Hogwarts invites you to…

It’s past 2am and I am on a break from assembling invites to the party. Yes, I know, it’s less than three weeks before the day so why I am still not done with the party. Oo na, kasalanan ko na (ayan , inamin ko na so wala na sisihan). I did the layout of the invites around 6 weeks ago. As soon as J gave me the go-signal (read: budget), I started on the layout. Then I had baby blues so I stopped. Then when I was okay, I felt like I needed to make it up with Jia for all the time I should have been with her but was so full of myself (because of the baby blues). Then, we implemented the no-TV policy. Ayun, 3 weeks before, hindi pa tapos ang assembling and distribution ng invites. LOL!

And because I’m so detail-oriented and obsessive-compulsive maarte, I have two kinds of invites – one for the Harry Potter fans (oh, did I say it’s a Harry Potter-themed party?) and one for the deadma lang. The deadma lang is a postcard invite which would have been the easier one to assemble except that instead of the usual handwritten number of reserved seats, I also printed the the number which makes it a bit harder (as I needed to make sure that the right number for the reserved seats be with the right name tag) to assemble. For the tags, I just typed their full names.

** I erased venue details.

The second invite was the harder one to assemble. Patterned after the Hogwarts acceptance letter, I needed to input the names of the guests and the number of seats (I used the mail merge function but still!). And for the tags of this invite, I used their first name initials and last names (patterned after the letter Harry received).

Was planning to have an envelope but it would have been more time-consuming to DIY envelopes (I should know; I did that for our wedding!) so J said to just roll it and tie it with a rope similar to what Harry would use. It made sense since owl post is really just rolled.

So, yan ngayon, nalulunod pa ako sa invites! Hahaha! By Saturday though distributed na ito lahat, which is exactly 2 weeks before the party. Crunch time!!!


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