Why not Capitol Medical Center?

Ivy (a fellow N@Wie) asked me why my mom forbids me to give birth in Capitol Med again. Here is a letter I wrote to another N@Wie who was considering Capitol Medical Center to give birth in.  This is a hospital review, sort of.

I lead a very stressful life. Hubby and I are both workaholics. We both decided not to have kids so when I got pregnant, surprise of surprises talaga!!!!

During my first trimester, I was on bed rest kasi I was spotting. Since I still had weddings, I would attend the weddings, coordinate, and then go home after and not move kasi dapat talaga hindi ako gagalaw for the baby.  There were times that I would cry sa washroom ng reception venue kasi nagsa-spotting na naman ako.

During the course of my pregnancy, I was rushed to the Delivery Room four times, two of those pina-confine ako. At 5 months I had spotting pa. At 6 months I had premature contractions. I also had gestational diabetes and pregnancy induced-hypertension. My BP would shoot up and I wouldn’t be allowed to work. During the last stretch of my pregnancy, I was required to monitor my blood sugar which meant pricking myself three times a day to do the home blood test.

On July 13, I started contractions ng 5pm. But since I had diabetes, I didn’t realize na yun na pala yun. At 12 midnight, my water broke. We went to the DR na. I was 1 to 2 cm dilated pa lang. I was under observation the whole night. Since I had hypertension and diabetes, mejo delikado ako. At 6am, 2cm pa rin lang ako. I was told na CS na ako. My family was told na CS na. Okay naman sa akin and sa kanila. I even wanted to have elective CS nung una kaya alam naman ng OB ko na okay ako sa CS procedure. I was told na by 8am I’d be wheeled na to the delivery room. I even heard them looking for blood donor na for me, just in case.

At 8am, I was told na hintayin daw muna. I was given oxytocin to induce labor.

At 10am, at 2cm, I was given epidural na kasi iyak ako ng iyak so since then natulog na lang ako kasi wala nang pain eh.  That whole day, I was just under observation. Gumigisng lang ako pag IE time na. Hindi ako umaalis sa 2cm.

At 4pm, 2cm pa rin. I was told na last 2 hours na lang kami hintay then I’ll be CS na.

At 6pm, I was 10 cm! Nagulat silang lahat. I was wheeled to the delivery room to give birth via normal procedure.

I gave birth at 715pm.

Reasons why I don’t really recommend CMC:

1. Given that I had gestational diabetes, malaki yung chance na malaki yung baby ko (my baby was 8.4lbs) so sabi ng iba dapat daw hindi na ginawa na normal since delikado pag na-stuck si baby. But then again, may mga babies na 10lbs pero NSD pa rin so okay lang ako dito. Pero yung iba kong nakausap na doctors, nagula talaga sila kung bakit ni-risk pa daw at all. Add to this, na-break na yung water bag ko 19 hours before giving birth so delikado sa baby. May limit dapat yung baby na nasa loob pag ganito. They were monitoring naman my baby so okay lang daw. But still.

2. I specifically said na ipa-latch sa akin yung baby ko. YUng anes just had my baby kiss my breast and then sabi niya sa akin, yun na daw yung latching. Hanggang ngayon inis pa rin ako dun kasi my baby never learned to latch na.

3. I had placenta acreta… my placenta wouldn’t detach itself from the uterus. And because of this, my OB had to manually extract my placenta. Because of this, I lost so much blood, so much blood that I literally almost died while I was on the recovery room. Bumaba yung BP ko to nearly fatal levels (50/30). They had to stabilize me. No one could have forseen the placenta acreta but if I had CS, hindi mangyayari yun. My mom was crying so much when she learned what happened to me sa recovery room. Nakabalik ako sa kwarto ko mga 6am. By then my husband was beyond himself with frustration. He didn’t know what happened to me.

And the following are the real reasons kung bakit ako inis na inis na inis ako sa CMC:

4. Because of my baby stayed inside me while I was leaking na, she developed an infection. Because of this, she had to have antibiotics for 1 week. Hindi kami umuwi talaga kasi hinintay namin na matapos yung course of antibiotics niya. If ni-CS ako, walang infection kasi hindi niya na kelangan mag-stay sa uterus ko for a long time while I was leaking.

