Jia’s party dress… measurement taking

Jia had her measurement taking yesterday for her party dress. Who’s making her dress? Who else but my uber favorite designer!

Hahaha! Ang sosyal ng anak ko! *inggit mode on*

Veluz did her baptismal gown *okay, will insert picture here later tonight* which Joya will also wear for his baptism. But I wasn’t planning on Jia wearing a Veluz for the party. Several weeks ago, however, after a doctor’s visit in Madocs, I called Veluz and said I’d drop by her shop just to hug her and to show her Joya (she’s Joya’s Ninang, by the way). Jia, of course, was also with us that time.  Veluz calls herself Ninang na hilaw ni Jia. She admitted to me recently (when I asked her to be Joya’s Ninang) na sumama loob nya when I didn’t ger her Ninang for Jia. Ako naman, for my part, was super nahiya to ask her to be Jia’s Ninang although I sooo wanted to kasi she offered to make Jia’s baptismal gown then and I was afraid that she’d say that I was just after the gown kaya I was making her Ninang and baka masabihan akong feeling close. Sayang kasi I could have prevented yung pagsama ng loob nya if I just had the courage to ask her to be Ninang no?  Anyway — ang layo nang inabot ng kwento — during that visit, Veluz asked Jia if she wanted a dress. I said “No, no, no, no!” I was adamant that Veluz does not give Jia a dress kasi feeling ko abuso (aayusin nya rin yung baptismal gown ni Jia to befit a boy). Since I said no, Jia didn’t say anything. Sabi ni Veluz wag ko daw pakialaman and she asked Jia again. Jia looked at me and I told her to just say yes or no and I smiled to let her know it was okay with me. She said yes. Veluz asked her what’s her fave color and she said “Pink…” “Pink! I will make you a pink dress,” Veluz said.  Jia continued “… and blue and red and green and purple and gray.” Tawa kami ng tawa. Veluz said she’ll make a pink and gray dress. Fasyon di ba? Hahaha! Funny because when I asked Jia to say bye to Veluz na, Jia asked me where her pink and gray dress was.

Fast forward to current time. Jia’s still bent on wearing her pink and gray dress for her party. Excited siya. So although I didn’t want to bother Veluz na (even tried to look for RTW na pink and gray), I had to. And yesterday Jia had her measurement taking. Parang bride lang?!

After which, I showed her the fitting room and she was super happy there.

Syempre before we left, Jia asked me again where her pink and gray dress was. Hay, hindi pa niya naiintindihan ang process of making a dress. LOL!

Excited for her fitting!


*Get well soon, Veluz! Huminto muna nang pagtrabaho. Mwahugs!

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  1. Grace G. says

    Love her choice of colors! Pink and gray… mas subtle version ng aking wedding colors na hot pink and silver! 🙂 So Jia pala wont be in a HP themed outfit/costume for her party? Either way she would be super cute Im sure. I feel bummed that I am missing the party!

  2. says

    Grabe, naiingit ako kay Jia ah! hahahaha!

    I’m sure she’ll be a really pretty girl during her birthday party (she’s already pretty pero mas lalo syang gaganda) 😀

  3. says

    Sosyal naman Ate Jia! Inggit much din ako, Ms. C! I can only dream of a Veluz creation tapos sya super young and about to wear Veluz! 🙂

    Looking forward to more kwento about your two babies, they’re adorable! ^_^