.

Was also able to print the tags for the wands and robes. Yung coffee tags na lang yung wala since I still do not like the layout. Will revise it tomorrow.

Right now, I’m printing the missal draft. Was already able to layout the text. Just printing it to make sure it comes out right then mass production.

I still need to meet with the events stylist since we haven’t finalized some of the details yet.

Tomorrow, I will need to confirm with all the suppliers. Also need to finalize number of guest.

Tuesday, fitting ng dalawang bata with their Tita/Ninang Veluz.

Hay! Sana mag-enjoy ang mga anak ko sa party nila di ba?

At sana hindi umulan!!! Weather forecast is rain during the day with 24% probability of thunderstorms while evening is forecasted to be cloudy with showers and 40% probability of thunderstorms. Makapag-alay na nga ng itlog kay Sta. Clara!


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