5. My baby’s pedia (supposedly one of the best in CMC) didn’t encourage breasfeeding. My baby had physiologic jaundice and normal naman ito. I mean, madaming may ganito. It’s not a reason to stop bfeeding (I read up on this while in the hosp kaya malakas ang loob ko nun). But then the pedia, the evil Dr. Carina Quimbo (we call her), told us and I quote, “Eh di magbreastfeed ka ng mag-breastfeed hanggang manilaw ng manilaw yang baby mo.” Buti na lang my resolve to breastfeed was strong so we didn’t give Jia infant milk.

6. But still, kahit na breastfeeding kami, Dr. Quimbo  pressured us to measure my baby’s milk intake. Kaya I couldn’t allow Jia to latch to me. I had to pump to be able to measure and we had to feed her using a medicine dropper. Pag mga 3am na and nakaka-5mL pa lang kaming nafi-feed when we’re pressured to feed her 55mL of milk every 2 hours, gi-give up ka naman talaga. We had Jia drink from the bottle. From then on, hindi na siya natuto mag-latch talaga.

7. A stupid nurse (sorry, hindi lang siya careless kasi my mom repeatedly asked her about the dosage) gave my baby an overdose of heparin. Yun yung nakaka-thin ng bood. Overdose of heparin yung reason why Denis Quaid sued a drug company kasi may overdose din. Daming namamatay na babies sa heparin overdose eh.

8. Even though my baby had infection, her pedia didn’t think of having her blood cultured na dapat SOP sa ganung cases. Buti na lang a pedia friend advised me to get copies of all her lab results kaya alam ko na wala talaga. 1 week after going home, Jia was rushed to the hospital (hindi na sa CMC) kasi I saw her having a seizure. Since Jia had an infection during childbirth, one of the scariest possibility was meningitis. Dahil wala ngang blood culture, we couldn’t cross it out. So at 2 weeks, Jia had to undergo all the tests para sure na hindi meningitis. She had super numerous blood tests. Ang dami niyang gamot so palagi siyang may heplock. Ang hirap. Nakakaiyak when you see that your baby has to undergo so many things and ang daming gamot. She had x-ray, EEG (yung test na puro wires sa head), and a lumbar puncture. Yung lumbar puncture hindi ko na kinaya samahan yung baby ko so it was my sister who went with her. Kung sa simpleng paglagay ng heplock, iyak ako ng iyak, pano pa kaya yung sa spine na yung procedure and may chance na ma-paralyze si Jia.

9. It turned out that my baby had pneumonia because of laryngomalacia. Hindi pa matured yung larynx niya so may reflux na milk from her tummy na napupunta sa lungs, hence, the pneumonia. Ang nakakainis, the symptoms of laryngomalacia were alreasy present sa CMC pa lang. We noticed the symptoms pero hindi naman namin alam na symptoms na pala yun. Dr. Quimbo should have noticed. The neonatologist in PCMC noticed immediately isang tingin lang kay Jia. Delikado yung laryngomalacia kasi pwedeng maging indirect cause of death.

10. I put this last kasi personality thing ito ni Dr. Quimbo and hindi skills-wise as a pedia (although some would say that having good bedside manners should be part of being a good doctor). In one of Dr. Quimbo’s visit to Jia, she said that Jia needed to have additional hours under the bililights kasi naninilaw pa daw. ito yung parang crib na puro ilaw para sa jaundice niya. Pag andun si Jia kelangan may blindfold siya kasi delikado sa mata yung bililights. Pwedeng makabulag.  Since I was previously so happy because I thought tapos na dun si Jia, I started crying silently. Nahihiya naman ako na makita ako nung doctor na umiyak so to cover my tears I asked another question. I asked her about the results of Jia’s hearing test (which she had to undergo, requirement daw). She said, “Puro Refer, Refer, Refer!” “Ano po ibig sabihin nun?” “Eh di basak, bagsak, bagsak! Bagsak siya sa lahat sa hearing test.” I couldn’t anymore take it and I cried. May hearing impairment yung baby ko? Upon seeing me, Dr. Quimbo asked, “Eh bakit ka umiiyak? Sinabi ko bang bingi na yung anak mo?”

