on being together

today, we are celebrating our 40th month of being together. we’ve been going steady for three years and four months, have been friends for five years and one month, and have known each other for six years. if you told me six years ago that we would end up together, i would have laughed at your face! and yet, here we are, six months before our wedding.

we’ve been through so much together, bernard and i. and when i say, “so much”, i am not exaggerating, believe me. the good thing was we went through all of it TOGETHER. and in spite the petty quarrels and the huge arguments, we knew deep down that we were meant to spend our whole lives with each other.

i remember a couple of days after he first told me he was in love with me, he asked me where i wanted to have our honeymoon. i was caught off-guard. i was like, “teka, mejo seryoso siya ha!” surprisingly, the question did not scare me off; if it came from another guy, i probably would have put down the phone and would never talk to him again. and then, a couple of weeks before we officially became a couple, bernard knew i was hesitating. he then told me that it was really my choice but i should consider the fact that we had something very special, something God gave us.

up to this moment, i still believe that God gave us each other so we can spend the rest of our lives together and by getting married, we are fulfilling His plan for us.

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