Juice ko, up to now, I can still go to Dr. Quimbo para awayin lang siya. I’m still planning to write to the association of Pedias to make a formal complaint.

So there. Sorry super haba. I pray that you don’t go through what I did.

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  1. says

    So sorry about your experience with CMC. Have you written to the association already? I don’t know Dr. Quimbo, but from your post, sobrang rude nya. Our pedia is Dra. Henson, pedia pa ng BIL ko nung bata pa sya, kaya trusted na ng family ni hubby, and so is our OB, who’s a close friend of hubby’s uncle naman. Uncle nya kasi dun nagwork before, and one of our ninangs was a nurse in CMC, kaya wala naman kaming na-experience na hindi maganda. But I agree that CMC is not supportive when it comes to breastfeeding. CS din ako nun, pero ibang kaso kasi breech position yung baby kaya no choice but to CS on the day I had spotting.

    Thanks for sharing your story, I learned a lot. I really hope you’ll have a safe pregnancy and delivery this time. I don’t think may hearing problems si Jia ‘no. I asked her name and age and she answered correctly. I was amazed kasi di ba maingay dun sa reception pero I didn’t have to repeat my questions.

    • Ilovemykids says

      hello.my current pedia is Dr. Quimbo,ask ko lang how much ang singil nya sa professional fee nung nanganak ka? sakin kasi abot langit and I feel bad about it. parang every question mo is may bayad.

  2. Missy Ferrer-Litao says

    Syempre, kakahanap ko sa squash soup recipe napadpad ako dito. 🙂

    I just have to say na I totally agree with you on boycotting CMC. I hate that hospital. Inferior facilities and ignorant staff. My brother in law Mike died there and after what happened to him, I vowed to never return to CMC. My niece Nikki ended up having a heart condition after her pedia insisted na she doesn’t have a strep throat. My nephew Ethan had pneumonia kahit pabalik-balik na my sister to CMC to have his cough, colds and fever checked. They told her repeatedly na it’s nothing lang, tapos nung nag-worsen his condition they said, “Ay, pneumonia na pala yan.” WTF?! Even during the first trimester of my pregnancy when I was staying at Congressional again I went to Medical City, lest I get killed by their physicians. They are so not worth their rates.

    • says

      missy! so true! ang mahal mahal ng hospitalization ko.

      yung friend ko naman before may tummy ache. isang gabi na sa capitol tapos nag-burst na lang yung appendix. dun na lang nila nalaman na appendicitis pala.

      kung hindi ko lang hinabol yung OB ko before, hindi sana ako dun eh. hay! nasa uli ang pagsisisi.

  3. says

    Hi Clarice,

    Medyo kinabahan ako sa post mo. Why, because I’m giving birth there. Hehe. Dun kasi cousin-in-law and ninang namin (Dr. Pinky Rustia-Quiambao) na OB. Siya magtutuloy ng check up sakin after I arrive from SG. When I saw the name of your doctor, parang naduling ako, ang basa ko Quiambao! Hahaha.
    I have confidence naman with our OB, I guess depende din talaga sa maghahandle sa’yo. Babalitaaan kita. 🙂

    On a lighter note, Boyito will be attending Doray’s wedding tomorrow. Sayang di ako makakasama, (though I really doubt kung may magkakasya na damit sakin!) I want to see you and your team pa naman ulit. Binilin ko na lang kay Boyito lapitan ka para mangamusta. 🙂

    Let’s have lunch when I get back. 🙂


  4. Andrea says

    sis now ko lang nabasa ang birthing story mo at naloka ako. grabe! nakaka-trauma. buti na lang everything turned out ok. hopefully you’ll have an easier time this time. ako naman ayoko na lang maglabor ng pagkatagal tagal (20hrs) kung CS lang din pala ang bagsak ko. nakakapanghina. hehe.

  5. says

    Clarice, now ko lang nabasa etong story mo na ito and nanggigilaiti ako sa galit!!! You should report that stupid hospital, that stupid nurse and that stupid doctor to the authorities!!!! Nakakagigil sa galit!!!

    Kawawa your baby to go all through those things because of her stupidity!!!!

    Grrrr!!! Ipagkakalat ko nga na salbahe talaga siya!

    Pasensya na medyo overacting, I just gave birth also so I understand what you went through.

    Oh well, at least now healthy na si baby mo =) Enjoy being a mommy!!!

    • says

      Thanks, Fleur! Hindi ka overacting! 🙂

      Kakainis di ba? Ang laki na ni Jia now pero naiinis pa rin ako.

      Enjoy mommyhood! 🙂

  6. sieggy says

    hi clarice,

    now ko lang nabasa tong post mo na to and i swear, kumulo ang dugo ko sa pedia na yun! lalo na nung nag comment sya nung nakita ka umiyak! my god! the height of kawalan ng amor sa bata, pedia pa man din! i remember ako iyak ng iyak paglabas ko ng recovery room when i found out na sophie is being monitored dahil BAKA may pneumonia. sobrang iyak ko and talagang hindi ako makatulog kahit pagod na pagod ako and may masakit sa akin. that time, sophie’s pedia was trying to contact me pala, drained battery ng phone ko pati ni hubby so hindi kami ma contact and sobrang alam nya na worried ako kaya super effort sya to talk to me para ma pacify lang ako.

    grabe talaga. salbahe sya. dapat mga ganyang doctor mawalan ng licence!

    anyways, have a safe pregnancy, my dear! 🙂

    • says

      Thanks, Sieggy! Ang hirap pag may sakit yung baby no? 🙁 Hay! I super hate that doctor!

      Yiii! Sophie’s one year old na! Kakatuwa!

  7. bon guerrero says

    hi there! pwede makisali? 🙂

    My family and I are true blue patrons of Capitol Medical Center. Thank God, wala pa naman kming ganung experiences. The best ang pedia ng mga kids ko – Dr. Arturo Ludan (from CMC din). Very competent! Napaka kind sa mga kids. 🙂

  8. mrs gomez says

    Thanks for the information.
    My hubby and I were planning to check on CMC.

    I am due this June – our current OB qouted us sky high (st lukes) as we were looking for options…

    Now im getting confused…

    That evil doctor deserves a punishment!

  9. says

    Ang problem kasi was not just our doctor eh. The heparin overdose was because of the incompetence of the nurses tapos walang umamin kung sino yung gumawa. We tried to trace pero nagtakipan lang sila eh. Wala daw maka-recognize nung signature nung nurse who committed the overdose. Kainis no?

    Well, if you decide to go with CMC, I hope this does not happen to you. Who knows who else have experienced this. Madaldal lang ako kaya na-blog ko ito but I’m sure many have experienced this, too. Sad lang pag hindi nila alam na nangyari na pala sa kanila.

  10. hatemedicalcity says

    hi clarice, pwede pa share din how much ang pf ni dra carina quimbo? i just gave birth last month and nasa nicu pa din baby ko. she’s 8 months premie.. how much pf ni quimbo per day? please email me. thanks so much. 🙂

  11. TAJ says

    CMC really sucks. I rushed my mom the other night because she had a bad fall and hit her head on the concrete floor. They required xray and ct scan procedures which was understandable. tapos pinapa ecg din because she has irregular heart beat. I told them that she has had it for decades and refused to have it done. they told me that i would have to sign a waiver which i refused to do because it had nothing to do with her emergency case. they finally gave in. we had the ct scan and xrays done and my mom was taken back to the er. after a while, a nurse came with the ecg machine. aba, ang kulit din nila, ano? by now my voice was raised already as i declined to have the test done. same story. i have to sign a waiver daw at which point my voice got even louder. nadaan naman yata sa sindak ang nurse and she left. the good thing is that they did not make me sign any waiver as we checked out. they gave us caring instructions and a prescription for cerebrex 100mg. i went to the pharmacy to purchase it. Each capsule cost over P100. I got it for P80 plus using my mom’s senior citizen card.
    a few days after, i went to watsons to replenish the cerebrex. as it turns out, each capsule only costs P43.50. i will be writing the dti a complaint letter for the overpricing of CMC’s pharmacy. My mom has been confined at the Heart Center in the past and even after she had checked out, we still bought her meds at their pharmacy because it cost less than buying at the drugstore. I would not have minded a few cents or a peso difference at CMC, but more than double the regular price is simply an outrage. at least now i know better than to go back to that lousy place.

  12. Diana Dela Cruz says

    Hi, thanks for this very helpful, detailed and really heart-breaking blog. I was supposed to consider this hospital, but after reading your story and all the comments here, I decided to go to another hospital, never mind if its more expensive as long as I do not suffer the same thing you did during that time. I sympathize with you. karma karma lang yan. She will get what she deserves one day, that pedia. I have a child too, so your reactions were normal. God bless!

  13. Lara says

    Tanga ka pla e..when a baby is experiencing hyperbilirubinemia, breastmilk is not advisable. Plus there are other moms na more than 30hrs na na prom. And as mch as possible pag kayang nsd hndi un iuundergo ng cs. Inguess ur not in the medical field kya hndi mo naiintndhan lhat..overdose ng heparin? 0.1 heparin plus .9 sterile water,wlang naooverdose dun, believe nka heplock un baby mo,usually ang naooverdose lng is un mga preterm na iniincorporate un heparin sa iv fluids especially pag may bleeding ang brain..pag nkaheplock lng,gnagamit un heplock pra wag mgclot un blood after meds were given..better read med buks muna before u post such coments..meron nga nanganganak sa cmc na asawa ng congressman,mayor or even un nkatira sa white plains and ayala alabang.sa tngin mo those ppol wil trust that certain cmc kng d ok dun? E d sna nagsara na un hospital na un dba? Haay ppol sumtyms ngccomment e wla nmn idea sa situation..nxtym b careful..

    • says

      Hi, Lara.

      First of all, let’s not call each other names. It’s too grade schoolish (and even when I was in Grade 1, my mom taught me not to do that). Oh, I can easily tell you “Ay bobo ka! Ang bobo ng comment mo, gurl!’ But, see, it doesn’t resolve anything. So let’s not do that. 🙂

      When a baby is experiencing hyperbilirubinemia, it is the policy of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to promote breastfeeding. As stated in their policy (which can be found at http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/114/1/297.full )

      These guidelines provide a framework for the prevention and management of hyperbilirubinemia in newborn infants of 35 or more weeks of gestation. In every infant, we recommend that clinicians 1) promote and support successful breastfeeding; 2) perform a systematic assessment before discharge for the risk of severe hyperbilirubinemia;

      Further, as stated in the AAP policy (section: Primary Prevention):

      RECOMMENDATION 1.0: Clinicians should advise mothers to nurse their infants at least 8 to 12 times per day for the first several days (evidence quality C: benefits exceed harms).

      I am assuming that you have not been trained in breastfeeding. The mere fact that you said that babies with jaundice should not be breastfed says that you are not learned about the human milk. I suggest you read the AAP’s policy on Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk (can be found at http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/115/2/496.full ).

      I can cite numerous studies about why jaundiced babies should be given breastmilk but I think the AAP policy should suffice. Also, just to be clear, my baby’s bilirubin levels was not measured at all. I know that for a fact as I got copies of the results of all the tests done on her. Without a systematic assessment of her bilirubin levels, who is to say that she should stop breastfeeding?

      I had premature rupture of membranes (Note: For those reading this who are not from the medical field, this is the “PROM” Lara was referring to). And yes, I know that some doctors do wait 30 hours before performing a CS section. My doctor, however, told me at 6:00AM that I would be undergoing a C-section. She knew how dangerous the situation I was in, based on what happened to me during my pregnancy. When she decided to have deliver me normally at 7:00PM, the reason she cited why she did it was because CMC was a training hospital. She admitted that that was the ONLY reason. When you give birth and your blood pressure levels go down to nearly fatal levels and then you would be told that the reason you underwent all that was because the hospital you gave birth in was a training hospital, I think you would know how I felt when I heard that reason.

      Google “heparin overdose” and see how many babies die because of heparin overdose. In fact, Monagle, et. al. (2012) just published an article in the Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health about the how the medical community should have a concerted effort to prevent heparin overdose and hence prevent infant death (JPCH Volume 48, Issue 5, pages 380–381, May 2012).

      My mom is a nurse educator. She has been a Dean of Nursing schools for decades. She was a member of the Region 3 Regional Quality Assurance Team for nursing education (RQUAT is the committee which polices nursing education). Currently, she is the Director for Nursing Education of a multi-state 73-branch homecare community in the US. And she was the one who informed me of the overdose.

      We talked to the Chief of Nurse of CMC and she apologized for the error. She apologized. She knew it was the fault of the nurse who administered the heparin to my baby. The Chief of Nurse admitted that. So yes, Lara, there is such a thing a a heparin overdose and it happened to my baby.

      The last part of your comment:

      “meron nga nanganganak sa cmc na asawa ng congressman,mayor or even un nkatira sa white plains and ayala alabang.sa tngin mo those ppol wil trust that certain cmc kng d ok dun? E d sna nagsara na un hospital na un dba?”

      I would not even dignify that with an answer. That precisely shows what kind of person you are.

      I am assuming that you are from the medical field. I pity you. More than that, I pity your patients.

    • Maita says

      Lara, let’s be mindful of how our language affect people. Luckily, Clarice had the patience and decency to let your name-calling slide gently.

      Now, regarding the actual content of your post, I’d appreciate it if you could also cite medical studies and references that support your claim. I am a parent as well and I would not entrust my child’s safety based on the number of actors and politicians who patronize a hospital.

      So far, what you’ve posted is mere opinion, not fact, until you back it up with with proper references.
      I look forward to hearing from you again soon. An open-minded discussion is always welcome here.

  14. says

    OMG clarice!!! nakakaloka naman itong blog mo… I remember reading about your evil pedia also. nakaka worry kasi dun ako ulit manganganak… at dun pa din ang pedia ako. but she’s okay kasi she’s an advocate of breastfeeding at hindi siya bigay ng bigay ng anitbiotics. – Dr. Pia Mendiola. i do hope you write to the pediatrics association (?) para maging aware sila of your evil pedia…

    kakanginig din yung nurse!!!

    shucks, iniisip ko tuloy kung dun ako manganganak,,,

    ay kwento ko lang, i was rushed sa DR last Tuesday kasi severe back pain. tapos i asked kung pwede magdala ng cellphone. una pinayagan ako, tapos may matandang nurse na nagsabi bawal sa loob kasi yung mga monitors, etc. pagpasok ko, lahat ng nurse at doctor naka cellphone. gustong balikan para sabihang akala ko ba bawal cellphone sa loob?! buti nalang mabait yung ob ko kaya deadma lang… naikwento ko lang. 😛

  15. dee says

    baka si dra na yan. clarice wag mo na pansinin pag nangaway ulit! baka mawala yong good karma mo sa pagpasensya mo sa vileness. si God na magdeal with her. let her be. be still and i admire you for not stooping down to her level.

  16. says

    buti na lang mabait ka sis clarice saka may breeding hindi kasi nabibili yan eh, hay naku ang talino kasi eh noh, kaya yung spelling ng sometimes ay sumtyms hahaha,, joke lang pinapatawa lang kita sis. hugs!!!

  17. chay says

    hi clarice!

    I stumbled upon your blog by accident… I’m so sorry you had to experience that at CMC… First baby mo pa naman… I’m sure it was very traumatic. 🙁

    Ako naman I had a good birthing experience with my first baby at CMC. My waterbag also broke at around 2am then the baby came at around 9:50am NSD. I had epidural when I was 7cm dilated kasi hindi ko na kaya yung sakit. 🙂 My baby was born at 35weeks pa lang so she was still considered premature (I think the baby has to be 37 weeks to be considered full term) but she was ok and she didn’t have any infections whatsoever. They tried to latch her on my breast while we were still in the DR but I had flat nipples so it’s understandable why she won’t latch. I was already at home (3rd day after delivery) when I successfully breastfed her. 🙂 I guess I was blessed with a competent medical team that time (plus the fact that many people have recommended that OB).

    My baby also had a good pedia when she was born but we had to change pedia around her 4th month kasi the current pedia is not accredited by our HMO. So from about her 5th month up until now, her pedia is Dra. Henson. She’s very accomodating to our questions and will answer clearly and will gladly explain thinks we don’t fully understand. She is very friendly with my daughter during her check-ups. She gives small tokens (like bracelets) if we go to her for a checkup on December. Once when my daughter was confined in CMC, she would visit her even during Sundays – most doctors don’t do that.

    Right now, I’m pregnant with my 2nd child (actually it’s my 3rd but I suffered miscarriage in the 2nd pregnancy). I’m still going to CMC and I pray that I will not go through with what you experienced.

    I also pray that you’ll have a better experience with your second baby (if and when you and hubby decide to have another).


    My nephew also had hyperbilirubinemia when he was born. The parents went to different hospitals and pedias because the baby was jaundiced even after those times in the bililights (btw, this didn’t happen at CMC). They finally found a doctor in Medical City, Ortigas and the pedia said she should stop breastfeeding the baby… well wonder of wonders, the jaundice was completely gone in a week. I think there was something in her breastmilk that’s making the baby sick. 🙁

    God bless and sorry for the nobela reply 🙂

    • says

      Hi Chay!

      Thanks for your nobela reply!

      I already have a second baby and I still had a delicate pregnancy. I gave birth at Madocs. I had a CS procedure so easier na rin. My new OB actually wanted NSD na but I was adamant that I have CS. Takot na takot talaga ako. We were even discussing pros and cons in the labor room ha. After I gave birth, she admitted that it was really a good decision that I had CS. Accdg to her, had I delivered normally again, super delikado na naman daw pala. As it is, nag bleed na naman ako ng katakot takot. According to her, during the procedure, she actually stopped and prayed.

      I am happy (really I am) that you had good experience with CMC. I had two confinements during my first pregnancy and okay naman. Yung pagpapanganak ko lang talaga but it was super bad that I will never go back there for confinement.

      Re your nephew, hindi ba same doctor? Haha! I had ABO incompatibility with my baby which I think was the cause of her jaundice. Studies, however, say that breastfeeding should still be continued because benefits exceeds harm. This is also a summary of the jaundice and breastfeeding. http://pediatrics.about.com/library/breastfeeding/blbreastfeedingh.htm My baby’s bilirubin level was never tested so dun pa lang mali na kasi it should be assessed muna before saying anything. What happened was pinapahinto na lang agad ako sa breastfeeding. Stopping bfeeding will actually stop the jaundice ata pero yun nga, benefits of breastfeeding exceeds the harms. Tsaka dapat talaga systematic yung assessment and maayos yung support sa nanay.

      One of my biggest regrets is that I was not able to breastfeed my eldest. Well, she was exclusively on my breastmilk because I pumped but it was so hard. I’m still exclusively breastfeeding my youngest now (he just turned 1) and having experienced direct breastfeeding him makes me regret the fact that I was not able to breastfeed my eldest more. Pero hindi talaga kinaya kasi impatient sucker siya tapos nag nipple confusion agad. Believe me, I tried. Oh well, bygones. 🙂

      We have good pedias now and we’re super happy with them. 🙂

      I pray that you do not go through what I did. Happy birthing and God bless!


      • chay says

        wow that’s great news! dumadami na ang babies mo 🙂 we’ll you made a good decision of undergoing CS. maybe you’re just one of those “bleeders” but all went well and i’m really happy for you, too! 🙂

        the incident with my nephew didn’t happen in CMC but in a hospital in taytay, rizal (i forgot the name). he was misdiagnosed kasi sabi there was something wrong woth his liver. actually the mom discontinued bfeeding for a couple of weeks, though she continued to pump milk just to keep the milk supply going. they had to change the mom’s diet before she continued bfeeding again. she’s bfeeding my nephew again – happy!

        btw, i envy you for bfeeding your babies THAT LONG at exclusive pa! i had to give up at around 4 months coz my nipples were really sore (huhu). i’m hoping to bfeed my coming baby as long as i can and hopefully exclusive din…

        happy that you found great pedias! God bless and kisses to your babies 🙂

        btw, who was your OB at CMC? you can just send the reply to my email if you dont wanna post his/her name here 🙂


  18. joyce says

    HI Clarice. I accidentally saw your block while looking for my 18-years-ago PEDIA, Doctora Carina Cruz and turned out to be a married doctor now. Well actually she’s not my regular PEDIA since my mom decided to change my PEDIA. Pero I need to search for her because i need to see my records and I don’t know where in the world she is right now. Anyways. You were true about CMC. IDK why, I was rushed in to that hospital last January since we don’t have choice because I can’t walk properly and thats the nearest hospital that we can go. My auntie is a nurse, my another auntie is a pharma and my brother is nurse too. They already knew that it was URIC ACID that cause my left foot in freaking pain. So they all asked the medtech and the doctor that is in charge if they could give me a blood test since they strongly know that it is not a sprain or anything since its not swollen and I didn’t have any sport activities for the last 2 weeks. But they insisted to have an X-ray. Then we said. OKAY! Then my brother asked if they could give me a blood test already because I swear it’s freaking painful. They said after the X-ray result came out they’ll give me blood test. What the hek! So we waited for an hour and finally they took it already. And it turned out to be that my URIC ACID was so high! I don’t know. But it’s annoying that you can’t walk already but they insisted this and that! They can’t give me blood test unless the X-ray result came out! And those doctors and nurses were freaking annoying not even accommodating! This is not the second time it happned to me, I was also confined when I was young because of DENGUE and they let me stayed in EMERGENCY AREA for 18-hours because they can’t give me a private room, even though my mom is asking if they could give us atleast the biggest room they have so that I can rest well.

    Me personally, I don’t recommend CMC.
    BTW. Thanks for this share and I need to find my PEDIA Dr. Carina!


  19. adrienne mendoza says

    hi. 2 years after, i read this. late na ako kasi nakapanganak na ako nung april 2012 at nakuha ko ng pedia si quimbo. one of the best nga daw sya (mahal din sumingil!) plano ko din sumulat sa PDA (tama ba?) kasi nung humihingi ako ng OR para sa check up ng baby ko, additional P150 daw! ano raw? tapos nung isang araw na medyo emergency case ako (4 days fever na ang baby ko), nagpaschedule ako, 12:30-2PM sya sa EAMC. sabi ng sec, punta na daw kami ng 12nn kasi baka umalis si quimbo. so andun kami very early and to my horror, dumaan lang sya at umalis ng hindi pinapansin ang mga pasyente (grrrr) so, lipat na ako ng ibang OB.

    as for CMC, nung nanganak ako, ineencourage na nila ang breastfeeding. may breastfeeding area na sa nursery (wala pang rooming in) at meron pang imahe ni nuestra senora de la leche. so i guess, on that area, they’ve improved. 🙂

    for the rest, di ko na alam. di na rin ako babalik dun at di na rin ako babalik kay quimbo.

  20. vernnadethe bagsarsa says

    hi…..hmmmm…cguro nagkataon lang ang pangyayari sayo at sa babymo..kasi pedia ng mga anak ko si dra.quimbo….premature baby din ang anak ko….pero simula nung hinawakan sya ni dra.quimbo e super healthy ng anak ko…my daughter is 4 yrs old na.then my second child is 4 mos.old at sya pa din may hawak…ever since na magkakasakit ang anak ko kapag nakita ni dra.quimbo,lahat ng irreseta nya ay effective at mabilis gumagaling ang anak ko..at for sure ang ninang qng obgyne ndi irrecommend si dra.quimbo if hindi sya magaling…sorry to here your case…

    • says

      Hi Vernadette! Dr. Quimbo prescribed formula milk to my baby, apparently because of jaundice, when she should have known that breastfeeding would actually help my baby remove the bilirubin from her body. And I personally know of two more mommies (met them when my eldest was already a toddler) who had the same bad experience with Dr. Quimbo with regards to breastfeeding. Ang lungkot di ba? 🙁